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A new USFL/NFL D League?

I've recently been hearing things about the USFL starting back up as an NFL developmental league. This article from The Finsider explains it well. The article states that it would still be a...

DQ named into the top 100 best player in NFL last year (96). Personally think he should be ranked...


DQ named into the top 100 best player in NFL last year (96). Personally think he should be ranked higher but when you play on a bad team that's going to happen. He is a class act and a great leader for all our young players.

A model not to follow

The Jacksonville Jaguars had the league's leading rusher in Maurice Jones-Drew and a defense that finished ranked sixth in the league. And they still finished 5-11. Top 10 defense, stud RB, over-drafted QB, 5 wins. Any of that sound familiar?

Draft Profile: Stephen Hill

Prior to the NFL Combine Stephen Hill was projected to be drafted in the second or third round. After the combine, he went flying up draft boards and now is predicted to go somewhere at the end...

Pinkston and Massey working out with Bentley


Current Brown Jason Pinkston and potential future Brown's RT Bobbie Massey are working out hard at LeCharles Bentley's O line academy. This article suggests Massey may have moved into the first round.

DQ deal 10.4 in guarantees tweets Dustin Fox


RT @ProFootballTalk: On D'Qwell deal, initial report was "$19 million in guarantees." Truth is $10.4 million in real guarantees at signing.

Shurmur's press conference - does he tip their hat by mistake?


Shurmur said in his press conference, our goal is to come away with 7 quality players. Well, we actually have 9 picks, soooo...? Of course he also thinks Steve Spagnolo is still coaching the Rams so it could be he's just a little clueless at times.

Heckert not at combine or Senior Bowl


Our best GM in decades has been so sick he wasn't at the Senior Bowl and won't be at the combine. The report says its not life-threatening, but you have to wonder what sort of illness keeps you from attending these huge events over several weeks time

Dispelling a Couple of Myths About the Browns Defense


The author does a nice job dispelling the myth that the Browns pass D was good only because the rush D was bad. He also points out why Phil Taylor had a very good year despite some contrary opinions.

Top Ten Things Overheard In The New England Patriots Locker Room After The Super Bowl (cut from tonight's "Late Show")


10."Did we win?" 9."What matters most is we had fun" 8."We should have Tebowed" 7."When's game two?" 6."President Bush is on the phone" 5."We still get paid, right?" 4."On the bright side, we still get to shower together" 3."Why is Bill Belichick naked?" 2."Who cares that we lost -- I'm married to a supermodel" (Tom Brady only) 1."Well, at least we don't have to go on Letterman"

RG3 says he should be #1 overall


"I hate to talk about myself like that, but if I had to straight up tell a head coach or an owner why they should take me, it's because I'm the best in everything I've done," Griffin said. "I'm the most accurate. I have the strongest arm. I may not be the tallest. I may not be the heaviest. But I'm the best quarterback in the nation, and if they pass on me, then I understand. But I'm going to go out and be the best quarterback for somebody else." Read more:

Can we be better fans?


Last year I made a comment about how we all should be more positive towards the team. It came off sort of hippy dippy and that's not how I meant it. This article does a better job of explaining what I was trying to say through the prism of Quincy Morgan. The premise, in a nutshell, is why would anyone want to play hard for some of our fans. Not all of them, but the types who run every player, coach and executive into the ground. While we may think we should be allowed to treat the millionaires any way we want, that they do hear the voice of the fan and it does affect them.

Someone needs to stop this guy.


Someone needs to stop this guy.

Cleveland needs Griffin — and wants him, according to league sources


FWIW The rumor is that they trade with the Rams and can still keep their other #1


2012 uniforms - have your say

Amidst all the questions about free agency, the draft, RG3, McCoy and all the other questions, one issue subtly permeated Browns related discussions through the latter part of the season. White or...

Some ranking Wright ahead of Blackmon


As a late first/early second, if he stays there, we could realize use his speed and acceleration.

Browns hiring Chilly?


I didn't think they would do this so quickly but it makes sense and has the added bonus of having the most curmudgeonly staff in the NFL. Super Bowl!


What would you give for Luck?

Well as the season winds down we make our annual push to the draft. This is no longer our daddy's AFC Central. 3 yards and a cloud of dust isn't going to cut it anymore. Looking ahead I see too...

This nails Harrison and the Steelers right on the head


"...But he won't be suspended. He'll get a large fine, will loudly complain about it and then he'll get backed up by his coach and teammates, who will whine that refs unfairly target Steelers players. All of that is disingenuous nonsense. Harrison, his teammates and his coaches know what he is and if they don't, well, then that's even worse.?

A bone for the Texas fans around here


Story about Shipley and Colt playing together. Too bad we couldn't get him in here. I know the thought gives the Texas fans around here a boner.


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