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New Yorker piece of Puig bias


confirming what we already know but still, nice to see it acknowledged by the larger media

piece about McLouth Fleecing


For the most part, Wren has done a stellar job on the trade market. But he got worked by the Pirates, this piece goes in depth.


Uggla vs Rev

If Danny Boy continues to flail like we all suspect he might, anybody want to venture a guess at how long the Braves will wait until they try Rev (or Pena) in his place? Granted, this is a big...

Diamond success


A piece about Scott Diamond's success minus big stuff. Gotta give the Twins credit for recognizing value where the Braves didn't.

Dempster schadenfreude


Sure. I'll admit it. This makes me happy.

Redmond finally gets the call from Reds


Good for him. This trade certainly feels like a win/win for both teams thus far.

Video of Chipper with boys at HR Derby


If you're like me, soaking up as much Chipper while you can, this is worth the watch. He's clearly loving his last rodeo.

Apparently Greinke wants to be in Atlanta


This certainly can't hurt our chances. Also, I'd much rather pitch in the NL east that the AL east.(Baltimore)

Simon on why Simmons Elite SS


As if we needed the facts or opinions to confirm it. Here is some anyway.

KLaw constructs ultimate 25 man roster


Not a Law fan, but hard not to enjoy this exercise. Also enjoy his proclamation that A Simmons is the best defensive shortstop in the game.

The Sox drop Marlon Byrd. Time to bring that native son home.


The Sox drop Marlon Byrd. Time to bring that native son home.


Wren and 2010 (that rhymes)

We've all been bouncing off the walls this off-season as other NL East teams have lit up the headlines with moves while we sat silent. In thinking about why we were so silent, you gotta think Wren...


NL East, ranked by position

Here's some interesting fodder from the worldwide leader. Freddie jumps out as a nice surprise at #1. Beachy and Minor get the nod at the best #4/#5 starters too. Other than that, nothing too...

Even though Jim Bowden isn't the greatest source, I just read an article where he thinks the Sox...


Even though Jim Bowden isn't the greatest source, I just read an article where he thinks the Sox could trade Jed Lawrie and Josh Reddick for Andrew Bailey. Good lord, that's a good trade for the A's if it happens. If there's even a slight chance this scenario is close to true, we should trade Venters immediately for those same guys. QUOTE BELOW 7. Red Sox trade Jed Lowrie and Josh Reddick for Oakland’s Andrew Bailey If Red Sox GM Ben Cherington does not sign Madson, he will have to solve his closer problem through trade. Bailey is a logical choice, but his injury history does not bode well. Cherington will fill the void in right field if Reddick is dealt by signing Carlos Beltran.

ESPN insider, so can't access

You know you're a cash strapped team when...


the lead article on the braves site reads: The Braves will only deal if it makes them better. Uh, ok. Good to hear that Mark Bowman. I'm not sure if this is just a crappy way to lead an article or the truest sign that the Braves must pinch pennies instead of making bold moves to improve the team.


Bowman reports Braves fine with Pastornicky

Sounds like there's more love for TP than I thought. Hellooo Jack Wilson. CLIP "Braves general manager Frank Wren and his staff will likely be quite busy during next week’s Winter Meetings in...


ESPN article mulls Furcal/Andruw Return

Check out this excerpt from an article out today around the Braves off-season situation. I find a three year deal for Furcal pretty ridiculous thought (gotta be hard feelings there) but obviously...


Scott Diamond Remorse?

As the former Brave earns his first big league win, it makes me wonder what the Twins saw in him that the Braves didn't. After all, the Braves scouts/talent evaluators are regarded as some of the...


What does Evan Gattis have to do to crack the prospect list?

Why don't I hear anything about this guy? His numbers are sick - leads his league in a slew of stats. And is a catcher. Is it because he's blocked by McCann? He's big, has power to all fields. He's...

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