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User Blog

March 23: Masochistic Musings

Seven years ago today we saw the last legit dream of a Gonzaga final four run die a sudden, gruesome, tearful death. Up by nine with three minutes remaining, the most dominant offensive player in...


Preview: Zags Look to Bludgeon Pathetic, Helpless Opponent

So I hopped over here looking for a game preview, thinking, "Come on Zach and Max, get one up already!" But then I thought, "Hey, it's LMU. I can bang one out myself in like 3 minutes." So here...


Speculations on the Dark Side

Let's face it, fellow Zag fans: it's pretty hard not to be optimistic before the season starts (tomorrow!). Think about the season each player is going to have. Are any of them actively sucking in...


Criticism-free Mad Libs

The season is still mighty young, but already I've been noticing in recent comment threads a tired old mantra: "How dare you criticize Mark Few / Mike Hart / any Gonzaga player?? You have no right...


Fantastic Article on Cuban Baseball

I would highly, highly recommend this article about baseball in Cuba. It's really lengthy, but well worth the read. h...


And now for something completely different

www.greggzaun.comwill blow your mind. And do NOT skip the intro, either.Furthermore, in the November "Reflection" section (under the "Zaunbie Nation" tab), he declares his undying love for the...


OT: Taco Bell

I came out of my class at Boston University today at 4pm, hoping to walk across the street to Taco Bell and get a free ellsbury taco to tide me over until dinner.Then I saw the crowd. There were,...


A pleasant read (until Jeff gets back)

The game thread on Over the Monster features some thoroughly mild-mannered and respectful red sox fans. Some of my favorites:* "Dice-K pitched well, but he's no Felix." ** "Comparing Hernandez to...


Analyzing the Pain

I don't want people to think that I'm a fan of Bill Simmons, but I do think his "13 levels of losing" can be applied to the Soriano situation.h...

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