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Shall I put the crack pipe down?

This is my very first fantasy sports league in general and fantasy hockey in particular.  I'm interested in the views of the old salts around here on some recent transactions I've made: I'm in a...

Yeller still with the organ-I-zation


News is about 2 weeks old, but I missed it and it's good to see Ol' Yeller still around.

Scary Bad News from DU / North Dakota game on Saturday


DU forward Jesse Martin's neck broken on a big hit from UND (and Avs' draft pick) forward Brad Malone. Haven't seen the hit, but prayers for Martin's speedy and complete recovery from this Avs fan and DU alum!

For the Schrute is wise and all-knowing...


I mean, seriously, these struggles could be those of our beloved boys in burgundy & blue! Thank goodness our organ-I-zation foresaw such travails and deftly avoided them!

Pavelec released from hospital - problem was fainting spell.


Sucks that he concussed himself hitting the ice, but good to know that it wasn't something more serious that caused it.

Battle of the ex-Avs! Waste some time at work!


Watchs Wojteks Wolskis matchs ups againsts Sandis Ozolins! /bet ya didn't know that I spoke Latvian, huh?

Despair not ye zealots of the Avalanche faith! Radio coverage cometh - in glory!


Or, you could, like, talk to the MasterDater on the radio and stuff.

Today in Colorado Avalanche History: Happy Birthday Saint Patrick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today in Colorado Avalanche History: Happy Birthday Saint Patrick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reason #845,862 the beancounters running this show can go straight to Hell


Yeah, David F*&^ing Koci over this guy. F*&^ you, you cheap sunabeaches! Tear 'em up Jimi!

It could be worse, we could be the Edmonton Oilers


Regardless of what you (or I) think of The Schrute and his dealings with players, the media and fans, at least he's not Tambellini! Positivity!

You might be able to hear an Avs game on the radio after all!


Past is prologue, or maybe Enos is actually listening to Bibby...

Avs fail to sign the one defenseman they really needed


Put this dude on a pairing with Kyle and you've got it made. Clitsome (Clit) and Cummers? Am I the only one who sees the brilliance in this?

Stewie (yes, our CGDS) makes the cover of Hockey News


Stewie (yes, our CGDS) makes the cover of Hockey News

You're kidding, right?


Hell, even the chess team plays through bigger injuries than this!

Capitals Sign Brian Willsie


Here's hoping he gets the 20 NHL games he needs for his pension.

More good stuffs from Justin Bourne


Interesting (imo) view of free agency from the player's perspective.

It's not just you, Bibby - We are being Monforted.


At least that's what the boys at Copper & Blue are saying (licking their chops all the while).

Tales from the Crack Pipe


Yeah, sure, because with $578K in cap space and two players left to sign, you guys are TOTALLY in the running. Just WTF do they put in the Cheez Whiz in your steak sandwiches there?

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