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Custody Battle: Who Gets Kemp & Kershaw in the Divorce? Your 2012 Los Angeles Dodgers

I want 16 days a month, including at least 2 full weekends, with Papa Frank via lockersmash.com Apparently, the Dodgers, when they are part of a divorce proceeding between the McCourts, are...


SIS: Now with Christmas in our rearview..

I, for one, am glad that the airwaves should return to their normal programming as of today, and I won't have to rely on my iPod and my AUX input for almost all of my car time. That shit was...

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. ~Oscar Wilde


The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. ~Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde via Quote Garden

HighlifemanHoopla - the best way to get away from your family after Thanksgiving!

While I'm certainly not on the level of thevole around these parts (who is really, except maybe crolf-dog?), and this won't have the grand turn out of VoleFest (I mean really, what ever would?), I...


SIS - Best multi-movie series

With the final version of Harry Potter now out in theaters, and me having seen a combined maybe 45 minutes of all of the movies, I wanted to get RR's take on the best multi-movie series EVAR. T...

Not sure who picked up MLB The Show yet


So, according to the game's default roster (and we know how reliable those can be) we'll see Soft J and Renteria platoon (Soft J vs RHP, Renteria vs LHP), Fred Lewis and Chris Heisey make the roster with Hanigan and Cairo as the only other position player reserves. Travis Wood makes the rotation in the 5th spot, Carlos Fisher is the long man. No sight of Arredondo. Lineups look like this: Stubbs The Franchise Votto Rolen Bruce vs LHP, 6th vs. RHP Gomes vs. LPP, 5th vs RHP Hernandez SS (Soft J vs. RHP, Renteria vs. LHP) P Ready to go to war in 2011 with this, according to MLB the Show?

Best Comedy of All Time?


College Humor offers their Top 100. Based on 3 of their Top 5, I may have to stop reading College Humor.... What say ye, RR?

10 Worst Trades in Baseball History


Our friends over at Bleacher Report offer their take on the 10 Worst Trades in Baseball History. Randy Johnson shows up in here, a lot. I remember Frank Robinson being involved in a bad trade, don't you?


SIS: You're All A Bunch of Profane Motherfuckers Edition

So a certain RR regular texts me around 11 AM this morning, suggesting I check out a humorous response to a question I posed before I went into work.  I shoot back a text saying that I can't b/c RR...

Manny & Damon supposedly taking their talents to Tampa


I guess Manny will DH? Damon's gonna replace Crawford in LF?


As of 12/31/10, who ya got for your Reds rotation?

While enjoying the fine and always entertaining company of BK, Mads, obc, and 'tHan last night, we discussed who's in the Reds rotation right now.  Figured I might as well extend that courtesy to...

Baseball’s most overpaid players


Tom Van Riper (excellent name) of Forbes takes a peek at VORP and players that don't quite meet the value of their contract.


So if the Reds released Kip Wells, that can only mean I lost my bet

Justin, did I bet you that Wells would be the 5th SP? I can't find the comment where it happened (insert sbnation noob comment here). I know I owe someone something, but I don't remember who, and...


Cherry Poppin’ Daddies: The 2010 San Diego Padres

The San Diego Padres open their 2010 campaign armed with the secret weapon known to RR faithful as Cherry Hudson, Jr. via weblogs.wpix.com   Combine Cherry Hudson, Jr with his younger brother, S...

Boner, dead


Andrew Koenig, actor who played Boner in Growing Pains, dead @ 41. Suspected suicide.


If you're managing the Reds in 2010, who gets the majority of playing time in CF, and why?

Assume you're Johnnie B. Baker, Jr., and you're managing the Cincinnati Reds in 2010.  From the looks of it, you have 4 options: Chris Dickerson Chris Heisey Drew Stubbs Willy Taveras   Chris...

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