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I am a four-time Olympic gold-medalist in the heptathlon, inventor of the polio vaccine, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, and author of 13 plays mistakenly attributed to one William Shakespeare. I am also tall.

I do not possess "deceptive speed."

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Gone Baby, Gone


Nice that we haven't had one of these in a while; depressing that the string has been broken. Torrey Campbell and Kevin Buford, both DBs, have left the program

Gone, Baby, Gone [Placeholder]: AIRBHG Strikes Again


Welp! The only thing surprising about this is that it's not at all surprising. (Hat Tip to Ill Jukes for noticing it)

The Facts of Urban


You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have...

This team doesn't have an overall physicality, and it doesn't have someone who can just break you...


This team doesn't have an overall physicality, and it doesn't have someone who can just break you down off the dribble. The Hoyas' system is the same as it was last year, but the difference is the ball doesn't stick in people's hands. They bring 6-foot-8, 6-9 guys from all over the place, and then they play so damn hard. The type of team that would give them trouble is a team that doesn't mind playing at that pace. Henry Sims doesn't like contact; he likes to deal in space. He's the one thing you can take away and hurt them. Our staff loves Jason Clark. He is a great leader who really gets Georgetown basketball. Makes all the little plays that people don't see. He's just a winnner.

Tickets to the Nova Game: Help me Casual Hoya, you're my only hope

So, after a number of years not seeing a game at the Phonebooth, I'm going to be in DC for the weekend of the Villanova game. I am hoping to catch the game in person, and introduce the girlfriend...

Caring is Creepy: AIRBHG finds a new target


I, for one, look forward to watching the young Mr. Hill in the black and gold for the next 1.5 years until AIRBHG takes him out. I'm placing an early bet on freak kiln explosion.

Bowl Television Ratings


Predictably, the rematch no one outside of Tuscaloosa, Baton Rouge and Bristol wanted saw a significant drop-off in viewership. And the ratings pose an interesting Zen koan: if the Big East and ACC play in a bowl game and no one watches, did it happen?

Bowl Television Ratings


Well, looks like the rematch that ESPN insisted upon had the expected results: a significant drop-off in viewership. Also, no one cares about the ACC and Big East. For what it's worth, the Insight Bowl had a 34% jump in viewership over last year's game. Glad so many more people tuned in to see us turn in that clunker of a performance.

Morehouse/Dochterman Podcast


Wow. Just listened to the Morehouse/Dochterman podcast. As depressing as this season was, it really isn't going to get any better next year. I also think the two of them have been somewhat cowed into submission by Ferentz, which isn't good as they were two of the few reporters willing to ask Ferentz the tough questions.

3 of the Rhabdo 13 Are Gone


One is pretty well known. Let the rampant speculation as to the other two begin!


The Economics of Conference Expansion; Why Georgetown is Irrelevant

What really determines conference expansion.

Economics of College Expansion


When it looked certain that A&M was going to the SEC, people were losing their mind over at the Georgetown SBNation blog because of the knowledge that this would probably mean that Georgetown would be out of the Big East once all the dominoes fell. That isn't the case now with the recent news, or at least isn't the case until next the realignment wheel gets going. But I spent far too long typing this out to just let it go to waste. It is also, I believe, a useful primer on the differing motivations/targets of the respective conferences.

Clayborn signs with Bucs


And was the first player picked in the first-round to sign with his team. The economics of the new CBA are evident here, as Clayborn will only get $8.7M under the contract (four years, club-option for fifth year). Also evidenced by the deal Cam Newton signed, for a purported $22M (or $56M less than Bradford last year). Also of note, Stanzi - per the Chiefs SBN site - has signed as well.

Caring Is Creepier, Iowa picks up OL recruit


Well, we can't beat jNW on the field but it looks like we can still out recruit them.

Pryor's Amazing Career Choices


Glad to see that he has reasonable expectations and is in no way screwing up any chance of ever making it in the pros.

Pryor Lives, Doesn't Learn


Glad to see that Pryor hasn't let the whole Tatgate debacle get in the way of his overblown sense of entitlement.

Fitz continues to interject himself into the OSU discussion


Once again, for reasons that defy obvious explanation, Fitzgerald decides he needs to weigh-in on the OSU situation. Whereas most coaches are issuing the type of bland platitudes common to this situation, Fitz goes out of his way to be part of the story. And what's the deal with his continuing obsequious tongue-bathing of Tressel? It's almost like he's trying to beg for the OSU job without looking like he's doing so.

Big XII Saved, Fox Drastically Overpays for TV Rights


Well, looks like the Big Texas XII Conference will survive after all. What's most interesting to me is that FOX is shelling out all this money while still not committing to showing Big X games on its flagship channel, but instead shunting them off to the lesser-seen/subscribed F/X and FSN channels. Leads me to believe that FOX may go heavy after the Pac 12 in its new deal or the B1G when our contract with ABC/ESPN is up.

Iowa-Nebraska to be played Friday after Thanksgiving


Per Morehouse, the Iowa-Nebraska game the next two years will be played the day after Thanksgiving, much like the annual Nebraska-Colorado tilt had been.

Colts release Bob Sanders


Sad news from Indy where it appears that the Colts have released the greatest defensive player to ever play the game, Bob Sanders. Not terribly surprising in light of his injury history; will be interesting to see if he signs on elsewhere in light of that propensity to find himsel on the IR. But still, a sad development for one of everyone's favorite players. (h/t/a Kissing Suzy Kolber where this was first posted)

Griese is stepping out for a taco


Bob Griese is retiring from broadcasting football. Craig James, unfortunately, will remain.

MasCasa Names Names


Per Morehouse, five of the 13 players are identified. No word whether these five are the same released. Confirmed among the 13 are Jim Poggi, Shane DiBona, Willie Lowe,Tom Donatell and, of course, Jordan Bernstine. Because if there is a mysterious ailment/injury that is going to attack the football team, Bernstine will ALWAYS be a victim. I would imagine, given history, that the other 8 players are all RBs. And are presumably dead. Because that's just how AIRBHG rolls.


LIVE/Open Thread: Blogging the Apocalypse

[Bumped. Let's see what actually comes out today. --AJ] Well, per numerous sources, a press release on Iowa Football will be released shortly.  Given the avalanche of rumors swirling around the...

PSU-Iowa one of the decade's top rivalries


Inexplicably, the hate-fest with OMHR is neglected.

This is completely unrelated to anything Iowa football this week but too funny not to share. I'm...


This is completely unrelated to anything Iowa football this week but too funny not to share. I'm still not convinced Bellanca didn't put this together. (Hat Tip to Maize 'n Brew and all credit for the original goes to the always amazing M Zone)


Worries about the Michigan game

I'll be honest, the Michigan game in two weeks really, really scares me.  Not because Michigan is a better team than us, they aren't, but because of the mindset of our coaching staff.  Last night...


Defending Boise. Sort of.

Let me begin by saying that when it comes to Boise State, no one has been more skeptical or dismissive of Boise State than I.  My bona fides as a Boise-hater were well established last bowl season...

Another blogger who hates America


Actually, Dr. Saturday's post is pretty neutral, if it doesn't really add anything that the typical Iowa fan doesn't already know about Captain America.

So much enthusiasm and promise that goes off the rails almost immediately, just like an Illinois...


So much enthusiasm and promise that goes off the rails almost immediately, just like an Illinois football season. (ht/a: EDSBS)

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