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I have been rooting for the Cards since the Jim Hart days when my dad suggested he was a distant relation of ours (he isn't), been a die-hard fan since Plummer was drafted in '97 and NFL Sunday Ticket allowed me the freedom to follow the teams I wanted rather than suffering through another Niners or Raiders (usually blacked-out) game.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Boston Red Sox
  • NBA Sacramento Kings
  • NFL Arizona Cardinals
  • NHL Toronto Maple Leafs
  • General Hartford Colonials
  • Fantasy Blackstone Gryphons (3BLA, 10th year running)
User Blog

RotB Pick'em Survival League: Nevermore!

  Three participants will be quoting Edgar Allen Poe's famous raven in saying "Nevermore!" as they will nevermore make a pick in the 2011 version of the RotB Pick'em Survival League, as their faith...


RotB Pick'em Survival League -- Don't Pick Cleveland

Last year the Browns created some heartburn and knocked some folks after just one week of attempting to play RotB Pick'em Survival League.  The Browns have continued this tradition after the...


RotB Pick'em 4.0: Week 1 Results & Week 2 Picks

Week 1 never fails to have a few surprises and the 2011 season is no exception.  For most of us, the Cleveland Browns weren't who we thought they were.  The same can be said of the Atlanta Falcons....


RotB Pick'em Survival League III

RotB's Pick'em Survival League returns for its third season.  SenSurround took home the trophy in the first year needing 13 consecutive weeks to be the last RotBer "standing", while Cuckoo for...


RotB Pick'em League 2011: Season Four!

Once upon a time, in a much smaller RotB universe, the stalwart faithful two dozen participants tossed around the idea of starting a Revenge of the Birds Pick'em League at the start of the magical...

RotB Playoff Pick'em: The Final Results


For a game that didn't feature any lead changes, it was relatively entertaining as it seemed the Steelers would overcome the obstacles and take the lead.  Turnovers were the difference as they...

RotB 2010 Playoff Pick'em: Super Bowl XLV


The 2010 NFL comes to a close with a Super Bowl match-up primed with NFL and Super Bowl history.  The Green Bay Packers, as the NFC's sixth seed, have made it to their fifth Super Bowl while the S...

RotB 2010 Playoff Pick'em: Pro-Bowl Edition


Editor Bump:  not to detract you from your Photoshop activities but seven participants are going to be knocked out if they don't wager a guess at the Pro Bowl results.  Try darts.  Take the average...

RotB 2010 Playoff Pick'em: Conference Championships


Editor's Bump:  Five participants have yet to cast their predictions for Conference Championship weekend, those that have are split on who goes to the Super Bowl. The 2010 Divisional Round is in...

RotB 2010 Playoff Pick'em: Divisional Round


Reminder bump:  still eight participants from last week that haven't submitted their picks for the Divisional Round match-ups.   Should be a great weekend of playoff football!  With four games...

2010 Playoff Pick'em: Wild Card Weekend


  via assets.sbnation.com   View full size photo " Bump: Saturday is almost here and to participate in RotB's Playoff Pick'em you need to predict the whole playoff schedule through the Super...

RotB Pick'em 3.0: The Winner Is... ::drumroll::


Revenge of the Birds' third installment of Pick'em once more came down to the final week to declare a winner.  As there is two aspects to Pick'em, Overall Champion and Ironman Champion, a number of...

RotB Pick'em 3.0: The Final Week Now!


Mandatory Week 16 is in the books and besides pairing down the standings by eight participants, the Week's results reminded us how unpredictable the NFL can be.  The Cardinals stole a game from the...

RotB Pick'em: Week 15 Results & Week 16 Picks


Just when Pick'em is getting somewhat predictable and everyone is feeling good about their percentages, the first half of the season's craziness returns and leaves us scratching our heads and...

RotB Pick'em: Week 14 Results & Week 15 Picks


Week 14 was the week to truly fatten up the Pick'em percentages as a staggering seven participants each guessed seven correct winners out of eight.  Congratulations go out to AlaskanCard, ...

RotB Pick'em: Week 13 Results & Week 14 Picks


In light of the blizzard conditions in Chicago, if anyone wants to change their picks on that game you can if you've submitted your picks before Thursday's game.  I understand they're looking for...

RotB Pick'em: Week 12 Results & Week 13 Picks


Another favourable week of picks is going a long way to making the first half of season a vague memory of ineptitude.  Clearly participants had a lot of goodness aside from eating and family on...

RotB Pick'em: Week 11 Results & Week 12 Picks (EARLY!!!)


After the previous week's Suckatude Edition, it was time to offer an easier pitch to swing at and apparently I offered a tee and placed the fat, helium ball there for everyone to plunk at!  Happy...

RotB Pick'em 3.0 — Week 10 Results & Week 11 Picks


Royal suckatude.  As awesome as our results were last week, Week 10 was the antithesis.  Five correct picks was the best we could manage this week and only one person did that (StuckinColorado,...

RotB Pick'em 3.0 — Week 9 Results & Week 10 Picks


I'm on an internet IV drip having been offline for the past week and am slowly recovering.  I apologise for the delay in posting the results of Week 9, by far the best week of Pick'em this year! ...

RotB Survival League: Cuckoo for Championships


Last week's remaining RotB Survival League participants Cardinalfever and Cuckoo for Coco Puffs chose the Patriots and Falcons respectively.  With New England imploding and the Falcons surviving...

RotB Pick'em 3.0 — Week 8 Results & Week 9 Picks


Yet another subpar week for most participants as only five members were able to score above .500 and each of them with five correct predictions:  blank38, CardsIrish, don f, robloosli, and...

RotB Surivival League: Then There Were Two...


For all the consternation the Dave Brown vs. Kent Graham vs. Stoney Case QB roller coaster has caused the Cardinals' fanbase this season, it has caused two members of the RotB Survival League to...

RotB Pick'em 3.0 — Week 7 Results & Week 8 Picks


After last week's apparent return to Pick'em normalcy with the majority of participants picking at or above 0.500, the 3.0 version of Pick'em has returned to form with the majority of picks being...

RotB Survival Pick'em: Just Keep On Swimming


For the first time in the 2010 RotB Survival Pick'em season, no one was eliminated.  Never mind there's only four survivors left.  I was sure that CARDSxFAN32 was a goner when no pick was submitted...

RotB Pick'em 3.0 — Week 6 Results & Week 7 Picks


Here is the Pick'em week we've all been expecting all season with the vast majority of participants picking five or more games correctly.  Everyone's percentages will benefit, clearly, but no one...

RotB Survival Pick'em: Selective Harvesting


From the land of great forests the Seahawks soared into Chicago and pecked out the eyes of the Bears along with the three members that chose them to win, leaving a Survival Pick'em with only two...

RotB Pick'em 3.0 — Week 5 Results & Week 6 Picks


Week 5 produced the best results so far for the participants as a whole, with the majority getting .500 or better with a fair number with six correct guesses.  Only one stood out over the masses...

RotB Survival Pick'em: Ravaged By Tigers, Oh My!


The 2010 NFL season continues its unpredictable game outcomes with the Week 5 results.  Much of this week's angst comes from Carson Palmer's errant throws and Tampa Bay's surprising victory.  This...

RotB Pick'em Survival: The Ranks Thin


Three season-long participants went with Peyton Manning's Colts and were reminded that Jacksonville still has an NFL team and they weren't playing a Pop Warner team of 8-year old kids.  Three...

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