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- alternate line from Dune

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User Blog

Let's trim the Blazer roster to 15:

Here's the official Blazer roster (via Blazers.com) as of now. No idea whey they list it in this order...: 2012-13 Roster Num Player Pos Ht Wt DOB Prior to NBA/Country Yrs 1...


One POLL to rule them all.

Ok. Before free agency signing begins, we need to get something straight here. We're excited, right? Yes. Yes we are. The big elephant-in-the-room question remains, however: This winter, are you...


Blazers Thinking Of Taking Drummond?

Sources close to me report that the Portland Trail Blazers might be thinking of possibly considering leaning towards UConn center Andre Drummond with the sixth pick in the 2012 NBA draft, unless he...


How many PGs have the Trailblazers selected in the lottery?

I was curious as to how many points the Blazers have drafted in the lottery. I couldn't think of any other than Sebastian Telfair, so I did some lazy research. The article has some holes,...


Beal & Lillard, the only guards for the Blazers to consider.

Bradley Beal is the only guard to consider at the 6th spot. He looks every bit the solid NBA prospect, with a smooth stroke, coach-able team-first attitude, and the tools to become an adequate play...


VOTE! Neil Olshey's trademark slogan should be:

Ah. Ok then. Neil Olshey, it is. I guess that answers that question. Well, I guess that answers several questions, amongst them: "Will the Blazers be the first NBA franchise with a female GM?",...


VOTE: Trade #11 to move up in lottery?

Ok, ok. We've beat the proverbial horse into several rows of nicely shaped patties, now it's time to get scientific. Obviously, we're all experts on the draft by now. We understand that picks 2-6...


My Top 16 Big Board:

1. Anthony Davis PF Projected: All star, franchise cornerstone.Offer: Lamarcus Aldridge + 6th pickFits rebuild window perfectly. Shows better offensive intangibles at a young age than LMA with his...


Our early season predictions in review:

ARRRRRRRGH, indeed. As I said in January, the Blazers can't shoot, Ray Felton is fat, Lamarcus is soft (on his teammates), Gerald is an inefficient offensive player, the Blazers are horrible at...


Why we Blazer fans have nothing to whine about.

It's that time. That time of year when season ticket holders start reminding us, in pretty much every thread, that they are, indeed season ticket holders. By choice. Their choice. That if the team...


10 things every Blazer fan should admit:

1: The Blazers suck at shooting the basketball. Mike and Mike continue to soldier on with the good message "and that was a good shot. They just need to start falling." No. Gerald Wallace is not a...


Call your shot: Who wins the West?

Well, well, well. What a strange season this should prove to be. The Spurs were the class of the regular season, but got gutted in the playoffs. The Mavs were unstoppable, but they lost Chandler...


POLL: Biggest Blazer Underdog, 2012 Edition!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have lift off. Or, in Brandon Roy and Greg Oden's cases, we have movement. That's right. That's right, again! NBA is back. The thrills. The chills. And that's just the MAX...


POLL: What will you miss about the 2011 NBA Lockout?

Well, excellent Blazer fans and NBA enthusiasts alike, it looks like we may be coming down the home stretch of the drama that is--and hopefully soon to be "was"--the 2011 NBA Lockout. The owners....


Golden State Warriors sell for $450 million (POLL)

The owners insist the league is in a financial crisis. They insist that they are "losing" millions. Here's the problem with their assessment. The players know the league is a great commodity. It...


Armchair Blazer Marketing POLL: Which Blazer would you promote to the fans?

Assuming there IS a 2011/2012 season, Blazers' marketing is going to be charged with an interesting task: promoting a team that has likely reached its potential to a fan base coming back to earth...


Lockout blues: The (not)official BEdge POLL.

Everyone handles grief differently. Some of us are stoic. Some of us wear our emotions on our sleeves, which is kind of gross, especially if you use your sleeve to wipe your nose after weeping over...


Steve Nash: YES.

The only logical reasons to reject a perfectly bounced Steve Nash trade is his reportedly declining health due to age and back fatigue, as well his inability to play good D. Let's take a look at...


What's Marc Jackson's cheesiest trademark line?:

In honor of NBA PG great, Marc Jackson being hired as Golden State's next head coach (really--congrats, Marc!), I now devote this poll to the things Jackson is fond of saying during every broadcast...


Who should the Blazers target with the #21 pick and why?

Here are the projected #15-#27 players to be selected in the DraftExpress 2011 Mock Draft. Assuming the Blazers don't trade the pick, they will be selecting #21. Who should the Blazers prioritize...


Which of these PGs should the Blazers target via trade and why?

Plus, what are you willing to give up to secure their services? Although the Blazers have a fine PG in Andre Miller, it seems there is room on the roster for a  PG who is more dangerous from...


Ranking the Blazer assets:

Although the Blazers have some nice players, I don't think they have a tremendous amount of assets to work with in making the team better this off season. Will Cho have the fire power he needs to...


Is Cuban OK? - concerned Blazer fan.

Dear Mavericks fans and Mr. Cuban, I just wanted to write on behalf of Portland, and the beautiful state of Oregon, in regards to Mark Cuban reportedly being struck in the face with a wadded up...


Appreciation threads appreciation thread!

It's that time of year where I military crawl in front of the couch, reach underneath, and try to suck up every dust bunny with a shop vac without actually having to move the furniture. It's that...


I beg of you, Blazer production crew: bag the baseline cam.

Dear Blazers productions, Your use of the baseline angle stinks. Of the times you cut to it during a play headed toward the paint, half end with the ball being swung out of frame, stifling the...


A few observations - Phoenix addition:

Steve Nash is nasty at many things, including the pick and roll, shooting, and free throws. Those are important things at the end of games. Too bad the Blazers stink at all three down the stretch...


A few observations (Minny edition):

Kevin Love moves like a cat. Looking at him in college, I figured he would dance around the paint like Chris Farley earning 2 dollars doing his Chip N' Dale's routine but NO--the dude is pure Kevin...


I have a beef to announce: Baseline camera people.

I'm surprised in an arena that can hold 20k, the camera crew are allowed to roost with their legs and feet situated beside the base of the basket. Last night, early on, Matthews layed it up and...

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