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The only way to describe me is that I like winners. My favorite teams win and they win often.

- A graduate of Georgia Southern University, I am a certified athletic trainer specializing in rehabilitation and strength and conditioning. I have an MBA in Human Resources and Finance from the University of Hartford.

- I am a native of Connecticut but have spent 7 years living in Maryland, Colorado, and Georgia. There is something about New England that can't be replicated in any part of the world so I returned 5 years ago and think it's the best decision I ever made.

- I am a writer based in Connecticut covering UConn Women's Basketball and the Connecticut Sun.

- I follow and offer my unsolicited opinion on many teams including the Celtics, Patriots, UConn Men, UConn Football, Lakers, and the state of sports in general. If coaches just listened to the things that come out of my mouth they would win at least 10% of the time. I am a genius that the world is just covering... Plus I'm modest too!

A Fan Of...

  • MLB New York Yankees
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NFL New England Patriots
  • NCAAF Connecticut Huskies
  • NCAAB Connecticut Huskies
  • NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • General UConn Women's Basketball
User Blog

NCAA Women's Tournament 2011: Neither Auriemma Nor Hoyas Backing Down In Sweet Sixteen


UConn Women's coach Geno Auriemma is not backing down over his controversial comments as his team looks to take on Georgetown in the Sweet Sixteen.

NCAA Women's Tournament 2011: Purdue and Kansas State Get Defensive


While Kansas State struggled to find someone to put the ball in the basket at crunch time, Purdue’s next opponent will have no such problem. Purdue advances to play the Connecticut Huskies

UConn Handles Familiar Foe Easily In Philadelphia Sub-Regional


It's easy to look at the final score, 75-39, and say that UConn beat the opponent into oblivion or look at the same score and say that UConn's effort was not as impressive as some of their other #1...

2011 Big East Tournament: Familiarity Breeds Great Games in Semifinals


2011 Big East Tournament: Familiarity Breeds Great Games in Semifinals. Some old friends and foes battle for a space in the championship.

2011 Big East Tournament: Quarterfinals Show the Importance of the Bye


All Top 4 seeds of the women's big East tournament advance to the semi-final. A look at the quarterfinal games.

2011 Big East Tournament: Second Round Stays the Course


2011 Big East Women's Tournament, GOing exactly as expected. All top seeds advance.

The 2011 Big East Tournament Preview: It’s Anyone’s Game, Right?


The Beast that is the Big East. A look at the 2011 Women's Big East Tournament.

UConn Huskies Learn Not Every Win is Pretty


Seton Hall was supposed to come in and roll over for the #1 ranked UConn Huskies. Oops: someone forgot to tell Seton Hall.

More Than Words: Diana Taurasi Had Friends & Facts on Her Side


Diana Taurasi talks about bad science and what got her through her darkest moments in the wake of her doping scandal.

UConn Still Walking the Walk After Walker


The UConn Huskies are now 8 games removed from Samarie Walker’s departure from UConn and surprisingly enough they are not just surviving, they’re thriving.

UConn Women Get Ready to Battle Duke Without Its Swagger


2nd ranked UConn women need an edge as they look to battle the 3rd ranked Duke Blue Devils.

UConn: Samarie Walker’s Departure Leaves Many Astonished


Samarie Walker's departure from UConn is not as transparent as it seems. Apparently it left many baffled including Walker's own parents.

"I had no idea she was considering Kentucky,’’ Auriemma said. "All I can tell you is what she told...


"I had no idea she was considering Kentucky,’’ Auriemma said. "All I can tell you is what she told me and what she told the other coaches and what she told the other players, that she had lost in her interest in playing basketball. It had nothing to do with playing time, what position she was playing, anything of that nature. Academics. It all had to do with, `Coach, I just don’t want to play basketball any more.’ So when I came back from New York and someone told me that she’s enrolling at Kentucky Monday that was as big a shock to me as anything that I’ve heard. And I wish her the best of luck.’’

Auriemma on Samarie Walker's departure. More to come....

"It’s a privilege to earn a scholarship because you can take for granted all the costs of a college...


"It’s a privilege to earn a scholarship because you can take for granted all the costs of a college education," she says. "I feel that in return, I have to work my hardest. Coach Auriemma reminds us often that we’re on scholarship and we have to work for what we get and what we want, just like you have to work for your living when you’re out of college. It’s a great teaching point."

Maya Moore puts being a scholarship athlete into perspective.

Connecticut Women Still Searching for Momentum


Connecticut Women Searching for Momentum as they head into their annual MLK Showdown.

UConn Women Rebound to Victory Over Villanova 81-35


UConn Women defeat Villanova 81-35 to get back to their winning ways and start a streak of 1.

UConn Huskies: ‘All They Do Is Win’


UConn Huskies: 'All They Do is Win'. Why the Huskies are happy but not satisfied.

UConn Huskies Shined While on Broadway


UConn goes for consecutive victory #89. A look back to the stars on Broadway.

"I know there would not be this many people in this room if we were chasing a women’s record. The...

"I know there would not be this many people in this room if we were chasing a women’s record. The reason why everyone is having a heart attack the last four or five days is a bunch of women are threatening to break a men’s record and everyone is up in arms about it. All the women are happy as hell and can’t wait to come in and ask questions. All the men who love women’s basketball are excited, and all the miserable bastards who follow men’s basketball and don’t want us to break the record are all here because they are pissed. So that’s the way it is. "If we were breaking a women’s record, everybody would go: 'Aren’t those girls nice. Just give them two paragraphs in USA Today or give them one line on the bottom of ESPN and let’s send them back where they belong in the kitchen.' But because we are breaking a men’s record, we have a lot of people paying attention." Geno in the Press Room following his team's 81-50 victory over Ohio State

UConn: If This Were Men...


UConn goes for a historic 88 consecutive win against Ohio State in the Maggie Dixon Classic. A look at the notion that people are not paying attention.

Time Q&A with UConn Coach Geno Auriemma

Because they're going to look at Maya and look at Kobe and go "well, she's not Kobe Bryant." Well, f---, who is? Who is? I would challenge 90% of the people watching television, men or women, to come out here and do what Maya does. They couldn't do it. But because at some point they played, they think 'what's the big deal? I made a jump shot. I took it to the basket when I was in high school. I did this, I did that.

Fran Harris: Well Behaved & Making History


Fran Harris' favorite quote is by Laurel Urlich. It states, ‘Well-behaved women rarely make history.' Spend 5 minutes talking to her and you can tell that she will dismantle this notion quickly....

UConn: The Streak That’s Bigger than the Game


Yeah, you beat Marquette. But what is your place in history, UConn?

UConn Dismisses Sacred Heart 86-32: Putting Moore's All-Time Scoring Record In Perspective


UConn Silences Sacred Heart 86-32, Maya Moore's reaches historical milestone.

"If a woman is a girlie girl, a sissy girl, I can't deal with that," Auriemma says bluntly. He puts...


"If a woman is a girlie girl, a sissy girl, I can't deal with that," Auriemma says bluntly. He puts his hands up. "I want to say, 'Throw the pass right here'. Is that too hard? Am I asking you to go in the lab and cure cancer? Am I asking you to find a way to save Haiti? No. I'm asking when a guy puts a hand up, put the ball right here. And if you're a kid, don't you want that expectation of you? Instead of 'Come on sweetheart. Try to hit them in the hands next time'?"

UConn Coach Geno Auriemma in Time Magazine's: Guy Coach, Girl Team, No Losses describing why he believes players are players and not genders.

We're Talking About Practice...


UConn sets the standards in practice as they prepare to take on Sacred Heart.

UConn Huskies Feast on Bison In World Vision Classic, 82-25


UConn Huskies Feast on Bison, Win 82-25 during the World Vision Classic

UConn Looks for Clearer Sight as they Prepare for World Vision Classic


UConn Looks for Clear Sight as they Prepare for World Vision Classic in Storrs, CT this weekend.A look at whats ahead for the Streaking Huskies.

Exactly Where She Belongs


Elena Delle Donne returns to Connecticut to hang 41 on the Yale Bulldogs. Delaware wins 79-61.

There is No Place Like Home


There is No Place Like Home: Maya Moore Returns to Atlanta with her undefeated UConn Huskies.

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