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What's your favorite moment(s) from the Clippers 2011-2012 Season?

First off, I want to say this season was very exciting and packed with memorable and historical moments. I know the obvious choice from many will be the Chris Paul trade, but my favorite moments...

Vinny Del Negro back on the hot seat after Clippers' loss


I still think, if we go deep VDN would still lose his job. The front office knows our roster needs a more experience coach and I have a feeling CP3 will have a say in who will be coaching the team next season.


The Fans' Experience: Clippers Playoffs

Since we had many Citizens at Game 3, some of us posted pictures on the post-game thread. I want to have this thread as a place for us to share photos of our playoff experiences. It can be...

From Nike Basketball's Facebook.


From Nike Basketball's Facebook.


Hip 2 Clip or Lob City?

It's been six years since our last playoff run and I was thinking, which Clippers' squad had the best song: 2006 (Brand, Cassell, Kaman) or 2012 (Blake, CP3, DJ)? 2005-2006: 'Hip 2 Clip' (Kevin...

LobCityClips' 4th Quarter Highlights (Prime Ticket). FINALLY!


LobCityClips' 4th Quarter Highlights (Prime Ticket). FINALLY!



Lakers "Fans" couldn't white out their arena with their shirts, let's show how REAL fans do it. Let's red out Staples Center!

NBPA executive director Billy Hunter pushing for vote to oust Derek Fisher as union president


I say oust both Hunter and Fisher, but very interesting that CP3 is on Hunter's side. Fisher never liked the Clippers and his comments earlier this season about the Clippers justifies it more and honestly, I think CP3 is not too fond of him as well. "Mistrust grew between Hunter and Fisher during the lockout, with players choosing sides between the two. A person with knowledge of the dispute told Yahoo! Sports that Hunter convinced the executive committee – which includes, among other players, Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul, Washington Wizards guards Maurice Evans and Roger Mason, Boston Celtics guard Keyon Dooling and San Antonio Spurs forward Matt Bonner – that Fisher's push for an audit had no merit, and that it was inspired by personal animus".



I think it's lame that "Veterans" can't attend the NBA Draft Party, but "Rookies" can! I don't care if we have a 1st Round Pick or not, the NBA Draft Party is really fun and one of the reasons why I renewed my season tickets. If you guys are friends with Clippers MVP on Facebook, let them know if you fall in the category of "Veterans" and want to attend the NBA Draft Party. _________________________________________________ 12-13 SEASON NEW & RENEWED ACCOUNTS ONLY These events only apply to MVPs that renewed their season tickets by the April 4th deadline or bought new seats for the 12-13 season. The number of events that you are eligible to attend is based on your Season Ticket Holder tenure. All MVPs qualify for all five events if the account balance is paid in full by April 30th. Invitations with exact dates will be emailed prior to each event. Dates and events are all subject to change. 1 - Adult/Kids Basketball Clinics: Learn basketball fundamentals on the courts of the Clippers Training Center during this intensive clinic with Clippers coaches. 2 - LA Galaxy Game: Attend a game with fellow MVPs to see the reigning MLS Cup champions play at the Home Depot Center. 3 - NBA Draft Party: Join us and the Clippers Spirit when tomorrow's stars are chosen on June 29th during the NBA Draft. Prizes will be given throughout the night! 4 - MVP Movie Day: Enjoy a blockbuster film with complimentary popcorn and soda during our private gathering of The Dark Knight Rises. 5 - LA Dodgers Game: Clipper Nation will represent and enjoy all-you-can-eat food on August 25th as the Dodgers take on the Miami Marlins. TENURE / MVP SEASONS / ELIGIBLE EVENTS Legends / 25+ / 5 Events: 1-5 All-Stars / 11-24 / 4 Events: 1, 3, 4 and 2 or 5 Veterans / 2-10 / 3 Events: 1, 4 and 2 or 5 12-13 Rookies / 1 / 2 Events: 1, 3

Blake Griffin`s Amazing Shot vs the Kings


Blake Griffin`s Amazing Shot vs the Kings

Griffin's Montage of Posterization


Griffin's Montage of Posterization

For those who haven't been to a Clippers game this season, this video plays during a break on the...


For those who haven't been to a Clippers game this season, this video plays during a break on the jumbotron and always gives me goosebumps and pumps me up!

"Why is everybody acting like we're in eighth place?" Bryant said. "You guys were kissing the...


"Why is everybody acting like we're in eighth place?" Bryant said. "You guys were kissing the Clippers' ass at the start of the season, and now we're in the third seed and everybody's acting like we suck. I don't understand it." - Kobe Bryant after Lakers vs Warriors game

Donald Sterling gives his support to Clippers coach


"Chris Paul will be with me for a lifetime," Sterling said. "And Blake will too. I'm not going to ever let these guys go. They are max players, and so you're going to pay that and keep them." "I see absolutely no reason why there would be a coaching change based on where the guys are now," Olshey said. "I think everybody built us up into something because we got out to such a great start and the minute we didn't live up to it for a short period of time everyone wanted to act like the Apocalypse was upon us." Well you heard it from the man, CP3 and Blake will be Clippers 4 Life. And I support Olshey. I really think he knows what he's doing.

Clippers guard Mo Williams to miss Saturday's game with injury


Well, it's going to be harder to get out of our funk without Mo.

Should Clips cut cord on Del Negro?


5-on-5 Roundtable: After another loss, how bad have things gotten in Lob City?

Reports: Timberwolves G Ricky Rubio tore ACL in left knee, out for season


Bad news for the Wolves and I think this might change some things before Trade Deadline. Prior to injury, Wolves and Lakers were supposedly talking a Pau Gasol / Michael Beasley and Luke Ridneor swap, but since Wolves are lacking a good PG to run the team, they might have to look elsewhere. Can Bledsoe help the Wolves? Is there anyone on the Wolves that can help the Clippers?


Blake vs Dwight

Yesterday, MySDClippers wrote a FanPost of an email he sent to Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel. MySDClippers along with others in Clipper Nation, including myself, would not want to deal...

Clippers' Paul to pick up option for 2012-13


I know others have posted about CP3 picking up his option, but there's more about it. I'm really excited to see that CP3 likes to be Clipper. He and Blake will change this franchise.

Kevin Durant disses Blake Griffin dunk


Come on Durant. Stop hating. If it wasn't a dunk then why did the whole world Twitted about it? It was an amazing play. I swear, the Clippers are doing a lot of great things for the franchise, but people still love to criticized us. I hope it's feeding motivation to all the players. Keep hating Durant, we'll see OKC in Western Conference Finals!

Barnes and Fisher talkin' trash about Clippers


As this season goes on and the success is looking better everyday, the hate from the Lakers keeps growing. It's ridiculous that Matt Barnes says Blake flops. Coming from a team who has the most floppers and basically started the flopping craze again. Also, now I can say where all the Laker "fans" gets their knowledge. When asked if there's a LA rivalry, Fisher just points up to the banners. Wow, really? What a joke. Also, what kind of event was that? It looked like a therapy session!!! Keep hating Lakers and Laker "fans" love for the Clippers will continue to grow, never stopped since 1991. GO CLIPPERS!!!

5 Standings vs Standings

Have you guys noticed the difference between how and seed the Clippers and Lakers in their standings? Clippers have a better winning percentage and is 1-0 against the Lakers, but...

Clips' celebrations annoy Matt Barnes


Are you kidding me? Coming from one of the most cockiest teams in the league. The Lakers should stop being jealous and play ball. Haters.


NBA 2K12: Clippers Updated Roster

Before the Clippers trade for CP3, I was 10-20 against online opponents on NBA 2K12 (Xbox 360). After the trade and updated rosters, I have been 5-0! Huge difference having CP3, Billups, and...


Have you receive season tickets from Clippers?

Hey Clipper Nation, My Clipper rep told me that season tickets will be delivered a week before the preseason. Today, I saw pictures of the season tickets book on Twitter and Facebook. A friend...

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