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I am a four-time Olympic gold-medalist in the heptathlon, inventor of the polio vaccine, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, and author of 13 plays mistakenly attributed to one William Shakespeare. I am also tall.

I do not possess "deceptive speed."

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Hayden Fry - Your Daily EDSBS Lead


Over at EDSBS they're starting the post-America's Birthday celebration right by going into the way-back machine and finding an awesome PSA from one Hayden Fry.

Big Ten Network a huge mistake


At least according to some Alabama sportswriter. Probably because the BTN only broadcasts in HD, which is incapable of adequately showing ESSS EEEE SEEE SPEED!!! (Hat Tip: HawkeyePapyrus and his comment here)

After the release of this video, Mike Brey may reevaluate his decision not leave Notre...


After the release of this video, Mike Brey may reevaluate his decision not leave Notre Dame. (hat tip: Dr. Saturday)

Masoli Suspended for Entire 2010 Season


Looks like Chip Kelly is coming down hard (we'll see if it lasts). As with political scandals, it seems Masoli's undoing wasn't the crime, but the attempted cover-up (read: lying to the coach). The worst part of all this? Oregon probably just lost the Pac-10 favorites' position and wolfmanshowlforever will think he's been vindicated.

Pete Carroll to be coach of Seattle Seahawks


Looks like the bane of the Big Ten's existence this past decade, Pete Carroll, is going to try his hand at the NFL again. Will be interesting to see what impact this has on USC and the Pac 10, as well as whether it improves the Big Ten's chances versus the Trojans/league.


(Very) Unofficial Alamo Live Thread

[Attaboy, Gooner. Bumped.--OPS] Since I'm still feeling like a bag of ass from my New Year's, I've decided to give my liver the night off and am in watching the Alamo Bowl.  Since the "adults" of...


Question for Tech Fans

Since we've invaded your blog in preparation for the Orange Bowl, a number of us Hawkeye fans have noticed a tendency for many of you Tech fans, when referring to your coach, to always use the...

Oh look, USC is cheating. Again


While most of Blogistan is focusd on the Tennessee recruiting scandal, to the extent its focusing on anything other than bowl gams and/or Tiger Woods, it looks like a USC running back is receiving improper gifts. Again. Interesting to read that the NCAA is still looking into the Reggie Bush situation, since it wasn't ABUNDANTLY CLEAR or anything that an agent bought his parents a house. Something tells me that nothing comes of this though, the NCAA seems determined to never actually call USC to account for its myriad violations across different sports. Guess the lure of that LA media market is just too strong.


Bowl Season: An Iowa Fan's Cheering Guide

The bowl season is finally upon us (well, not quite but soon).  As always, this bowl season promises nothing but exciting interesting guaranteed money-making football matchups.  As we all know, the...

#1 reason why I'm looking forward to next season


Not the number of starters and injured players we return. Not our favorable schedules. NO, the #1 thing to look forward to next year is no more Tim Tebow and hence, no more columns like this one that have no purpose other than to deify the Chosen One (who I am sure is a wonderful person). There is no "story" here, no analysis, nothing but suckling at the Tebow-teat and churning out yet more haiography of #15. Though, I have no doubt in the ability of the world-wide-leader to latch on to yet another QB and declare him the "greatest college football player EVER" after half-a-season of games.

Iowa to #9 in AP, Coaches still retarded


Iowa is at #9 in AP poll (and 1 ahead of PSU), #10 in Coaches poll, who still inexplicably rank them behind a Penn State team with identical record, home loss to team they're ahead of.

Long Available


Looks like Chuck Long will be available for coaching duties next season. We should hire him as a QB-coach. Best part about it is that Iowa could pay him next-to nothing (or nothing at all) in 2010 and he'd still be well compensated.

My thoughts after today


My thoughts after today

This is, at best, only tangentially related to the Hawkeyes. But this has to be the most...


This is, at best, only tangentially related to the Hawkeyes. But this has to be the most gloriously awesome rendering of the jNW mascot out there. A picture is truly worth a thousand words, for it is impossible to convey the sense of utter ridiculousness that is jNW in such a way as this picture does. (h/t Marc Morehouse)

No respect


Granted, we didn't exactly blow anyone's mind with this game. But still, I would expect something more from the alleged world-wide-leader in sports than the seeming "Iowa wins on fluke" spin they're putting on the game. If only because it denigrates the defensive effort both teams exhibited in this game. Once again, however, if an SEC team wins 16-13, it's evidence of how amazing ESSS EEEEE CEEE defenses are; if it's a Big Ten team, it means that someone stole a game they didn't deserve. Amazing finish. Great game Sparty. 8-0 for first time ever!! GO HAWKS!

Programming Note: Ferentz to be on Dan Patrick Show


As he wrapped up his radio show today, Dan Patrick mentioned that he would be interviewing Kirk Ferentz tomorrow. Which probably means we're now jinxed.

ESPN embraces BHGP


It would seem that the WWL is buying products from BHGP. Quoth Rittenberg: Stanzi was the Manzi for Iowa. Congrats gents, you've gone mainstream.


Some thoughts after the Michigan game

In full disclosure, I'm pretty drunk when I type this 1. The STANZIBALL per game needs to stop.  NOW.  One of these days, our defense isn't going to be able to bail Stanzi out.  I don't care if...

Woman Arrested for Harassing Football Player

[UPDATE: it's Adrian Clayborn, per the P-C.] Apparently, an Iowa City woman (with great seats, btw) was arrested at the Ark State game for harassing one of the players on Iowa, she had previously been arrested for harassing/heckling/stalking/throwing her panties at the same player at an earlier game. The player in question is not named, but I'm betting it's Eric Guthrie. I mean, c'mon, who can resist the charms of the backup punter?

Greene a witness in Clayborn's assault trial


I think as a soon-to-be NFLer, Shonn should employ the Ray Lewis strategy: "I didn't see nuthin'!"

jNW Freezes Ticket Prices


From our friends at LTP, it seems that jNW is instituting a price-freeze for tickets at Ryan Field. Which is a relief to all those worried that jNW's home-sellout streak could be another casualty of the economy.

College Football Transitive Calculator


Finally, Clowns fans have something to cheer about: they're No. 1!

Clayborn Not Suspended Yet


Given how quick Ferentz has been to suspend players pending the investigative outcome recently (understandbly so, of course), it seems interesting that he is not suspending Clayborn.

WSJ on SEC football


More blather about how the SEC is the most awesomest football conference EVER!!! And that will never change, nope, gonna be like this forever.

Crossed Signals


Well, that certainly explains why us getting a play in looks like a retarded monkey fucking a football out there.

Zook Throws Williams Under the Bus


Glad to see the Zooker is standing-up and taking the blame. Oh wait, not so much. I'm still very worried about the Illinois game though, but I am always reassured to see Zook on the other sidelines.

Greene going pro?


He seems legitimately undecided, and I wish him the best of luck regardless (though I hope he's back next year). But this quote from Adrian Clayborn at the end gives me pause about his academic future: "If I was him, I'd stay for my senior year. I kind of like college, not the school part, but I still think it's neat to go to college."

Looking Back, Halfway In


Shockingly, you guys actually seemed to know what you were talking about. What happened to that? And what happened to Jebus?


A chance for redemption?

[bumped, although HoyaGoon has been sent to the gulags for making us remember that fucking game.--OPS] It was almost exactly 2 years ago to the day that Iowa lost to Indiana 28-31.  Entering the...

Flyin' Hawaiian Grounded?


Looks like Moeaki is out. Again.

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