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The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
He leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul:
He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name' sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: For thou art with me;
Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies;
Thou annointest my head with oil; My cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the House of the Lord forever.

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Front Office View by Michael Lombardi


7) The Denver Broncos really need another defensive tackle, and they seem like a team that might be aggressive near the trading deadline, possibly one willing to give away a 2013 draft pick for a player who can solidify the middle of the defense. The potential trade partner would have to be a team out of postseason contention with a free agent-to-be. Would Sedrick Ellis of the New Orleans Saints qualify? Only if the Saints keep losing. How about Glenn Dorsey of the Kansas City Chiefs? Only if the Chiefs are not planning on bringing him back. With the deadline extended this season to the Tuesday after Week 8, these potential scenarios will get interesting.

The Best Offense in the NFL resides in Denver


The Cold, Hard Football Facts size up each team on what we call the Relativity Index. It measures how each team performs, both offensively and defensively, relative to the quality of their opposition. Manning's Broncos have averaged 28.5 PPG this year. But they've done it against teams that have surrendered just 18.2 PPG in other games. So the Denver offense is actually +10.3 PPG better than the defenses they have faced. That's the best mark in the league. Brady's Patriots have scored a league-best 33.5 PPG this year. And they've done it against teams that have surrendered 24.3 PPG in their other games. So the New England offense is actually +9.2 PPG better than the defenses they have faced. That's second only to Denver.

Elvis Is Not Amused


"They can be sarcastic all they want, but they know what it is," he said. "At the end of the day it's for real. Last year we did some things on defense and made some strides. Offensively we could have done better. But the guys in this locker room and the coaching staff that we have, we're second to nobody. We feel that way. "We don't want friends this year. We've got a lot of guys who've done things on this team that are hungry. Peyton is coming off the injury and has so much to prove. Champ Bailey wants a ring. Last year I played hurt and feel like I haven't displayed my primetime yet. Von Miller got hurt toward the end and now he's ready to show he can come out and be an all-around dominant defensive player. Chris Kuper coming off injury. It's for real. "We've been working, busting our ass all offseason," he continued. "We're not out here talking just because we've got Peyton. That's a great help for us. But we went to the playoffs last year and won our first game. We were nowhere near where we are now. At the same time we're putting that work in. It can be all jokes and sarcasm now, but when that ball's snapped it's for real. When it comes game time, that's when the fun will kick in. Right now we're just out here grinding. We know nobody is going to lay down and give it to us. We don't expect that. We want you to come at us hard. We're ready."

Tom Jackson: 'There Is A Collective Sigh Of Relief And A Sense Of Joy In This Building'


As a former teammate, Tom Jackson felt for John Elway from afar last year. "Some of the stuff that I heard, and I hear everything that goes on in this town, some of the stuff that was happening over the net and the tweets that were coming when he attempted to tell the truth about his feelings about Tim (Tebow), I think he was somewhat shocked by the reaction of fans: 'You need to leave town.' 'You're jealous of him.' It was hurtful. I wish I would have been around here when that happened. They would have heard an earful," Jackson said during a recent visit to Broncos training camp.

Robert Ayers needs to Pick it Up


So far, JDR appears to be much more impressed with Jason Hunter than Robert Ayers. "I love Jason," said Del Rio. "Jason is a rugged defensive lineman; that's what we're looking for with our defensive line. He plays with great temperament, toughness, attitude. Every day he brings it with passion." "I haven't seen (Hunter) yet not be ramped up and ready to play hard and tough," Del Rio said. "So that's why he's running with the ones right now. We're going to play the guys that are the most dependable, the toughest, the most physical up front and he's being all that right now for us."

Get Your Fanny Packs Ready - Zubaz are back!!!


Now endorsed by Rob Gronkowski, you too can unleash your animal side. There is no better time to grow out that 'stache, mullet, and look ridiculous doing it.

Role models for John Elway the exec: Dad, Ozzie and Ted


"You look at those guys, Ozzie and Ted and the success they've had, plus they're really good people,'' Elway said. "The Ravens are known as a big physical football team that plays good defense. That's reflected in how they draft. I respect the heck out of that philosophy they have. And they stick to that philosophy. "Ted does the same thing. And he made one of the toughest moves anybody has ever had to make. When you have a Hall of Fame quarterback (Favre) and you draft a quarterback (Aaron Rodgers) — to be able to be a guy who's taken that criticism (for trading Favre) and stood strong … Ted's proven to be right.''

Manning looks good heading into break before camp


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) What Tom Moore saw this week was oh, so familiar. Short or long, the throws were potent and precise, smacking sternums with both authority and a loud thwack.

DT Still to the Broncos


CBS Sports believes Devon Still will be headed to Denver with the #25 pick. Clark Judge is the only exception, who believes he'll be picked by Cincinnati at #17. "Pass rush: Comes fast and hard off the snap if given a step by backpedalling linemen in pass protection. Will work through the whistle. Tries to swim past his man when there is room to maneuver, bothering the quarterback but rarely getting there. Effective taking up two blockers and flashes some quickness outside on twists. Explosion: Combination of size and strength has not yet been harnessed. Inconsistent off the snap, more often last one to move than the first. Does not knock back better linemen. Fatigue becomes an issue later in game, losing his explosiveness off the ball and hustle. Strength: Rarely dominates his man at the point. Capable of shedding with strong hands and tossing aside guards if their heads are down, but could do so more regularly." To me, he seems like a weak NT prospect who will need two years of grooming before he can make it into the rotation. He doesn't offer a consistent enough pass rush to warrant taking him over someone like Fletcher Cox, assuming he will still be on the board. I believe Cox is a better fit at UT in a 4-3 defense than a DE in the 3-4, making him a very attractive fit for the Broncos. And a NT prospect such as Josh Chapman or Alameda Ta'amu can still be had in the 3rd round.

No, you were not dreaming yesterday Lard 3-20-12


"Welcome back, Broncos fans, from the 1950s. It's time to reacquaint yourselves with seeing passes thrown where receivers can easily catch them, audibles at the line, lightning quick decisions and releases, hot reads being hit, picture perfect footwork and mechanics, proper route progressions being read, checkdowns being taken, and points filling the scoreboard." Stay classy, IAOFM

Looks fine to me. It wouldn't surprise me if after he talks with his wife and considers the future...


Looks fine to me. It wouldn't surprise me if after he talks with his wife and considers the future FO job that Air Bud had promised him today, he'll decide to sign with the Titans.

Fixing the Broncos passing game


Great article that puts most Tebow discussions in the garbage. He first identifies the problems where not the coordinator, the QB, the O-line, or even the WRs are innocent. Then, he concludes with a solution that identifies key improvements that all parties involved must make. This is what an objective article on the Tebow topic looks like.

Happy Birthday to John Fox!


Wow, how did we miss this today? John Fox turned 57 on Feb. 8 and he spent his day meeting with coaches and the personnel department, prepping for FA and the draft.

7. Brees fallout:


Unless New Orleans can get a deal done with Brees in the next month, the Saints will have to use their franchise tag on him, which means they will not have it available for wide receiver Marques Colston or Pro Bowl (left) guard Carl Nicks. Colston already has said he will not give New Orleans a hometown discount, and Nicks also is expected to leave New Orleans, according to league sources. Carl Nicks anyone?

Lonie Paxton misses Patriots game to care for his wife


I knew it had to be very serious for him to miss this game. Best wishes to you and your wife, Lonie.

NFL players in awe over Tebow's wild-card heroics


He's earning respect around the league now.

Defending Josh McDaniels (Kinda): One Year Later


For every mistake Josh McDaniels had made, the current Broncos culture in the locker room is undoubtedly what he had envisioned. Being in the middle (which is where I am) of this polarizing debate and admitting he made some positive contributions is not a bad thing.

Race for Rookie of the Year: Miller by a Mile


[1] Von Miller, OLB, DEN, +51.3 (701 snaps) He not only has the most QB knockdowns of any player (11 sacks and 18 hits), he also leads all 4-3 OLB’s with his +19.3 run defense grade. Throw in a positive grade in coverage, and I’m asking myself one question. If he’s this good already, how good will he be with a full offseason under his belt? Note to everyone voting for rookie of the year, if your ballot doesn’t read Von Miller (with some exclamation marks) then you have failed football.

Do the False Start Shuffle - by Marcus Thomas! This needs music...slow motion...rewind...loop...


Do the False Start Shuffle - by Marcus Thomas! This needs music...slow motion...rewind...loop it...

Brady Quinn inactive


The Broncos will not give No. 3 quarterback Brady Quinn a game uniform today when they play the Miami Dolphins. It’s the first time Quinn has been inactive since he joined the team prior to last season, although he has yet to play in a regular-season game for the Broncos.

Who is Running the Raiders?


"We have a team of people that is spearheaded by Mark Davis, (chief executive) Amy Trask, myself," Jackson said, "We come together and we make what we think are the best decisions." Trask oversees the team’s business operations, but neither the Raiders’ media guide nor their Web site gives an indication of the personnel department’s hierarchy. They do not even list which regions their scouts cover or whether they operate on the college or professional side.

Elway on the Stanford sideline against the Buffaloes


Elway, a former Stanford star, was on the sideline, although players didn't have much chance to interact. "He was an honorary captain for a game last year, so he came and talked to us and we got to talk a little bit," Luck said. "Obviously, not as much as I'd like. He was one of the great quarterbacks of all time. He was my hero." Luck was 9 when Elway retired, so I asked if he remembered watching him play. "Absolutely," he said. "He was the best." Before taking over the Broncos' front office, Elway expressed similar admiration for Luck as a pro prospect. If he can find a way to bring him to Denver, he may be the first man in NFL history to set up a franchise for two golden eras.

I've been patient for over two years, but Knowshon, I am sorry. You are officially a bust.


I've been patient for over two years, but Knowshon, I am sorry. You are officially a bust.

The TEBOW REVOLUTION by former Broncos GM, Ted Sundquist


"I’m asked time and again, "What would you do if you were General Manager, in charge of football player personnel?", and this is how I answer; EFX is tasked with both winning now and building a foundation for winning in the future. Because of never before seen "futility" last season, there is heavy internal/external pressure to show immediate progress. But EFX can’t succumb. Fans and media tend to forget we "don’t see what is seen" inside the walls of Dove Valley. We don’t watch a complete practice, record the passing efficiency, review the resulting tape over and over again. We’re not privy to the answers in the classroom, the demeanor up and down the halls of the facility. We don’t know the "locker room" reaction; what they perceive, who they support. We’re not aware of game plan "understanding", the ability to "check off" at the line." Ted Sundquist is a Houston, Texas native. For six seasons (2002-2008) he was the General Manager of the Denver Broncos Football Club and was employed with that organization for sixteen years (1992-2008). He was elevated to GM by Broncos owner Pat Bowlen after having been pursued by both the Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons for similar positions in 2001 & 2002.

To those in Silver and Black who are overconfident in the Raiders' running game, I present this...


To those in Silver and Black who are overconfident in the Raiders' running game, I present this gentle reminder. The Broncos still have Weapon X, and on Monday night, he will play.

I'm not the most optimistic Broncos fan, but even I'm not this bad


"The weaknesses are myriad. The defensive line couldn't stop the run if you gave them assault rifles, the defensive backfield (minus Champ) does not tackle well, although they get more practice than any team in the league. The linebackers (except D.J. Williams) are retreads. And (Kyle) Orton is the very definition of mediocrity. — Tom Harvey" Tom, put down the GI Joes and listen. You might want to go on and look up the names Brodrick Bunkley and Kevin Vickerson when it comes to stopping the run. These guys are pretty good at it - their stats from Tennessee and Philadelphia speak for themselves. The defensive backfield does not tackle well? You must be talking about Nate Jones who has been cut in preseason. The last time I checked, a healthy Andre Goodman and Brian Dawkins still remember how to wrap guys up and bring them down in the open field. Also, the (current) starting linebackers Woodyard and Miller are absolutely not retreads. They were drafted by the Broncos in 2008 and 2011 respectively. They're not going anywhere, thank you very much. Finally, Orton is better than mediocre when he has good protection, which goes for any pocket passer in the NFL, the last time I checked. "Additionally, the severe lack of depth in all facets of the team will cause the Broncos to lose more than one game this year. — Fat Harry" Listen Harry...why don't you glance at the roster between your 4th and 5th trip to the bakery before spewing verbal dierrhea like this. For depth, I would start with the wide receivers, the defensive ends, and the cornerbacks. And the only reason why there is little depth at defensive tackle is because of current injuries to Marcus Thomas and Ty Warren. One other thing - the Broncos have 3 quarterbacks, which is about 3 more than half of the rest of the league does. And don't forget Adam Weber on the practice squad. Not a bad problem to have! There - you just learned something and burned some calories, while at it. "The running game will continue to be a problem. I don't see the line being able to push people off the ball. Knowshon Moreno, left, is in better shape but not the kind of power back this line will need. The lack of a ground game in turn will wear our undersized D-line down. — Globalflex" What? If you think Knowshon Moreno was drafted to be a power back, then I'm the second coming of Vanilla Ice. The only problem with the running game is Mario Fannin being on IR. The starting 5 O-linemen will get the job done in this area, with ease. They have a real O-line coach in Dave Magazu who has had great success in Carolina, and 4 returning linemen are the same as last year's starters after week 9, when the running game nearly doubled in production. The newbie Orlando Franklin happens to excel in run-blocking / pancaking, so this is not what I would worry about if I were you. G-Flex, expand your horizons. You might want to watch film of the new Broncos run the ball in preseason this year. They'll be able to run the ball better than at any time the past 2 years. Wow, I could go on, but this is typical superficial and nonsensical crap, courtesy of the Denver Post readership. There is a very good reason why MHR and IAOFM are far better alternatives for intelligent Broncos discussions!

We break down Week 1 spreads (well, sort of)


The Raiders made a serious mistake dumping Tom Cable. We like a guy who wants to do it his way, but Al Davis would rather get credit for losing than see someone else get credit for winning. It’s sad. The Broncos, on the other hand, did what they should have done instead of hiring Josh McDaniels. They hired a guy who was once canned by Davis to replace a guy who was once canned by Davis. You can’t buy that kind of motivation.

John Elway’s blueprint for building a Broncos winner


A massive, 16-page Broncos and NFL preview section will publish this Thursday, with The Denver Post looking in-depth at the changes new Broncos vice president John Elway is making with the team. Look for it in a special print section and online at For an early look, Elway talked to Post reporter Jeff Legwold and ranked the four most important positions when building an NFL team...

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