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NCAA Adds Academics, Death Penalty for Everyone.


The NCAA announced that it will include academics in its scope in an effort to protect non-athlete students' amateurism. Its first step will be imposing the death penalty on almost every university.

The Lynching of Penn State


Many of us called for punishment to be heaped upon Penn State, but this is simply a denial of our potential to have committed the same crimes and to commit them again in the future. We lynched Penn...

Go Back to Your Shanties, People


The Colley Matrix has Texas at #1. Time to burn down the BCS?

Texas Open Practice Offensive Quick Hitters


A few quick thoughts on the Texas Longhorns' final open practice before the season starts.

Texas Tech Red Raiders requesting ouster of Mike Leach lawsuit - ESPN


Can one or more of you lawyer types please explain why Texas Tech is immune to contract dispute suits? This doesn't make any damn sense. Doesn't this set a precedent that any coach of a state school (at least in Texas) can be fired "for cause" without any cause? And how does this law get passed? "Oh and the state is immune to being held responsible for anything we say we'll do." PLUS the defendants are all "I can't believe he put that kid in that shed! Can you believe it? In a shed! With a concussion!" Even after Leach's case clearly states that Adam James has gone on record saying that Leach didn't do anything wrong.

Mack Brown Announces 2010 to be Final Year as Head Coach


Earlier this year I posited that Mack may have planned on 2009 being his last run at a title, with 2010 being his "victory lap" to set up Muschamp for his ascension to the throne. Well, it looks like that was the plan, it just didn't turn out the way we'd hoped. Surely this will be the focal point of discussion for at least a month, but for now, an astrophysics test and an airpline ride await.

Potential Assistant Basketball Coach


... For Kansas. Check out sax solo's comment. Perhaps he can be the Jayhawks' DC in charge of keeping a man on foreign white dudes with range when the clock is winding down.

DJ Monroe is an Idiot, Allegedly


You know, football players, there are buses, cabs, sober friends, and your own feet for these sorts of things.

"I bet you if I had met him [Trotsky] and had a chat with him, I would have found him a very...


"I bet you if I had met him [Trotsky] and had a chat with him, I would have found him a very interesting and human fellow, for I never yet met a man that I didn't like." Will Rogers never met Bob Stoops. OU Sucks

This was a great trick play that capped Clemson's 21-0 disaster in the first quarter. Sorry for...


This was a great trick play that capped Clemson's 21-0 disaster in the first quarter. Sorry for the video quality. GT WR #8 Thomas either comes into the game at the last second or just never steps off the field when the offense runs off (more likely). This seems like it's right on the edges of the rulebook. Someone who knows more about the rules on illegal shifts and substitutions should explain. Another thing that makes this play so great is that GT just scored on a fake FG punt by Clemson (which was just so so stupid). Clemson ended up tying the game but they would have won if not for those two absolutely brain-dead touchdowns.

Colt is bullish on Brandon Collins | Bevo Beat


Encouraging quote from Colt McCoy about Brandon Collins. A lot of us are still worried about replacing the production of Quan Cosby, and Kirkendoll and Collins are the leading candidates to fill that role. If Colt can quickly develop half of the trust he had in Cosby with one of these two, it will go a long way towards keeping that completion percentage up, and giving us a chance to be as productive on offense as we were last year.

AAS: Texas TE Irby Will Miss the Season


Irby's injury included nerve damage, which is not recovering at the same rate as the rest of his knee. According to his doctor, he has progressed to light running, but will not be ready for competition until at least next season. This is obviously not good news, but many of us were expecting the kind of injury Irby sustained to keep him out for most of this year already. Will the next David Thomas/Jermichael Finley with a team attitude please stand up? Best wishes to Blaine and his rehab efforts, hopefully we'll have better news next summer.

How did we miss this? Andy Roddick's brother and new OU tennis coach John Roddick is all decked...


How did we miss this? Andy Roddick's brother and new OU tennis coach John Roddick is all decked out in his Sooner garb to watch the Men's Singles Final at Wimbledon. His brother lost a heartbreaker in the longest final in grand slam history, but at least Andy went home with his dignity.

Spring Practice Schedule Set


Spring Scrimmage starts at 2:30pm April 5, and there will be three open practices before that, looks like in February. I've been to the spring game before, and it was pretty interesting. The trouble is finding out whether the offense was good or the defense was bad and vice versa. It's usually best to pick your best units (QB, Receivers, uh... LB's?) and say that anything the other units do well against them is good. If our secondary picks off Colt, for example, I'd go ahead and praise the secondary. Even if it's a bad read or Colt's fault, at least those guys caught something.

On the Road to Scottsdale: Day 3


Driving through the Arizona desert in the rain was the final disappointment  of the trip.  The visibility was low and what could be seen was mostly just a dark sillhouette against the fog, so there...

On the Road to Scottsdale: Day 2


Day 2 didn't begin with nearly the same efficiency as Day 1.  Yesterday I woke up at 5:30, brushed the teeth, threw the girlfriend and her bags into the car, complained that no...

On the Road to Scottsdale: Day 1


Halfway between Houston and San Antonio on the Road that Goes Forever, as I cursed myself for not having anything to write since Texas got the final BCS shaft, I decided that I...

Mailbag: Brain Style (Nerds Get Mail, Too)


Horn Brain answers questions from readers: Why Texas should be ranked over Florida in the final BCS standings. Can Texas pass OU even if OU beats Missouri?

2008 All-Big 12 (Except for Texas Mostly) Football Awards Announced


Colt second team QB behind Bradford, likely because he flipped and fumbled. Muckelroy is honorable mention LB. Quan Cosby didn't even make second team WR. Ulatoski made 1st team OL (Voters didn't watch Aggie game) OU's Jon Cooper was OL of the year, but only second team OL. Find others, I'm sure there are more. Awards are almost as screwed up as the BCS. Update: I agree with you, Stoops getting COTY is disgusting. Good news? Brian Orakpo was Defensive POTY. Roy Miller joins him on 1st team DL. Sergio Kindle made it as an LB, too.

BCS Breakdown 2008 V1.7 (Won't Get Fooled Again Edition)


Another musical look into the heart of the BCS. This time with a breakdown of what Texas needs to do to stay ahead of Florida and sneak into the BCS Title Game.

BCS Breakdown 2008 V1.6 (Irresistible Edition)


Another edition of Horn Brain's weekly look into the heart of the BCS numbers. Is your team primed for an upset this week?

Texas Coaches Want Us at the North Gate Again


I'll be there this time. So should you. If you can't use your tickets, give them away to someone who will. Tell them that it doesn't cost them anything as long as they promise to yell cheer as loud as they possibly can. 4:45pm. North Gate. Give Texas a belly full of fried turkey and Wild Turkey and a night game and we can beat anybody. Badly.

Tim Griffin (who is usually pretty lame) Isn't Lame


Guy nails the offensive and defensive MVPs of the Big 12 so far this season.

A&M Looking Ahead Already


It seems that the Aggies are a bit sobered by their utter mediocrity this year. This guy only predicts 9 wins in 2009. Among the season highlights: Beating Arkansas at Jerry World, Beating Tech AT TECH, Sneaking past Baylor at home. I think that's good enough to put them in the Holiday Bowl where I'm sure they'll handle a tough Cal or Oregon State team with ease. Excuse me... HA!

BCS Breakdown 2008 V1.5 (Times They are A-Changin' Edition)


An interpretive look at what Bob Dylan and the BCS Standings tell us about the world of CFB today. Also, a couple funny links.

BCS Breakdown 2008 V1.4


Another week, another look at what the BCS rankings can (hopefully) tell us about the upcoming games. Is your team overrated?

BCS Breakdown 2008 V1.3


Another weekly look at the BCS standings by the numbers. Comparing trends and looking for clues.

No ligament damage for Orakpo | Bevo Beat


If "no ligament damage" is the new code to replace "bruised knee," this is the end for Brian Orakpo. Fingers crossed on one hand, 'Horns up on the other.

BCS Breakdown 2008 V1.2


Another weekly installment of BON's BCS Breakdown. What do the numbers point to in the weekend's biggest games?

Flame War!


Don't tell the folks in Lubbock that ESPNU's Fan Poll doesn't count toward the BCS standings. Haaaaaaaaar. This is exactly what I said they'd be doing in my Brain's Game recap. Hating us, watching their lawns blow away.

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