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Me on the Google+ Hangout with Bjoern


I am the first to ask a question @ 3:18 and another @ 11:50. Bjoern is a chill ass dude and the entire situation with Joe trying to connect was hilarious.

Google+ Hangout with Pat Angerer


I was on last weeks show with Bjoern Werner, and may be on today with Angerer as well. Are there any questions you guys would like me to ask? I've got a few ready but will definitely use another one if I like it better. Thanks guys - Fuck last week - Go Colts

Coby Fleener on NFL Live, ESPN 2 - 7pm Eastern


I have no idea what they're going to talk about, or how long Coby will be on there. I just hope to hear some good things from Dallas Clark 2.0 God I hope he comes close to that role

Colts.com has been updated, check these videos out.


You can now watch the Sounds of the Game for EVERY Colts game since the 2008 season. I think this is awesome as you can't hear these soundbits anywhere else while getting a chance to look over really good games and some Colts blowouts.

Drake Nevis goes H.A.M. on this video


I don't know if anything else noteworthy happens in this Colts.com : Sounds of the Game recap but holy shit the ferocity he shows from 2:04-2:12 is astounding and something we haven't seen on this team from a DT since I've been a fan. Nevis is an angry man

"So this is all I have to do?! Get outta here, you're serious?"


"So this is all I have to do?! Get outta here, you're serious?"

You're doing it wrong. We really needed those OTA's


You're doing it wrong. We really needed those OTA's

Ex Colts Playing in the UFL


DeDe Dorsey RB Roy Hall WR Catu June OLB Steve Justice OG Michael Tauiliili OLB

Lucas Oil voted #1 playing surface by NFLPA


Nice, I agree the roof it pretty much a waste of money but the stadium as a whole is a BEAUTIFUL thing to see in HD. I hope I see a game there someday

Colts bye week video via Colts.com


Everyone talking about taking time off to rest and get away from football. Then Peyton Manning comes on and talks about working with new receivers as much as possible during the bye, gotta frickin love that dude and his nonstop work ethic. Why he's the best!

My Colts/Redskins Photos


nothing really special, realized after 10 min in the first quarter I was watching the game through my camera screen. So I returned to being a fan instead of a photographer, I'm much better at the former

My Colts/Redskins Videos


I wish I could just upload them from my computer instead of using url's to my Facebook but this will do for now.

Where I will sit/stand/scream/cry/dance for the Colts @ Redskins game on Sunday Night. On the...


Where I will sit/stand/scream/cry/dance for the Colts @ Redskins game on Sunday Night. On the visitors side, where I belong. I will take a ridiculous amount of pictures, and all of you here will see them. Hope they turn out well. I'm from Fredericksburg, VA - midpoint between DC and Richmond and I've been waiting for this for a loooong time. Go Colts, Go Blue

Madden 11 demo available today Colts vs. Jets...NICE


full 5 minute quarter game, @ the meadowlands. will be nice to see whats changed with most new features intact. I know I'm gonna be throwing td's to Clark and Collie everyday. FF's with BOBZILLAAAAAAAAA. RAWR

Brackett and Sanders looking like some MONSTERS out there Link to all the newly posted pictures...


Brackett and Sanders looking like some MONSTERS out there Link to all the newly posted pictures from OTA's http://www.colts.com/sub.cfm?page=actionphotos

Rookie Camp photos finally available via Colts.com


Hooray, now we get to see pictures of our players too! I swear there hasn't been a NFL.com picture anywhere of Colts camp. Probably because it was closed to the media huh?

New image from Madden 11. Doesn't look any different from 10 from what I can see, But we see our...


New image from Madden 11. Doesn't look any different from 10 from what I can see, But we see our boy Bullitt (Not Sanders) taking on Boldin in his new pretty purple uniform

Jerraud Powers is such a cool dude


Jerraud Powers February 22 at 6:05pm Report Friends, family, and fans. This journey from a small town in Alabama to playing in the Super Bowl for the Indianapolis Colts has been incredible. While there is much more work to be done and several more personal and team goals I have set out to accomplish, there is no doubt that I wouldn't have got to this stage in my life without the support of all of you and especially my community. Since you all have helped m e get to where I am today, I am again asking for your help in paying it forward. As a professional athlete I believe it is my duty to use the status you all have helped me achieve to help others realize their dreams. But I need your help sorting out my ideas. I would like to get involved some how in the Auburn, AL, Hunstville/Decatur, AL, and of course in Indianapolis, IN communities. So if you have any recomendations, whether it is as general as get involved with the Breast Cancer movement or Boys and Girls Clubs of America, OR have specific details or thoughts, please send me a message. As my very loyal friends and fans your voice and opinions are very valuable to me, and I know together we can work towards creating better lives and helping those less fortunate achieve their goals. Thank you all for your help and God Bless all of you!!!!!!!

Sexy Peyton Manning Video via NFL.com


say what you want about Dukes, at least he isn't sippin the haterade


Melvin Bullitt guest on Jim Rome within the next hour

Don't really know what else to say, just trying to spread the word so you guys can watch it on ESPN, good to hear some Colts info in a week full of nothing but Wild-Card news.  Jim Rome's a tool,...


Andre Johnson beating out Reggie Wayne in Pro Bowl voting?

As of right now, Andre Johnson leads AFC WR's in balloting, about 8,000 votes ahead of our very own All-Star Reggie Wayne. Johnson also beats the NFL's leading receiver Randy Moss. Here are the...

Baskett's First Video Interview for the Colts


Not much substance here, but it is the first time most of us have seen this guy up close and heard his demeanor while talking. They way I see it, there is no reason at all any Colts fan should be upset with this move. Nothing bad can come out of this whatsoever and if Baskett can prove himself and do well in Indy, maybe he stays around for more than a year. He would be the largest WR Manning has (ever had?). I view Baskett as the Roy Hall that Polian expected, which Roy Hall himself failed to ever become.

Colts cut K Andrus, LB Glenn


Making room on the roster, the article doesn't say who is replacing them but I'm sure WR Taj Smith is one of them, being called up from the practice squad to give a little more WR Depth. GET WELL NOW GONZALEZ :) Please Shake addition: Ed Johnson's suspension is up meaning he takes one of the two open roster spots. Taj Smith (as HSK suggests) or a free agent WR will probably be the other.


It's Official: Hagler Starting Over Wheeler

Video found ---------------------------------------------->HERE          This comes as a surprise to me because of how they Colts started Wheeler all pre-season, but from what I've seen it actually...

Good Interview with Peyton Manning via NFL Network


Nothing you haven't heard before but its a pretty good interview no less, Peyton supports Howard Mudd when asked about the Johnson/Ugoh debacle. Gives praise to Brown for his ability to act as a professional while being a Rookie

Video from ESPN's "Mort Goes to Camp"


Video from ESPN's "Mort Goes to Camp"

An article by Oesher that will make Colts fans very happy to read, top to bottom


As I read down this list I noticed how happy I was by the time it was over. All of the seven observations Oesher puts in here will make you smile a little bit. Better than a night time story and hot coco from momma.


So Won't the Real Joseph Addai Please Stand Up...

        Just driving back from a great late night (early morning?) meal from Denny's, I hear Paul McCartney's "Live and Let Die" which, as a Colts fan obviously brought thoughts of our own #29, RB...

Colts.com video interview with DT Eric Foster


The interview is ok but the reason why I'm posting it is the great words Foster has to say about OUR Defensive Coordinator Larry Coyer. It is so awesome to hear about how excited our entire defense is about the new coach and how they will perform this season. Hearing praise like this about Coyer and the lack of a single word for Meeks makes it even easier to laugh at the professional analyst (Woodson) who cite Meeks departure as a reason for concern. I don't even feel like a homer saying I believe we have a top 5 defense this year, especially if our offense can get back to their old persona of putting up points quickly and making teams play from behind, thus allowing Freeney and Mathis to play "tag" with the opposing QB

OK, Bob Sanders is Really Nasty and Pretty Funny too


These videos are gold this time of the season.....Training Camp under a month away, ahh

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