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A Compromise Proposal for the Y-word

The use of the Y-word has been a subject of conversation lately. The Prime Minister was even called to weigh in on it and it’s been discussed to death and rebirth on this and many other sites. At...

Manager Sacking Sweeps Mancini update


Cousin Drew: 18.5 points DavidCourtney: 18.5 N55thvin: 15 GylfliVLN: 15 Inverted Fullback: 13.5 me: 10 fraew: 10


Manager Sacking Sweeps: O'Neill update

Sunderland have sacked Martin O'Neill... seriously? Yeah, this happened. a01 did a good job of talking through the WTFedness of this in the post-Swansea/Spurs match thread. Meanwhile as far as...

Lazio's next signing


Giorgos Katidis, Greek under 19 given a provisional life-time ban for celebrating his goal with a nazi salute.


Manager Sacking Sweeps: McDermott Update

The latest person to receive a sack is Brian McDermott. Reading has been struggling for some time, pretty much since the Premier League season started, so it's a little bit of a surprise that he...


Manager Sacking Sweeps: Adkins Update

Original post here Nigel Adkins is the latest to be sacked, which is kind of surprising because he's the guy who brought them up from League One. Southampton sits outside of the relegation zone...

Manager sacking sweeps Marc Hughes update


DiMatteo was a bit of a shocker, Hughes is a little more expected. Everyone picked him and most were pretty close as to when. People who picked a multi-week period for the Hughes sacking got 3.5 bonus points, half the date bonus. Cousin Drew: 10 point N55thviin: 10 DavidCourtney: 8.5 points DCYiddo: 8.5 me: 5 points GylfliVLN: 5 points fraew: 5 points

Manager sacking sweeps update


It looked like all signs were pointing towards Hughes being the first one out: 0 wins in a high spending club. Of course, that ignored the giant ABROMOVICH sign hanging above DiMatteo's head. Only two of our 8 people picked him to get the sack, and neither first or so early. So the score at the moment: Cousin_Drew & N 55thVin have 5, everyone else has 0. The chronology bonuses are officially done, although date bonuses remain in play.

Updated masthead for CFC


Updated masthead for CFC

Gerrard lays the ultimate diss on Everton: they play like Stoke


Rumor has it Everton replied by saying "yeah, but you're next to Stoke on the table."


Manager Sacking Sweeps

We discussed this in one of the threads early on during the summer, and it's completely slipped my mind until recently. We all know that job security and being a Premier League manager don't go...

FIFA Corruption Probe Meets Resistance @ FIFA


because if nobody can prove something is wrong, you can maintain innocence. Isn't that right [bicyclist's name redacted]

David Button gone


same old, same old, Daniel Levy turning the club into a selling club

Daniel Levy on the reason there's transfer windows.


Daniel Levy on the reason there's transfer windows.

AVB BBC interview, wants to keep VDV


The part about VDV is down at the end (the rest is not quite as interesting IMO). Also, the link title may have set a record for anagram-to-word ratio

Woolwich wins a cup!


The Markus Liebherr Memorial Cup, which was a round robin with Anderlecht and Southampton. Sometimes it's not so much winning a cup as finding a cup you can win. Congratulations to our neighbours for breaking your trophyless streak (kinda, sorta, not at all)

Redknapp on Russia's shortlist, via BBC


"Da, ees tr'iffic, but can ee play on a snowy Tuesday in Stavropol?"

Joe Jordan & Kevin Bond officially gone


Frankly, I thought this already happened, but now it happened. Hopefully whomever becomes the manager will hire a new ornery Scot to get into arguments with opposing players. Maybe they could hire Pete Capaldi to reprise his role as Malcolm Tucker from the Thick of It for the job.

Another Bayern Munich - Tottenham link


From the Daily Forward, a longstanding Jewish paper in New York (which was solely in Yiddish for most of its life). Apparently Bayern Munich, like our Spurs, has a long history of Jewish supporters.

Daglish: no, really, I want it this way


BBC interview with Kenny in which he says that cup wins are more valuable than finishing fifth. An easy position to take when your team has an outside chance of finishing seventh. Yes, I posted this just to take a shot at Eighthpool. Is there any way that both them and Chelski can lose the FA cup?

Redknapp jury told deliberations will begin Tuesday


also on the twitter feed the last witnesses have been called and closing arguments begin tomorrow.

The other North London team is having problems...


...even the President of Rwanda recognizes that.

Mario threatens to take his Balotelli and go home


...don't let the door hit you on your way out.

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