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BCS Breakdown 2008 V1.1


A weekly look at the BCS rankings. What sticks out? What can we expect from the weekend's games? Find out each week.

Brain's Game: Mike (Solomon) Gundy Edition


What almost was... Yes, that's Colt down there in Solomon Gundy's wake.  This was a game that everyone thought we'd have to give away to lose, and we nearly did, though not by the mechanism in...

Chris Fowler on the Texas Crowd


Scroll down just a bit, unless you care about the Big Ten. So I guess my expectations have just been skewed for this crowd by the Cotton Bowl, or perhaps my seats last year (South End Zone was crazy, ya'll!). I guess I'll sign on for now to the idea that I'm perceiving a lack of noise due to my location (The NEZ is more likely designed to direct noise onto the field, not into the student section). The truth is, though, my eyes didn't lie, and there was an obvious line of demarcation between the student section and the regular seating when it comes to standing, throwing up the 'Horns during Texas Fight, etc. If the current atmosphere is good by national standards, then it will always irk me that it isn't great when there are obvious gaps in the enthusiasm.

WVU 34 - Auburn 17


DE-FENSE! [clap clap clap] DE-FENSE! [clap clap clap]

Brain's Game: 30 Minutes Late, Texas Receives Free Pizza


The 37 year-old pizza man failed to deliver before halftime on Saturday Night, and as advertised, Texas received their meal free of charge.  It's been a little while since we've thrashed someone's...

ESPN - USC apparently has few fans in Texas - Pac-10


Would any other team have voters called out on ESPN for voting them down? I haven't seen it.

Getting a Late Start Today...


... so I thought I'd share with you my favorite signs I've seen on Gameday before I head out to the South Mall.   I [Hook 'em] Corso's Merkin! I eat boogers too! Go Chase! An apple a day keeps...

Major throws down challenge to fans | Bevo Beat


This is embarrassing, but definitely necessary. Major is calling out Texas fans for not lining up at the North Gate to cheer the 'Horns as they enter the stadium, as well as our noise level on defense. Some of you may have thought that the seatback sections weren't such a liability when FAU is complaining about crowd noise, but this isn't intramurals anymore, brother, it's the Big 12! Where is the crowd support for the number one team in the country? I would expect the kind of atmospheres we've had up to this point from an ACC or PAC-10 culture, where college football is a warm-up for the cold, mechanical travesties that occur on Sundays inside air-conditioned pieces of post-modern furniture. Texas football is a religion. So says Colt and Applewhite before him. DKR is not the church to sit in quietly and stare at your watch, nor is it the kind of church which requires you to chant dry, meaningless phrases at the command of your priests/milkmen. Our church is the Texas Church of the Joyous Noise. We sing hymns, we celebrate the triumphs of our brothers, and most importantly, we scream our freakin' heads off to get Satan out of our sanctuary on third down. The players are supposed to arrive at the North Gate at 5 p.m. I expect thousands. Texas starts playing defense the second that Mr. Gold or Mr. Tucker puts foot to ball. I expect a howl that will loose Chase Daniel's bowels and snap both of Jeremy Maclin's ACLs out of sheer terror. One Longhorn once said, in reference to the 1990 Houston game, "Give us a night game and a bottle of whiskey and Texas can kick anyone's ass!" Well, we've got our night game, Texas. I'll see you outside the North Gate at five o' clock with a bottle of whiskey and a very bad attitude. Hit it!

Chiles to Get Work at Running Back


Harris to get more looks at backup QB. Davis adamant that Chiles remains the backup, however. We'll see...

Playing the Numbers Game - Brain Style: Big 12 Opener


Heading into conference play, this Texas team is averaging the highest margin of victory of all of Mack Brown's Texas teams.  Sitting diametrically opposite from the 2007...

Brain's Game: Texas 52 - Rice 10


I'll update this later tonight with my take on the game from my seat, but for now, here's a few choice quotes: Rice Head Coach David Bailiff: On what prompted the offense's false starts: It...

None of Us is All of Us


So, crashing things into the Moon has been taking up slightly more of my time than I expected.  I've let you guys down with my less-than-real stat dump over the summer, and I had nearly given up on...

Time to Straighten Out My Poll


Oh, I'm sorry. Did I hurt your feelings? BONer jokes aside, I've got just enough time tonight to completely screw up my running attempt at learning how to put together a Top 25 for this week. ...

Brain's Game: FAU


I'll want to do this after every home game. Football has finally returned.  Oh, and not the goofy kind that Baylor and Wake Forest play on Thursdays.  The Texas kind.  There were cheers,...

Total Gold Medals won at 2008 Beijing Olympics 1. China 51 2. United...

Total Gold Medals won at 2008 Beijing Olympics 1. China 51 2. United States 36 3. Russia 23 4. Great Britain 19 5. Germany 16 6. Australia 14 7. South Korea 13 8. The University of Texas 10 9. Japan 9 10. Italy 8 Texas Sports

A-11 Explaborated a Bit


So, yes the interior lineman are ineligible, but the offense doesn't tell you who they are until one second before the snap. Beergut can sleep, his search is ended.

Miller is the new MonsterBack


Anyone who thought it was fun watching Derek Lokey destroy LBs on the goal line is going to love watching Miller do it.

Rankology 101: Preseason Power-Polling


  Here goes nothing... I may have mentioned this a few times already, but this is a pure power poll.  It's also based on conjecture and possibly an unnoticeable amount of witchcraft.  What I'm...

What Really Grinds My Gears: Pre-Season Polls


The first of what may become a series of posts where I complain about things.  Contain yourselves. -HB These dahn guys stickin' theah polls in yah face... Texas Lindy's 8 A...

Final Open Practice


Thanks to texasfan05 for yesterday's report and RolloTamasi for his take on today's practice. Pleasantries now dispensed with, nothing could have been more boring than the unit drills (that I...

Apply Now to Play Football for Bowling Green!


Oh, and you geezer bloggers, don't be embarrassed. They even let you fill in your 40 time in minutes... Or in whills' case, hours!

Brian Orakpo: Soft on Frosh!


Brian Orakpo tells Kirk that Malcom Williams (6'3" 225) looks faster than Limas Sweed (he of the 4.4 something at the combine), and Fozzy Whittaker runs like he weighs 230 (in a good way). Excited!!!

Jamaal Charles is a rugby-playin' white dude? PB should recognize this run. Think 75 yards against Okie State last year. Uncanny. It may not be very relevant, but it's not like we're competing for Fanshot space right now...


Jamaal Charles is a rugby-playin' white dude? PB should recognize this run. Think 75 yards against Okie State last year.  Uncanny. It may not be very relevant, but it's not like we're competing for Fanshot space right now...

Morning Orange Juice is on College Time


I'm sure all of you old dudes are at work by now, but this is when I finish walking the dog, so them's nuts.  -HB Not sure that this will be more than an occasional stealing of the show, as Peter...

Texas and the Top Ten: A Love/Hate Relationship


So I just picked up the first preseason mag that I've seen this summer yesterday at CVS - The Lindy's Big 12 2008 Preview.  Brought it home, read the whole thing on the toilet, and now my new puppy...

NCAA Day 3 Thread Part 2: There Is No Byron Wiley


Texas squeaks by St. John's 4-3 in a nail-biter, and now Riley Boening will start the game against Rice at 6pm.  Lost in the drama of the final out was Kyle Russell breaking the Texas all-time...

NCAA Day 3 Thread: Get Back, JoJo!


The Longhorns have a chance to get back to where they once belonged today with a revenge game over the St. John's Red Storm, winners of Friday's 2-to-freaking-1 back-stabbing and...

Whose Jersey Are You Wearing?


Click the title to go to the Longhorns Ltd. Online Catalogue. Interesting to see who the merchandise guys think will be good next year. You've got: 12 Colt 3 Chris O 7 Chiles/Beasley 8 Shipley 6 Cosby 10 Vince Young (still awesome) Receiver #4 (Sweed, Williams, Buckner) 25 Jamaal Charles still 32 Cedric Benson still 44 Bobino (FAIL at money) 98 Orakpo Surprise! 2 Sergio Kindle (To borrow from mgoblog: Eeeeeee!) 2 could also be Vondrell McGee, your de facto starting TB. Women only have one jersey, #1, which is just sexist, I guess. Chicks would have to wear a phallis on their chests. Or maybe it's Phillip Payne or Keenan Robinson. Unlikely.

Texas Gets #2 Seed in Houston Regional!


Good news, people.  If I'm not as dumb as ESPN's web designer, then I think that this bracket has us in national seed Rice's regional, across from Texas A&M's regional.  Why is this good?  W...

Kyle's first hit of his Texas career came on his second ever at-bat. Oh, and what a hit!


Kyle's first hit of his Texas career came on his second ever at-bat. Oh, and what a hit!

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