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Leftwich Pick Was Safe, Gutless

Truth be known, I was rooting for Luke McCown. There was something about McCown that intrigued me for a long time. When I step out of my “fan zone” and think about why I was rooting for McCown, I...


Why the Skepticism?

As we're getting closer and closer to the beginning of training camp, we're getting closer and closer to the plethora of "preview" publications that will inevitably predict the slow death of the B...


Debunking Kiffin's Aura

There seems to be a lot of skepticism about the Buccaneers this year.   There isn't a lot to be confident in when your team loses its head coach, general manager, defensive coordinator, offensive...


Closing the Book on Gruden

  I can remember over the past few seasons, so many of my friends saying that Bucs needed to fire Jon Gruden. Like a cow mooing, over and over again, “Fire Gruden!” “Fire Gruden!” Well, they...

Galloway Conspiracy Theories (GASP!!)


First of all, let me say that I don't believe 9-11 was an inside job. But I was talking with some rather suspicious fans this past weekend who were awfully surprised that Joey Galloway didn't find...

The Bucs Made Me A "Malcontent"


I think that I was the only person who spent a good 50 minutes of Sunday's Bucs/Panthers game pissed off. Yep. You read that right. While everyone else was cheering the woodshed beat-down the...

Lack of Action In Summer Haunts Bucs Now (REPRISE)


I'd just like to mention that Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune basically regurgitated my entire article from 3 days ago using many of the same points and analysis I did in todays GAMEDAY sports...

Lack of Action In Summer Haunts Bucs Now


I don't know if it is in the Bible or something, but someone once coined the phrase, "The Lord helps those who help themselves." If that is the case, don't expect any divine intervention on behalf...

Only Fantasy Geeks Want Griese Benched


After living in Tampa Bay for 28 years, I have finally come to the conclusion that my goal in life is to become the back-up quarterback for the Bucs. Seriously, is there NOT a better job in Tampa...

One Final Word on the Bucs/Bears


After seeing the outcome of the Bucs/Bears game this weekend, I went back and read some of the pre-game predictions and analysis and I found a common thread between some of the major players. P...

What Happened to Game Day??


What happened this off-season? And I’m not talking about Brett Favre.   I don’t know if anyone else took notice of the goings-on at Raymond James Stadium on Sunday, but it is becoming...

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