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I used to be Planetjeffy, now I am Hormel.
Terrmel...greatest Padre or greatest Padre ever? He played like canned meat.

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  • MLB San Diego Padres
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Facebook's map of Baseball Fandom

This is why we can't have nice things... Facebook just released a map showing users’ baseball allegiances, measured in terms of likes on each teams’ Facebook page. The largest swaths of the U.S....

Kung Fubar Panda? Sexual Assault Panda?


"She told police that she met Sandoval in a small group in downtown Santa Cruz on Thursday night and they ended up at the resort where the alleged assault took place." "The woman submitted to a sexual assault forensic evidence kit at an area hospital, sources confirmed. Sources said she reported to police that she was too intoxicated to give consent."


Injury Central . . . Pitcher's Edition

I don't know who Sarah Trotto is and why she is privy to insider injury news. Maybe she is like the arsonist that sets the fires and calls 911 to report the blaze. Good news is that Huston Street...

Padres' New TV Contract Worth $75 Mil a Year - whispers Bob Nightengale USA Today


"And even the San Diego Padres— playing in the 26th largest market in baseball — are, pending MLB approval, poised to sign a new deal with Fox Sports that will guarantee them $75 million a year for the next 20 years. The deal was confirmed by two industry executives familiar with the contract but not authorized to speak publicly about its details." With over $100 mil in TV and revenue sharing...what should the payroll be and should any of that money be used to pay off the loans? Let the jousting begin.

The AJ Smith Interview....with Darren Smith


Darren asks some pretty tough questions of the warm and fuzzy Chargers' GM, AJ Smith


Here is a fun game...

Here are some quotes from each press conference following the Chargers disastrous 2010 and 2011 seasons. Can you pick which quotes match which year? Good Luck. Note - seasonal references have...

Moorad casts spell to conjure up $150 mil...

Baseball source said Moorad has already initiated a capital call on his partners to pay the (approximately) $150 million still owed to Moores. Is Moorad doing this to speed up the TV deal or is he just tired of reading nasty Gaslamp comments about the Padres layaway plan?

Padres Offer Bell and Harang Arbitration


Heath is a Modified Type A and Aaron is a Type B - which means the Padres would get compensation picks if the players opt out (I think). Hopefully Heath has come to his post-season senses and will go for the big payday. I think I am one of the few who would like to see Harang return. He is a steady presence, rarely injured and always gives the team a chance to win.


Orton tossed...Broncos elope with Tebow, even though the sex was "not that good"

What a crazy season for the supposed worst team ever, Denver Broncos. Who'd a thunk they would have become so infatuated with Tebow, the Broncs would cut Orton loose while they are still in the...

Efren Cabrea makes roster


"Black said Cabrera has earned the job." Hormel said, Jed couldn't find (afford) a decent middle infield bench guy. Gaslampers rejoice because we get to hear Dick butcher his name and Jodes coo.

Uh Oh...Mat Latos has been sidelined with a sore right shoulder


Mat Latos, believed to be the front-runner to start for the Padres on Opening Day, has been sidelined with a sore right shoulder. San Diego manager Bud Black told reporters Friday morning that Latos will not make a scheduled start on Saturday.


Dream Job for Baseball Freaks, Like You - MLB is Hiring!

This has got to be the strangest most awesomestsuses job request evar.  MLB wants to hire 1 person to live, eat and drink baseball for a year.  This means watching every single game (is that...

Portland baseball is back! Portland is making a new attempt to field a team. Watch the tryouts in...

Portland baseball is back! Portland is making a new attempt to field a team. Watch the tryouts in this video.

The Selig Giveth and the Selig Taketh Away...A Tale of Two Cities


Bud Selig is helping decide the fate of two teams. Bud rejected a $200 million loan to the hated Dodgers, today. The loan was from Fox against a 4 year extension of their TV contract with the Dodgers, at the same $50 mil a year rate. Considering the Dodgers would have gotten a sizable increase in their next deal - this was good for Fox and bad for the Dodgers. But McCourt is desperate and doesn't give a crap. Unless McCourt comes up with some other crazy plan to raise cash, Selig pretty much issued his ownership a death warrant. On the other hand, Selig gave his buddies, Mets owners Wilpon and Katz, a secret $25 mil loan last November from some unknown pot of MLB cash. On top of operating cash problems, Wilpon and Katz are being sued by Bernie Madoff victims for $1 billion dollars, trying to claw back the profits they made off Madoff. There is a good chance they will lose. The other angle is that Selig is helping support the Mets $140 mil payroll - which doesn't make the other owners happy. Sandy Alderson sure jumped into another shitstorm.

One of the 5 greatest things ever accomplished while high - Doc Ellis' no hitter against the Padres


#3 on the list. This is a record that will probably never be broken. The "article" states that Doc never really pitched straight - so it was not that big of deal and may have sent him into the ultimate "zone"


Derrek Lee hates San Diego & signs with O's for 1 million less (not including incentives)

Derick Dereck Derek Derreck Derrek Lee signing with the Orioles (66 wins, 96 losses) for 7.5 to 8 mil.  The Padres reportedly offered him 8.5 mil.  Why does he hate us so?  Is he afraid following...

Merry Christmas - Padres Considering Branyan or Hawpe

"We are getting the band back together. I wonder if Terrmel Sledge is still avalaible... Marcus and Brian Giles are two busy smacking up women." Jed's crew keeps surprising us. Hawpe has barely played 1st. Doesn't make sense to me. What do you think - lumps of coal or frankincense and myrrh?

AG gives Sox a Boston Discount...& his word


""That was one of their comments, what if he (Pujols) gets this humongous deal and you want to be closer to him?'' Gonzalez said. "I said, 'Trust me. What the market is today might change by then, but we're going to negotiate based on what the market is today.''' I sure wish the Padres got a "San Diego discount".

Leave it to Beavers - Welcome Tucsondido Padres


"Five teams in AAA baseball use the same name as their major league partner, Feder said. The others are the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees, Pawtucket Red Sox, Gwinnett Braves, and Iowa Cubs"...and now the Padres? Is this town too small for two Padres? If Los Angeles can sport the name "Lakers", why can't Tucsondido carry on the moniker of the bucked tooth dammed mammals?

Padres Ch4 replay. Will Venable is close to hitting for the cycle. I sure hope he makes it. Kyle...


Padres Ch4 replay. Will Venable is close to hitting for the cycle. I sure hope he makes it. Kyle Blanks just hit a HR with an easy swing. Home opener April 12 2010 against the Braves.

How can the Padres be missing out on this bidding war?


Shame on the Padres for missing out on the Mark Prior bidding war between the Yankees and Rangers. Just shows you - you can fool all the people all the time.

K Correia to Pirates - 2 years, 4 mil each year


Kind of sad to see Kevin go. His performance tanked after the death of his brother. Hopefully he'll bounce back this year.

Sabermetrics - We've made baseball as much fun as doing taxes


Bring a smile to your Monday with this Simpson's episode. Lisa coaches the little league team, using Sabermetrics.

Hop on Hawpe - Padres Interested...but does Hawpe have pop?


Brad Hawpe will clear waivers tomorrow, reports Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post, and the Padres "have genuine interest." Renck mentions the Rangers as another potential suitor. Hawpe would have to play left field for the Padres, who have Ryan Ludwick manning the other outfield corner. Will Venable, Chris Denorfia, and Scott Hairston have been handling left field lately. Padres left fielders have just a .213/.306/.327 line on the season.



I was listening to Darren Smith today and he threw out some numbers that got me thinking.  Darren quoted Jed Hoyer as saying "it will take 92 victories to win the West".  So, let's do the math,...

Evaluating Jed - MLB Traderumors Style. First on the list, the Norf signing...


Nice breakdown on Jed Hoyer's moves and how they affected the team.

Alejandra Tejada is pop star (maybe) and Miguel's wife of 15 years. She made the rounds a couple...

Alejandra Tejada is pop star (maybe) and Miguel's wife of 15 years. She made the rounds a couple years back as a "hot baseball wife". Whatever you do, do not watch her music video. or the making of her video video

The Padres are in first place, and what a disgrace that is, and that's with Buddy Black as a...


The Padres are in first place, and what a disgrace that is, and that's with Buddy Black as a manager, who demonstrated Tuesday night he's not ready to handle big-game situations.

Dodgers excel to date in field of indifference - Los Angeles Times
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