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Writing under the alias "Hermod", I am The Messenger Of The North. Born and raised in Norway with Vikings blood running through my veins; I try to deliver original and insightful texts.

The National Football League is my biggest area of interest, but I have other interests like the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In the end, I'm mainly here because of one team...

Minnesota Vikings - the greatest team in the world!

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Minnesota Vikings
  • MMA Georges St. Pierre, Anderson Silva
  • Cycling Thor Husovd, Edvald Boasson Hagen
  • Winter Olympics Norway
  • Summer Olympics Norway
User Blog

What Bridgewater Does In The Weekends

NB: This is not a story about Johnny Manziel or Tim Tebow. We were glad to finally see the Tebow media-mania fade away, unfortunately, it didn't take long before the overexposure of Manziel to...


The Cassel-Jennings Connection

Inside The Film Room: Cassel-Jennings Connection Matt Cassel started 6 out of 16 games in 2013 (7 games if you count the win against the Bear). MInnesota is a run-heavy team with the best running...


Vikings Sign S Kurt Coleman

Vikings Sign Former Eagles Safety Kurt Coleman Kurt Coleman is only 25 years old and already has 221 tackles and 7 INT's in the NFL. He has good size and is known as a very aggressive player. He...


Vikings' 2014 First Pick 'Big Board'

Mock drafts, in my eyes, are too implausible. There's no way to account for what all 32 teams in the NFL will decide. For example, many experts say the Buccaneers should draft a QB, but the...


Ponder VS Peterson: Who Should Go?

The test of times has passed. Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder is in his third year in the NFL and never has he look truly "elite". Only a few quarterbacks are elite. In my book, there are...


Desperation Hitting Minnesota

... and its hitting hard! No, correct that. Desperation already hit. This is after-impact; the aftermath of chaos. The fan base already hit major frustration many weeks ago, but the decision to...


The Many Names Of Adrian Peterson

This is in part a respond to another Norseman article "Call me AP .. Not the other thing" because the tittle is misleading. Adrian does in fact prefers to be called AD rather than AP. He has said...


Aside from Peterson, Madden 25 Has Little Love For Vikings

I took a look at this year's Vikings player ratings for Madden NFL 25 (instead of numbering it "2014" they choose to honor its 25th anniversary of the series this way). Ten highest ranked Vikings...


Adrian Peterson On Other Players

Minnesota's favorite running back; Adrian Peterson, did an "ask me anything"-session on Reddit. This is what he said about other NFL players: Who do you think is the best rookie RB prospect in the...

Vikings Have The Best Player In NFL


Congratulation Minnesota! You now have (as official as it gets) the number one player in the NFL as Adrian Peterson earned his top spot on 'Top 100' list. ... and as a nice bonus to many Vikings fans: Packers' Aaron Rodgers didn't even make the top 5.


Kluwe's farewell: I’ll never forget Minnesota

A warm-hearted and I honestly have to say a wonderful farewell-letter from someone who has been a member of the Vikings for many years. Here's a little tidbit from the article: I will miss my...


Jared Allen Is Always Snubbed

Fans and even experts must be suffering from terrible short-term memory, the most recent example is Gregg Rosenthal's article: "Ranking the top 25 NFL edge rushers". Here are the first 9 players...


Starting Vikings Safeties Of 2013

Welcome to the seemingly annual "Who will be the Vikings' starting safeties this year?". Safety 1 Harrison Smith: 24 years old. 6'2", 214 pounds. The good news is that one of the spots is...


All-Time Greatest Active Vikings Players

Ask yourself the following: which current player warrants a consideration as the Vikings' greatest player throughout history at his position... Or even as the all-time greatest throughout the...


Active Players Headed For The Hall Of Fame

Introduction For a player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame he has to be a special player who (in most cases) stood out at his position. Since one-year wonders and alike come and go, the...

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