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What Made Michael Irvin a Believer: Wyman Mike & Moore Interview


Listen to Irvin's personal discovery of what the Seahawks are and why he predicted before the season started that they will bring home -- not just one -- but many Lombardi's to come.

Colin Cowherd on Seattle's Offense: Will Not Move the Ball on the 9ers Defense


He is interviewing Tim Hasselbeck who agrees with just about everyone that Russell Wilson is not living up to performance expectations in the Playoffs. Cowherd says that the 9ers are the best team, and believes that Seattle would do well just to score a field goal. Is he predicting a shut-out by the 49ers? Listen and decide for yourself.

Bill Simmons - Seahawks Lose to Saints, Use Adderall, Percy Harvin Could Be Injured


To quote: "The Pick: New Orleans 20, Seattle 16" . . . "And its Adderall supply. Sorry, I had to" . . . X Factor: Get ready for either "25 plays with Percy Harvin!" or "three plays with Percy Harvin followed by a shot of Percy walking off the field accompanied by two trainers!" Tongue in Cheek? Probably everything . . . but the final score.

Barnwell's Informative Take on the Hawks / Saints Divisional Match-up


A taste of analysis going far beyond the superficial misinformation that characterizes the usual force-fed "pop" assessments: "It's possible that the Saints might have more success trying to go with deeper routes downfield. Of course, that also requires time, which leads us to Seattle's next huge strength … Pass rush: Seattle's the deepest team in the league in terms of pass-rushers, as it can roll out any combination of Avril, Bennett, Chris Clemons, and Bruce Irvin on the edges in passing situations. "

Holmgren Gets Fired Up About Random Officiating on Mitch in the Morning


He does not blame the outcome of the game on the calls, but feels that the SEA @ SFO game is a case-study for why officials need to be equipped with a better preparation program.

Staley, Iupati Ruled Out? Harbaugh - Not So Fast . . .


The 49ers reporter says there is reason to believe that they may play . . . take it for what it is worth

Chris Carter on Mike & Mike: "Russell Wilson is the Story" of Hawks Win on MNF


Greenie has always been a believer and Golic is now "stunned." Chris Carter is all in on DangeRuss.

Trent Dilfer Gives More Detail on Critique of the Hawks


He makes some valid points worth considering as this is posted prior to the Saints game. He says that it is not his job to speak only positively of the Hawks when there are obvious concerns Seattle carries into the last quarter of the 2013 season.

Pete Carroll says Harvin Doubful for MNF vs Saints


Curtis Crabtree Tweeting

Chris Hansen Places Number 12 Flag on Mt. Everest


From Pete Carroll: "We heard Chris Hansen was climbing Everest so we gave him a #12 flag and look what he did!"

Hugh Millen's Greatest Concern about The Seahawks: Receivers


Not the Run D - 'cause it is fixable. Not Pass Rush, because the rotation is getting pressure. Even with Harvin coming back, the run game with two backs is bread-and-butter to set-up a play-action pass with two wides. The concern for Hugh is -- can those wides, regardless of who they are, get off press coverage with physical teams and get open in time for Wilson to hit them?

Ian Rapoport Thinks Ponder is a Go for Week 11 vs. Seattle


Ponder only has only "minor" shoulder injury - confirmation to come on Wednesday

Brian Nemhauser Expresses Frustration with "Com-Pete" Carroll


From O-line to Linebacker decisions, Dave "Softy" Mahler asks the Hawkblogger point blank to be honest about Pete Carroll's "baloney." A frustrated Brian Nemhauser has high expectations, and a high level of frustration with what went down in St. Louis. Softy: "I thought Monday Night -- that's not 'Seahawks football.' "

Dilfer Says Seattle has Four Liabilities and is Getting Worse Not Better


He reassures the Niners fans that they are on the rise and Seattle is on the decline. Listen for two liabilities on defense and two on offense, and oh, by the way, Percy Harvin is not healthy, and the O-line does not get good just because the tackles are coming back. Hmmmmm -- OK Trent -- thanks for letting the world know the truth!?!?

NFL Films Presents: "Chapter One"


A team with a struggling offensive line, but with a highly mobile QB who can make things happen when he improvises. The NFL Voice - John Facenda makes us believe that the 1976 Seattle Seahawks can compete with dignity and respect even through brutal early season injuries. Hmmm sounds familiar . . . .


10 Reasons Hawks / Packers Exhibition Looks Like a Playoff Game

Come on, seriously? Before any roster cuts have taken place, the Seahawks are in playoff mode? Not exactly, but this game at Lambeau Field has grudge match elements lingering from the Fail Mary...


Hawks still showing vulnerability in the trenches

The Dirty Little Secret.


Well, Since Packer's Fans, Players and Pundits are Digging it Back up:

"Common! you know M.D. Jennings intercepted that ball . . . . . Tate grabbed Jennings' arms not the ball . . . . . ." My favorite avatar on a popular Seahawks Forum is the pic of two cute...


Flashback to 2000: Seattle, Meet Edgerrin James

  It was the “It’s Now Time” 2000 season that turned out to be Mike Holmgren’s “Clueless in Seattle” transitional year, according to Sport Magazine.  Slowly, Holmgren was filtering out Dennis...


Caplan Summarizes the NFC West: A Joke

    Adam Caplan said to Paul Allen of Minneapolis/St. Paul’s KFAN radio that the entire NFC West is a “joke.”  Now granted, the analyst of – certainly respected by many fans across the...

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