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A CPA in the KC area, I've lived in KC my whole life and bleed Royal Blue. Long for a return to the glory days. The past 10 years have been pretty tough, but I'm thinking we're on our way.

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Chicken or the egg?

I was going to post this elsewhere, but in my small mind I thought it was important enough to generate separate discussion. In reading the "Open Letter to Dayton Moore", there was a discussion...


Open call for deliverance, a crisis of confidence, a referendum on the royals, and the littlest who in whoville

I am a lifelong kansas citian and was just a young lad when the royals lived through their glory years. Being a royals fan has become a part of my identity. Like many fans with their sports teams,...

Goin' mainstream...

Kansas City Royals: The past few weeks have made it painfully clear that the only prescription to help the Royals is firing general manager Dayton Moore. From their off-season acquisition of Mike Jacobs (hitting a crisp .222/.296/.412) to their recent acquisition of Yuniesky Betancourt to their mismanagement of injuries to Moore's refusal to attempt any grasp of the statistical side of the game, the franchise has become a laughingstock that's easily ridiculed by even its most ardent supporters. The proud legacy of George Brett deserves better, and it starts with regime change.

Rejoice!!! Sox trade for Pena!

The much-anticipated other move has been made! Oh, wait...


WAR retrospective, DM era

In this link here, I explored individual teams' actual vs. expected record, using WAR. As noted there, the Royals' actual performance compared to their expected performance is, not surprisingly to...


Actual vs. expected record using WAR

I got to thinking, with the performance of this year's team, what really is to blame for the Royals' sickly performance  thus far in 2009? We know that the team as constructed weren't going to be...

Not Exactly Breaking News- Aviles out for year with TJ-Petro on 810whb

Not Exactly Breaking News- Aviles out for year with TJ-Petro on 810whb


You think our bullpen has problems? Wow...


What will be the first shoe to drop? - update!!!

This is a companion post to the one that I just posted. With the 2009 Royals season quickly swirling the drain   via I think it's safe to say that we're past the point of...


When will Hillman be fired?

Given the recent play of the boys in blue, it's only a matter of time in my opinion before something significant happens. Dayton is not going to let this go on much longer, with his stated goal of...

Royals shake-up

Several moves made after the latest snoozefest...


Should DM blow this team up?

Should DM blow this team up?   I am readily going to admit, I am really pissed, disappointed, and despondent, whatever you want to call it, after today's game. However, I went on a long run today...

2009 regrets

Good short article courtesy of the Boston Globe on some teams' biggest regrets this year. One is our very own Profe$$or, and interestingly enough, the other is the White Sox not getting Coco. Their loss, our gain.

Think we've signed some bad contracts?

Kyle Lohse, 4 years $41 million? Under .500 career with a 97+ ERA. I don't know where to find WAR so can't compare it to $$ but he's projected by CHONE, etc. to be about .500 with a mid 4 ERA. Seems kind of pricey to me. Another random thought from this article - it seems to intimate that Wee Willie is a Boras client; any chance that the Royals saw this as an opportunity to "take care" of one of his clients in exchange for some favorable treatment down the road (i.e. Hochevar, Moose, etc.)? Not terribly likely, but just thought I'd throw it out there.

Royals acquire Farnsy

According to 810 WHB, the Royals acquired Kyle Farnsworth for 2 years, $9.25 million. Seems high, I just don't get the allocation of resources (although apparently, with the way the $$$ is being thrown around by DM, there is no limit on payroll). With all the credit we've given DM, all of a sudden, there's a LOT of money tied up in the bullpen, money that perhaps we could have used to sign Furcal. I wonder if it would have been better to use Rosa in the bullpen, for example. I guess that the good news is that a lot of these contracts are short-term. Discuss.

DM on 810

DM on 810

Stated the team had flexibility to go to $70 million and beyond, but doesn't see the players out there right now to spend that $$$. He also said that you can win a WS with the payroll we have now. Sorry I didn't gather all the info, but he touched on signing Greinke long-term, Aviles' position and what's coming up. If anyone else has info to add, please do. He could obviously be full of sh!t, but he did dispel any notion that he doesn't have the ability to go out and spend additional money to upgrade the team as he sees fit.

OT - litigation value of Dunder Mifflin's travails

Funny article trying to calculate the value of litigation against Dunder Mifflin for all of the workplace violations that occur on the show.

OT - Jesu Cristo the Chiefs are bad. What a failure. The Chiefs are going to put the Royals'...

OT - Jesu Cristo the Chiefs are bad. What a failure. The Chiefs are going to put the Royals' ineptitude to shame. The thing is that the Chiefs have absolutely no excuses with revenue sharing. On another note, I just started watching season one of The Office. Definite potential.


Interesting topic for discussion

OT - Is Boston too white? This article, courtesy of Ken Rosenthal. Interesting read, although by my brief count it appears that nearly 1/2 the roster is non-white, so I'm not sure it's totally...

Prince Fielder a Royal?

Interesting post on Prince Fielder and where he may land. In the comments section there are several comments about a Greinke for Fielder swap. Initially I thought it sounded good but I think we could do much, much better. I also saw that J.J. Hardy is a possible trade candidate. What does everyone think, would Greinke+Teahen+prospect land Fielder + Hardy? My feeling is that it might take more or depend on who the prospect is, but I don't think I'm great at judging trades. I don't know about Fielder - career 130 OPS+ and .370 OBP is pretty good, but I'm not sure about is defense (fielding pct. below ML avg, I couldn't find zone ratings). Would someone like Hochevar or Davies bring back one of the two, if a prospect was thrown in? Thoughts?

$90 Million - Unheard of?

Most of the way down the first page, Heyman mentions the Brewers' payroll going to an "unheard of" $90 million with the Sabathia acquisition earlier this year. Just to piggyback off of the earlier fanpost regarding what the Royals payroll should be, I think it's interesting that a comparable team is considered to be out of it's comfort zone with a $90 million payroll. My take is that, while it may take close to $100 million for the current Royals team to really be a contender next year, it's unrealistic. The real problem (as many have pointed out numerous times) is the sins of the past that have left a mostly-barren major league team and upper-minor leagues. I think, from time to time, when the situation is right, that a team like the Royals could go to $100 million on occasion in order to get "that last piece", but a sustained payroll above $80 million is probably very unrealistic given our demographics. Thoughts?

"Jose Guillen was scratched because of a late managerial decision, the rest will be kept in-house"...

"Jose Guillen was scratched because of a late managerial decision, the rest will be kept in-house" - Trey Hillman

As reported by Neal and Marty on 610 about 5 minutes ago.

What say you?

I'm curious, now that the boys in blue have cracked the 60-win barrier, what the outlook for the rest of 2008 will be? I went through the rest of the schedule, and honestly I see 6 more wins - one...


DM on 610 right now

"the bottom line is, our players aren't good enough" - OUCH "this is a man's league" He also reiterated that the team is not going to go for a "quick fix" and go crazy spending on free agents. N...


Denard Span > Alex Gordon

Some random thoughts regarding our beloved Royals, as I sit here 34,000 feet above the Grand Canyon on my way to L.A. for work:   The Twins lovefest that was the Royals' radio broadcast made me...

Totally off-topic, but fun anyway

Looking to save gas? You might want to come up with another plan...


Just sayin...

Just for grins, I was curious what Smirky's line was vs. PECOTA (BP's projection system). I put his actual to date, then projected over 162 games (actually assumed we were at game 108 so there's a...


Francouer sent to AA

From Yahoo! The Braves optioned Jeff Francoeur to AA. It struck me as interesting that they would do this considering his stats, and then I thought it might be interesting to compare his stats to...

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