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Huge lifelong Rockies fan, a proud CU-alum (mechanical engineering Class of 2012!) and lover of all Denver sports.

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  • MLB Colorado Rockies
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Our new punter is TOUGH


Great read on Darragh O'Neill. I know he's "just a punter", but this is the type of toughness our team needs. Great stuff, I hope he does well this season!

Michael Young trade talks resume


"The Rockies’ latest proposal, sources say, includes infielder Jose Lopez." "The Rockies, even if they receive significant cash from Texas, probably would need to do more than simply move Lopez. They also might need to part with a higher-priced player — perhaps right-hander Aaron Cook, who will earn $9.25 million."

Jim Tracy Collapses, Taken to the Hospital


Frightening situation....GET BETTER SOON SKIP!

Ridiculously disrespectful blog post about CU


"Most people aren’t aware Colorado even plays football, so the Buffaloes won’t be hassled too much when they leave for the Pac-10 in 2012." "Colorado fans don’t even bother going to the games, why would they bother to read this or why should I bother writing this? Is it skiing season yet? Plus they are the ultimate sell-outs going to the Pac-10. I understand Nebraska to the Big Ten, not so much this one." "Tyler Hansen/Cody Hawkins, CU- Doesn’t matter which one of these bozos the Buffs put at QB, they both suck." "3. Scotty McKnight, Coloardo- Scotty doesn’t know why he chose to play football at Colorado." "10. Colorado- There strength is at cornerback… That’s about the nicest thing I can come up with for the Buffs." Man, I'm SO fired up for the season now. We have 2 years to shove all of these guys' words down their own throats....let's make it happen Buffaloes.


5 amazing season-saving wins that have kept the Rox 2010 playoff chances alive

This is a response to the fanpost "Five killer blown-lead losses that ruined Rox 2010 playoff chances", which is honestly a great read. But, as tough as those losses were for the Rockies, they only...


Response to Kiszla Article

http://www.denverpost.com/rockies/ci_15651356 There's no surprise that many of us disagree with Mark Kiszla, but his latest article on the Rockies was especially bad. I didn't think he could...


Draft Prospect: Kevin Gausman

As everyone here knows, Coloradan native Roy Halladay threw a perfect game for the Phillies yesterday. While we did manage to get a 'decent player' named Todd Helton in that same draft, given the...

Matzek dominates in his pro debut


Surprised no one linked this one yet! This is GREAT news. 97 mph fastball?!?!?! Wow.

Beimel signs after all


If you trust Kenny Rosenthal that is

Nice Ringolsby Article on Rockies Progression


You guys need to set some of these posters straight too...some big time pea brain posters on there. There's a guy who said "the Rockies should have built a stadium in a part of Colorado with not as thin air." Seriously man? Seriously?

Interesting Article on the Rockies from "Crashburn Alley"


Not the biggest fan of their final analysis though: In summation: * The Phillies are better offensively almost entirely across the board * The Phillies are better defensively almost entirely across the board * The Phillies’ starters are matched up more favorably than the Rockies’ starters * Both bullpens have specific goals they need to attain that will lead to team success * Game 2 is the key to the series: the pitcher who cannot utilize his go-to pitch (Cliff Lee’s cutter; Aaron Cook’s sinker) will likely be responsible for his team coming up short I can't believe that they believe that they stack up better than us DEFENSIVELY ACROSS THE BOARD. That just blows my mind.... However, they're right about Game 2 and their bullpen statement....although, that sounds more like denial about their own bullpen woes than anything.


A great weekend to be a Rockies fan

Anytime we can quiet a Cubs fan is a good time. And in this case......3 out of 4 days is even better. And BOY were they quiet. Before: AFTER!!!:   The walk back to the car while holdin' this one...


Cook to miss start on Tuesday; Chacin or Fogg to make the spot.

Source: http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/9913794/Cook-to-skip-scheduled-start-because-of-toe-injury As far as Aaron goes, this is a wise decision (just as it was to skip Marquis when he had a...


Key statistic

This is a sign of the times. One run games w/Hurdle (up to May 28th): 2-9 w/Tracy (up to today, August 4th): 12-15 The Rockies are 10-6 in one-run games since May 28th. Talk about a turn around!...


Carlos Gonzalez: Has he turned a corner?

We've all been riding this guy since about the second week he got called up. He wasn't getting on-base, he wasn't getting hits, he was driving in runs, he was hitting homers; nothing. He was just...

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