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The Price of Silfver... berg.

via Anaheim Ducks' forward Jakob Silfverberg has completed his three year Entry Level Contract (ELC) for an average cost of $0.9 mil each season. He spent his...


Teemu's number being retired on Jan 11, 2015!

The Anaheim Ducks are officially going to retired Teemu's #8 jersey on Jan. 11, 2015! It's on their official site: I was notified of this on my Score app and it linked tweets to...


Drafting Daring Developing Defensemen

In 2009, the Anaheim Ducks drafted Sami Vatanen in the fourth round. The following year, the Ducks were surprised to have landed Cam Fowler in the first round. Andy Welinski was drafted in the...


Ducks signed Sami Vatanen for Two More Years.

I got my scoreapp alert saying that D Sami Vatanen signed a two year deal worth $2.525 mil. The signing is on the Ducks' official website here, but it doesn't state the price nor if the contract...


Mike Trout… still being snubbed.

Two years in a row Mike Trout has come in as the runner up in the MVP race, although he should have won both. Each year for the past three years, Mike Trout has continued to improve his game. ...


Scoring Review

A couple of years ago I wrote an article looking at our top 7 scorers because it is those seven who carry the team's burden of scoring. It's an arbitrary number of players that I chose and so I...


The Gamble – Getting Bigger, Getting Stronger

The Ducks had just finished first in the Western Conference and took the Stanley Cup winners to game seven in the second round of the playoffs. They had improved from two seasons ago, despite...


2013 Anaheim Ducks’ Season Review

Before we venture into the review section, let us go back to my 2013 Anaheim Ducks’ Season Preview fan post. Follow that link and have a read, along with the comments below it, and then continue...

Foundation, Foundation, Foundation!


How the Tampa Bay Buccaneers built their team.

Overvalued and undervalued


Looking at some of the value on the Bucs' roster.

Keith Tandy: Quiet Gem?


Could Keith Tandy be a key player at safety in the future?

Finding a draft-day trade


Trade value is a complicated thing, as is finding a draft-day trade.

The Wright Direction and Receiving


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have recently traded their second best wide receiver in Mike Williams just before the 2014 NFL draft.  With picks in the first, second, and third rounds of the draft, the...

The Sky is Not Falling


The Buccaneers want to win now, and they have the talent to do so.

Banking on the Zone


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have hired Lovie Smith to coach the team.  Lovie's forte is defense, where he would utilize playing more zone than man coverage in the secondary.  Due to many reasons,...

Can Vincent Jackson get faster?


Can Vincent Jackson improve on his one knock?

A mobile QB for Lovie?


Lovie Smith wants a mobile quarterback. What does this mean?

QB or not QB... that is the question.


Many pundits think there are no franchise quarterbacks in the 2014 NFL draft.  Franchise quarterback meaning the ability to turn a franchise around today.  Here's a link to an article that has Mike...

In Search of a Dynasty


The Buccaneers really want to build a dynasty.

Drafting a Quarterback: A Ruse?


Recently, Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ head coach Lovie Smith hinted that there could be a possibility that the organization could draft a quarterback with the seventh overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft. ...

YAC deficiency: Glennon or Scheme?


In a recent article by , which Sander had linked to on our Daily Bucs Links, derived some stats that placed Glennon in not so great company for comparisons.  Since stats...

Bring Back Bucco Bruce!


Recall the September 29th, 2013 game against the Arizona Cardinals.  That game was when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were supposed to don their past by wearing the creamsicle orange throwback uniforms,...

A Bear and the Three Goldilock Glazers


The end of the 2013 NFL season is over.  And yet with another losing season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' future is just beginning.  Vanquished are what some called insane tactics.  Begone is the...

A Template for Success


A franchise quarterback is always the craze. The San Francisco 49ers attempted to sway Peyton Manning a couple of off-seasons ago, but lost out. Our Tampa Bay Buccaneers have jettisoned the five...


Peter Holland trade comes to a second fruition

Around Mid November of 2013, the Ducks traded high one of its top prospects who also happens to be a center as well in Peter Holland. Holland was a first round pick in the 2009 draft for the A...


Quick Mid-Season Look in

After 41 games, the Anaheim Ducks are first in the Pacific Division and second overall in the Western conference with 61 points (28-8-5). They are undefeated in regulation time at home and...

Mike Glennon vs Game Film: Help, I need somebody.


Was Mike Glennon as bad as he looked?

Glennon, Starting Rookie QB in the NFL


If you are similar to me, the first time you heard of Mike Glennon was when you were perplexed as you discovered that we drafted him in the third round of the 2013 NFL draft.  So we do due...

Carolina Drubbing a Collective Loss


Forget the Mike Glennon debate because he is not the biggest problem the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have.  One of the Bucs’ offensive issues happens to be a weak offensive line as they are unable to make...


2013 Ducks quarter-ish Review

So it is a little more than a quarter of the season gone for the Ducks, 29 games to be more precise. Before we delve forward, let us recall some predictions from my 2013 season preview for the A...

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