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Why Vereen Could Be Better Than Best (...youseewhatIdidthere?)

First of goes without saying that I love Jahvid Best. Maybe not in a creepy Jim Schwartz I-stay-up-at-night-watching-YouTube-videos-of-him way, but I appreciate everything he did for Cal...


DBD 02.19.10: CGB Happy Hour

So tomorrow is the unofficial CGB happy hour that some of us have been discussing. This is a rough prediction of what's going to happen...   Columbus, Ohio. CALumbus Bear: Eleven years....


DBD 12.24.09: Ho ho ho, bitches

Feeling a little grumpy today? A little grinchy, perhaps? (via   Don't worry, HolmoePhobe understands. HolmoePhobe is somewhat of a grinch himself. I declare you...


DBD 11.19.09: TwistNHook's Palo Alto Adventure

Jim Harbaugh's office, Stanfurd.   Harbaugh: We need to recruit more tight ends! I have must MORE TIGHT ENDS! The tighter the better! Minion: Yes coach! I'll send our scouts out to the...


The definitive Best vs. Quizz stats megapost

Who is the better college football running back, Jacquizz Rodgers or Jahvid Best?


A comparative look at Cal's defense

There's been a fair amount of discussion recently regarding Cal's defense, including much citing of statistics, and while the discussions have been very interesting, I feel like we might be...


DBD 10/1/09: A Time for Regrouping. And Honking.

After the Massacre at Autzen (h/t Avi), General Ragnarok led his troops back across the River of JDraft to DBD Forge, where they could hide from the Ducks and prepare for their next battle with the...


Pro Doc Saturday: Cal on the road

Doc Saturday's recent post about Cal's road woes elicited strong disagreement from a number of CGBers, including HydroTech, who pointed out that all teams tend to play worse on the road. Now, far...


Cal vs. Ranked Opponents in the Tedford Era

My fanpost on Cal vs. the Pac-10 in the Tedford Era led me to one major conclusion: It's hard to figure out anything from those numbers because the sample sizes are way too small, and too easily...


Cal vs. the Pac-10 in the Tedford Era

I love football statistics (yes, I am a huge nerd). Having spent a fair amount of time looking at Cal's Tedford-era numbers, and having seen much wailing and gnashing of teeth regarding certain...


DBD 7/02/09: Beers, Bears, and Beards!

  As you all know, tomorrow begins a long weekend. Three days to sleep in, catch up on work, or if you're Rishi, to go to yuppie bars in the City and futilely buy lemon drops for girls who look...


What defines a great rivalry?

Football rivalries are awesome. While they may not necessarily provide for more exciting games, there's an excitement inherent to any rivalry game that is a lot of fun regardless of the actual...

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