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Our Fearless Leader in Purdue Territory


Don't worry Mike. I won't hold it against you that you have a soft spot for Michigan. Truth be told, I actually have a soft spot for OSU. I grew up in a buckeye household and my parents are die-hards. There's even a school picture of me in a buckeye hoodie from when I was unable to make my own dress decisions.

What did you guys do to Arizona St?


Check the video in the first item of the Curious Index over at EDSBS. Watch at about 1:25 when Sparky stomps on a bus adorned with Iowa's logo.

Game Times Announced

[Buda-bump -KHD] I can't believe I got this from JayPa's twitter but apparently Iowa will be a night game [8:00pm -ed] and NW will be an evening game [4:30pm -ed]. Most importantly, apparently there is a new B10 rule outlawing November night games meaning OSU-PSU will be an afternoon or evening game. SHAME! [Update: So it looks like JayPa pulled the tweet, I suspect because it either (1) wasn't official and shouldn't have been announced, or (2) wasn't official and has been changed, or (3) both. I emailed a PR contact at the Big Ten and received word that the conference has not yet announced any game times but probably will by next week. A curious development in the whole twitter-is-news-beat-writing-is-dying saga. -KHD]

Some LuLz about O$U


What's next? Sweatervest pulling a kid from the stands?

No JayPa to Toledo


Looks like JayPa lost out on the Toledo job to the defensive coordinator from Oklahoma State. I would of thought defensive coordinators from the Big 12 wouldn't be that hot of a commodity.


Inside Enemy Territory

Being a pround alumni of Toledo and living in Michigan, I had a chance to attend the UT-Michigan game at the Big House yesterday.  I want to give a scouting report and a review of the stadium...


Just curious - Hookmania Edition

Alright I am curious how everyone became a Penn State fan.  I'm sure most of you are in the student/alumni or family tradition category but there's got to be some other situations like mine.  I...

PSU in a preseason Top 10?!?


I haven't seen anybody talk about this around here which I thought is weird because everyone should be reading EDSBS for a little bit of funny in the college football world. But anyways, Phil Steele is ranking PSU #10 for his preseason poll. It seems high to me because I like to be skeptical and not get let down (and in my mind I see 4 very loseable games; both OSUs, Wisc and UM). But maybe this could be another magical season!

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