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Tuesday Refball Loser Thread.

Game 4 of NBA Finals has the Heat with a 2-1 lead playing at home. Will the refs help the Thunder and even out the series or will they hand Miami a 3-1 lead and almost surely the title? We'll have...


Saturday Face Off Loser Thread.

Yesterday I saw Face/Off for the first time. A few observations will follow. An alternate title could've been Aim Off, my god do they suck at shooting each other. They're much better at shooting...


Thursday Numbness Loser Thread.

Not sure which method you guys are using to deal with our loss.I'm using denial, which is not just a river in Egypt ahahahaha not but seriously, this one works awesome. You just try to avoid...


Sunday Reflection Loser Thread.

After two losses in a row, I think if I had to describe the mood of PtR it would be deep reflection/intense anger/despair. That's why this is the reflection thread, so you can think deep thoughts...


I guess no one is making a Loser Thread Loser Thread.

Wow! The First game of basketball in 2 days since yesterday there was no game and nothing happened.I guess watching the Leastern Conference is better than nothing lolololol they suck.Anyway, if...

Video breakdown of Manu vs Harden.


Video breakdown of Manu vs Harden.


Thursday Not Quite The Same Loser Thread.

The Eastern conference continues its attack on the eyes today with the Heat facing the Pacers. Sadly, this Loser Thread is gonna suck because I won't be here to participate. I'VE GOT IMPORTANT...


Wednesday Blueberry Banana Nut Oatmeal Loser Thread.

Go outside. Stare at the sun for about 20 minutes. Did you damage your vision irreparably? Good. Now you're ready to watch Celtics-Sixers. Join me after the jump for this most delicious (?) of...


Tuesday Go Pacers Loser Thread.

Only one game to watch today, as the Pacers try to go up 3-2 against the Heat in a game no one here would care about if it wasn't for the fact that Ooey Pooey is playing for the Pacers. The Heat,...


Monday Decompression Loser Thread

After an exciting finish to yesterday's game, it's time to wind down, relax, and watch some games before getting ready for the next series. First up we have the Sixer-Celtics which is a perfect...


Saturday I mean Sunday Descent Into Insanity Loser Thread.

The Scream is one of the most famous paintings in the world ...


Thursday Low Expectations Loser Thread.

You people suck, anyone can make a freaking Loser Thread and yet day after day I'm the one making them. SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG IN THE WORLD WHEN I'M THE ONE TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THINGS.The...


Wednesday Momentous Announcement Loser Thread.

DID YOU GUYS HEAR WHAT JUST HAPPENED? ABOUT THE PRESIDENT? ON TV? SOMETHING THAT CHANGES HISTORY!!Turns out Barack Obama is black. We have a black president. How cool is that? I thought I'd never...


Sunday Mega Loser Thread and Picture Posting Extravaganza.

" I shall have my vengeance...Soon" inapcache.boston.com Look, Josh is a good guy. He does a ton of work for this site to keep it running as smoothly as it does and the picture ban is only to...


Saturday Pre-Game Loser Thread.

Discuss games/your life/ your lack of life in this thread.The Rules: The are no rules.


NBA Finals Game 4. Win Big Or Go Home. Or Win Small And Stay.

Game 4 is often known as "The Game of Death". If it isn't it should be. The Game of Death just sounds awesome, like a basketball movie starring Vin Diesel in which he's drifting all over the...


PtR's First Ever Champions League Winner Thread.

via www.regiekun.com Why a winner thread, you moronically ask? Because these are the two best teams left. Manchester United and Barcelona have both have won their respective leagues and...


PtR's Official Rapture/Loser Thread.

Everyone knows the rapture is today, but we also know that PtR is a den of degeneracy and TWSS jokes, therefore no one is getting raptured here so why not have a Loser Thread. The Mavs plays the...


Hipuks' Loser Thread. U jelly?

God damn it people, it takes almost no effort at all to make a loser thread, and yet we all wait for someone else to do it. Hell, even the Lakers blog has a Loser Thread set up everyday. They call...


The story of how Tiago Splitter was able to play, in pictures.

How Tiago was allowed to play, in pictorial form.

Kobe fined 100K for gay slur.


Kobe Bryant, lovable human being, has been fined 100k for using a gay slur to insult referee Bernie Adams during a game against the Spurs. That would be interesting on its own, but what I found more intriguing is is the thread on Silver Screen and Roll about it. More specifically the comments on that thread, behold the power of rationalization: http://www.silverscreenandroll.com/2011/4/13/2109751/on-kobe-bryants-slur-and-the-leagues-reaction-to-it Kobe and Lakers fans, a match made in heaven.

BREAKING NEWS: Knicks fans are not that bad. Here's a video of Justin Bieber being booed by the...


BREAKING NEWS: Knicks fans are not that bad. Here's a video of Justin Bieber being booed by the fans. The only downside is that the boos made a girl cry, but she had a Stoudemire jersey so it's hard to feel sorry for her.


Attention gamers! Help charity and feel better about your horrible self.

I hope this is allowed under SB nation's rules that I never read. Anyway, these indie developers are bundling five great games and get this, you get to pay whatever you want for them. Some of the...


The Five Stages Of Grief.

In High School, I took a Psychology class. It was taught by a coach who happened to also teach psychology, and it contained many falsehoods, myths and misconceptions. The standards were low, and I...

Supreme Court Upholds Freedom Of Speech In 7-2 Vote.


As you all know, this is a very important issue for me.

Teamwork trumps individual brilliance.


Charley Rosen on why the Mavs lost this game and the series while the Spurs pulled out a win. I wish he was my grandpa.

For a larger version...


For a larger version (TWSS): http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc86/Hipuks/791px-Rage_template-Copy4.png?t=1272430917

I went to sleep and then this idea popped into my brain and then I couldn't sleep because of that...


I went to sleep and then this idea popped into my brain and then I couldn't sleep because of that so then I woke up and then I made this and now here it is.

Inspired Spurs Move To 4th Place.


The Tottenham Spurs defeated Chelsea 2-1 to move to fourth place in the Premier League and increased their chances for a Champions League spot next year. This win comes after another impressive 2-1 win against Arsenal on Wednesday. What? What did you think this was about?

Nets possible owner in a bit of trouble.


I'm sorry but this is America. If you want to do business with homicidal tyrants then god damn it that's YOUR right. I'm tired of the GOVERNMENT telling me I can't sell Peeps to North Korea or Snuggies to Iran. Get out of MY business and go back to protecting MY country against North Korea and Iran.

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