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Expecting consistency from the Spurs is like expecting non-midget programming from TLC.


Expecting consistency from the Spurs is like expecting non-midget programming from TLC.

BREAKING NEWS! Ginobili, Spurs Close On 3-Year Extension.

You heard it here first, folks. I'm not too sure about this one because I got it from some sources at Spurstalk. In a post including many LOL's, 45 different GIF signatures, some pictures of chicks in bikinis and a wall of text argument, SpursTalk member TheBest4EvaDuncanManuGonnaKickAss4Eva said the Spurs FO and Manu were about to close a 40 million dollar, 3 year extension for the Argentine. I'll try to report more on this as it comes down the wire.I've asked some questions regarding the terms of the deal and so far I've receives about 10 " Go fuck yourself if you think the Spurs are not gonna win the chip" responses. This lead looks promising. Feels cool to have the exclusive so far.


The Lexicon, Part One.

REALLY? You really thought this was going to be the Lexicon? I'm disappointed in you, you're stupider than you look. Interesting factoid, on April 1st, Benjamin Franklin invented Fool's Gold, thus...

Lakers Don't Look Playoff-Ready.

Charley Rosen doing his thing. Talking about why the Lakers are playing like shit, why Kobe is a good defender, and why the best NCAA team would get destroyed by the worst NBA team. But the reason I put this link is for this sentence: "Shannon Brown dunked a breakaway and, given what else he contributed, should have continued fast breaking to the locker room."


Area Man Excited About Upcoming Spurs Season.

  October 14, 2009. SAN ANTONIO, TX- Enthusiastic about the Spurs' revamped roster, long time Spurs fan Chubby Maximilius Checkers, declared he could not wait until the start of the season. "Oh...

Suck it again, PETA.


Suck it again, PETA.

Suck it, PETA.


Suck it, PETA.

I'm not sorry I'm late with this. Enjoy.


I'm not sorry I'm late with this. Enjoy.

Quick graphical recap of the Spurs-Grizzlies game. Due to the increased ram of my computer, I was...


Quick graphical recap of the Spurs-Grizzlies game. Due to the increased ram of my computer, I was able to introduce more advanced graphics. The rendering took about 2 hours.


Blair lollerskates Spurs to a win.

It was a tough, hard fought game against OKC, but in the end we prevailed like older brothers prevail against younger, more annoying little brothers and their stupid announcers. Also, Blair sort of...


Ho Ho Ho!!!1!!

I know we're all a little bummed out from the last game, but let us remember than on the 25th of December, Santa Claus made an epic journey to Jerusalem in order to save baby Jesus from Krampus and...

Impressionistic rendition of the Spurs latest win against the Pacers.


Impressionistic rendition of the Spurs latest win against the Pacers.

A dramatization of a Spurs fan reaction to our latest loss against the Suns.


A dramatization of a Spurs fan reaction to our latest loss against the Suns.

A visual recap of the Spurs-Bobcats game.


A visual recap of the Spurs-Bobcats game.


Movie Reviews.

Lately I have been watching several movies and I thought it would a good idea to give a brief synopsis of them so that fellow PtR-ers can decide if they want check them out. If you want more info...


In-depth graphical comparison of Manu's and Tony's skills.

Information is often easier to understand when put into clear, simple illustrations. For these images I used several basketball stats and ran them through a simple algorithm. I was a little...

POW! Right in the kisser!

POW! Right in the kisser!

How can DeJuan Blair play without an anterior cruciate ligament in either knee?

"With his fingers crossed." Don't read if you're squeamish about possible future injuries.

Stupid freaking headline.

"Spurs’ win vs. Hornets marred by Parker injury" Really? REALLY? The article then goes on to explain how Parker just had the wind knocked out of him and how he appears to be fine. Thanks for scaring the shit out of me, MSNBC. Bunch of liberals.


Is there a game today?

At 7pm ET against the Pacers? Or am I high from the paint fumes I inhaled today while painting some cabinets? Yeah yeah yeah, no no no, yeah yeah yeah, no no no, bam boom ziggity whaz. Yeah yeah...


Another Poll, When will Pop call the team "soft"?

Some say it's a tradition as long as time itself. Every year, after a particularly bad loss or string of losses or a general lack of top-notch defensive play, Pop calls the team soft publicly, as a...


DeJuan Blair Wallpaper.

Blair's performance during the Rockets game inspired me to do this wallpaper. I used a program a bit more advanced than last time, and I think it shows in the final product. I know it's a bit busy,...


Watchoo talking 'bout Willis?

Disclaimer: This is not related to basketball at all, if you want something related to basketball, seriously consider abandoning PTR.   I adopted a dog this past Thursday, which means I get to...

Spurs make yet another move.

Via the AP. In a move that has some GM's around the league mystified, the Spurs today decided to sign Smithee Martinez, only to later waive him, re-sign him and re-waive him, to then sign him, trade him, get him back in a complex 10 player trade, then finally waive him. Smithee is a guard from DeVry University who had scored 1.5ppg and 0.7rebounds during his 5 years studying Web Design. The trade was initially announced today at 12am ET. By 5pm ET, all the various moves had finished and the Spurs were left exactly with the same roster. A GM who declined to be quoted by name said to the AP, " For most people this kind of move would seem a little crazy, schizophrenic even, but you gotta trust the Spurs FO, they always know what they're doing." With Smithee Martinez being waived, the current Spurs roster stands at 64 players.





Hipuks' Pictorial Journey Starts Getting Old Part III: The Japanese Garden.

First of all, let's get this out of the way: Turning Japanese I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so. Second, except for a pic or two, these are among the weakest pics of the whole series,...

Michael Beasley Checks Into Rehab.

I would usually make some joke or another about rehab, but this case is pretty sad. His twitter account was closed after he allegedly made some comments talking about how life was not worth living. He checked into a facility for psychological and substance abuse counseling.


Roger Mason Wallpaper.

The super duper Roger Mason wallpaper.

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