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Jon Wilhite's Long Road to Recovery


OC Register video report Not sure if this is OK to embed, hence the link only


Rainy Day Thread: Best Baseball Stories

I recently re-watched the movie The Rookie with Dennis Quaid and got to thinking about what a cool story Jim Morris had. When I told my wife that it was based on actual events, she was very...

2010 Angels Give-aways


Link to Sam Miller's link of the 2010 promos. I'm thinking the most bitchin thing is the Torii Hunter figurine (4/22), but if the Scioscia bust (4/8) comes with replica rigatoni stains... Can anyone tell me what a "can jar" is (8/28)? Meh on the fedora (6/15) - I don't own any Tommy Bahama clothing. And "blankie" (4/6). Really? Blankie? No lenticular cup again. EDIT: Sorry, I'm an idiot. The garden gnome is the most bitchin thing on this list.

Angels to Add New TV Personality in August


No, Steve Physioc is not being replaced. The Angels are going to produce segments with Batting Stance Guy. If you've never seen this dude, you're in for a treat.

For Sothball - Amanda Quinlan


Bonus: Dustin Moseley's wife (schwing) and Mickey Hatcher's wife. Plus, Santa with a baseball cap that says "Santa" She looked way better when they had her in the booth though...


Nifty Mike Trout Article

  Who? Oh yeah, our 25th pick yesterday. He was the only invited prospect to attend the draft broadcast. I was once invited to a girl's birthday party in 1st or 2nd grade and I was the only one who...

The Secret of the Curveball


Is the break of a curveball mostly just an optical illusion? Check it out. Thanks for reading this. Sincerely, Mr. Wizard


The Wide World of Sports Not So Wide: Halos Heaven in SI... WITH BLOGGER NAMES!

I just picked up a copy of this week's Sports Illustrated (Oct. 6) and turning to the back to Phil Taylor's piece saw HalosHeaven jump off the page. Not only that, but HalosHeaven member,...


Rev on Deadspin I figure he's still sleeping, so I'll post a link to his Angels preview since I just saw it. Nice summary. Last line...


Former Angel Drunken Murderer?

OK, so he only played like half of a season for the Halos, but Jim Leyritz was charged with DUI homicide for ramming what I can only imagine was his huge SUV into another car while he was drunk and...


Making a Move

Anybody want to make predictions whether or not Stony makes a move for the "big bat?" Rosenthal thinks Griffey would be a good fit: Well, maybe. He kinda...


Jim Rome: Angels fan

Anybody watch Rome is Burning today? The subject of the "Final Burn" was how the Angels are the new L.A. team. He was absolutely merciless slamming the Dodgers and basically singing the Angels...


Angels Essential

Just picked up a copy of the new book "Angels Essential" by Steven Travers. Maybe you already know this Rev, but he thanks Halos Heaven in the Acknowledgements section at the beginning. PANTHAH. As...


Middle Reliever Fantasy Rankings Above is a link to Mike Harmon's middle reliever fantasy rankings. I think everyone here will agree that it's about time Scot Shields got some jizz...


Kendry Morales Story This is a story from a couple of years back that appeared in the New York Times Magazine. Some of you may be familiar...


Wally World First-time Hall of Fame Balloteer

So the Hall of Fame ballot was released today and of course the headline is Mark McGwire's first appearence and the subsequent resurrected steroids debate (I for one think Big Mac should be in). A...


They're at it again

The following is excerpted from a thread on AN about how the Angels own the Yankees (specifically in the postseason). Enjoy! WAHHHHH! WAHHHHH! ------------------------------------------------------ ...


Home Runs/Foul Balls

Since it's an off day, I thought it would be cool to hear about your guys' stories of catching home runs and/or foul balls at Angels stadium. I have been to 5-20 Angels games per season for like...


Ozzie Guillen

As if we didn't already know, Ozzie Guillen is a total jackass. Check out this story from FOXSports about his recent comments: Does he know what country...


Don't know much about history ?

A lot of you have probably seen this already, but I thought I'd let everyone know that the Angels official website has a really cool page up on Angels history. It has all kinds of stuff like old...


Dayn Perry - Expert?

For a good laugh, check out this Dayn Perry story on top 2B prospects: He's got Kenny Howdrick as the #1 2B prospect... ok, fine. But scroll down to the...


Before the Bigs

For those who didn't see the commercial during the game last night, the show "Before the Bigs" on (I think) Fox Prime Ticket will feature Figgy on Tuesday at 8:30. I'm sure we'd all like to know...

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