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Future Sig Line:

if you cant beat the cupcakes
You are the cupcake

by Sephtical on Dec 21, 2013 | 3:33 PM

Former sig lines:

"At least Maryland is good at a few sports"
by SpartanHT on Mar 31, 2014 | 4:45 PM

"Some like to polish the turd.....and maybe make it seem better than it is. Some like to hold it up to their nose and smell it, and complain about the odor. Neither approach is wrong……just two different approaches." by Wise Guy on Jan 27, 2014 | 12:39 PM

When you are dead
you don’t know you are dead…it only matters to those around you….it is the same when you are stupid

by TerpfanMA on Nov 27, 2013 | 3:57 PM

You’re basically arguing that the only way to know you’ll get burned if you touch the stove is to actually jam your hand onto the hot burner. In truth, the secret is to get some other jackhole to do it so you can learn without disfiguring yourself in the process.

by dmor20 on Nov 9, 2013 | 11:04 PM

A Classic Comic Book Origin Story.....

One day, Dr. H.G. Rection consumed more green sauce than his feeble human body could handle, and as a result, went into a coma. When he finally awoke, he found he had the superhuman ability to create the perfect analogy. Thus, SuperHugh was born. He now uses that power for good, to fight the evil General Wahoo and the heinous Cult of Paterno.

by ImFromMarylandAndNobodyCanBeatMe on Nov 8, 2013 | 12:56 PM

He (Mark Turgeon) can clearly set the table, now can he serve a proper PC? - John.Chacko

I never paid attention to the riveted holes in my Chuck Taylors until I wore them into the Vous.

In Turgeon I Trust

I didn’t hate Maryland until HughGR made me start hating maryland. - by Milesgmsu09 on Jun 14, 2013 | 3:11 PM

Aug 1 2013:
Jesse Collins: ..."Loved that I now like Peruvian Chicken.....Not sure about honeycrisps. I still think they are tasty."
C.E. Bell: What have I learned through B1G 2013? Honeycrisp apples are terrible.....Old Bay is good on everything.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Baltimore Orioles
  • NBA Washington Wizards
  • NFL Washington Redskins
  • NCAAF Maryland Terrapins
  • NCAAB Maryland Terrapins
  • NHL Philadelphia Flyers
  • EPL Chelsea
  • Soccer Chelsea
User Blog

Impending B1G Move Approval Poll

Ok, so more than just binary, and I hope folks stay honest and within the lanes. Basically, as a TT reader, commenter, lurker, mod or writer.....How you feeling about the move to the B1G? ...


Level setting expectations for a successful FB season

We did this last season, and came up with 8 wins being the hurdle for a successful season. By 8 wins, most were including a bowl win. The question is NOT "How many games to you EXPECT the...


23-May-14 Shades of Grey MBB Confidence Poll

So the first poll was started on 10-Apr-14 & at that point we knew Shaq, Roddy & Nick were leaving. Average of 6.4 with 495 votes total. Second poll was started on 5-May-2014 and at that point we...


MD MBB Confidence Poll.....

.....So with the recent defections and the uncertainty around Charles Mitchell.....I predict our collective confidence in garnering an NCAA bid has taken a significant hit. So it makes perfect...


Read it carefully

I met a man while doing some psuedo-volunteer work yesterday. He was in town because he was an organ match for someone he had never met - a person I will describe as indigent and who was dealt a...


The "Shades of Grey" Poll

With the last poll - Pre-Cekovsky and pre-minus-Shaq-Nick& Roddy, i kept it binary. And we had ~ 75% of posters thinking that the Terps go dancing in March 2015. Similar question but more...


Ok, name your favorite non-rev....

Clearly MBB and FB are the two most popular sports at MD. And thanks to Todd (among others) more than a few of us have started to pay more attention to non-revs across the board. My prediction...


Terps MBB Confidence Poll

I've kept it binary. Do you think the Terps will dance in March 2015 or not? Did not want the splitting of hairs between bubbling in vs. sailing in. Not an overall review on Turgeon, Anderson,...


Ok. its gotten irritating, and enough of us have complained about it....

So someone had to do a poll on our thoughts of the new "rec'd" color in the comments section. The garish yellow is almost offensive to the green of the recent past. Assuming the TT staff HAS...


Ok, then YOU fix the problem

So I want you to pretend you are Kevin Anderson, and you have to meet with Mark Turgeon as you do over the normal course of business to discuss some serious issues. Ticket sales to Comcast are...


A Huge Holiday Thank You to the Writers, Mods, and Testudo Times Community

So this morning I woke up not to the sound of John Lennon singing Happy Xmas, but to the sound of my kids caterwauling along to Yoko Ono singing the chorus at the top of their lungs. Lets hope...


PR/KR - whatever happened to the Tony Logan and Steve Suter approach

So I was going to post this last night but I was drunk and it was the point where I looked at what I saved and decided to start from scratch. Why are we using positional...


TT Tailgate: (Off) Topic for the weekend - Good Joo-Joo

So many of y'all know I am one superstitious dude (no, not OCD) who is marginally religious but for a polytheistic religion with a degree of deference for teachings of certain enlightened...


First attempt at the off-topic thread

Folks, place your food porn below. Beer porn welcome too. Discussions of alcohol are absolutely encouraged. TV shows (I love me some Survivor after all these years) are fair game.....hell if...


Raiding our Neighbors for FB Recruits and Transfers

Looks like Mike London pulled a play from Edsall's book last season and fired a bunch of his coordinators. Among the interesting ones fired was Shaun Moore - who you may recall was a QB for the...


Remember the ACC Hate Index?

We had about 40 participants and these were the results. School Avg. Score Duke 4.75 NCST 3.57 VT 3.46 UVA 3.39 UNC 3.25 BC 2.71 Clemson 2...


To keep it off of the main threads - the DeMatha situation

So I am in my mid 40s and it seems to me that only recently DeMatha has been replaced as a powerhouse by GC. It also seemed to me that UMD was kind of considered as a community college for...


Improving WR Performance

This post is not intended to continue any Randy Edsall bashing. I have a legit question about coaching WRs and whether focus there can translate into immediate improvement in the fortunes of the...


The Other side of the Coin

The score is close near the end of the 2012-2013 ACC regular season with either a trip to the dance or (more to my liking) dance/ACCT seeding on the line. Who are your finishers? -Both GW and MT...


Which committed incoming Freshman will see the most minutes?

For the 2012-13 season. I only used the four committed ones because I only count the chickens when the fax rolls through. You are welcome to put your minute estimates in a comment and are welcome...

Gary Williams to receive lifetime achievement award


since this does not meet the requirements for a fan post.... Kinda thought this already happened for him.


So they pull the axe on Flip and it makes me....

...appreciate the efforts of GW even moreso than I did before.


Understanding the FB Penalties

Two penalties were self-assessed by the University of Maryland on their FB team this past season. Both were entirely within the domain of KA & RE. Neither makes any sense whatsoever unless the...


So who do you despise most in the ACC?

Stack rank based on how much you dislike our ACC brethren: Most Odious = 5 (Please only give to one school) (Merely) Odious = 4Dislike = 3Indifferent = 2 I kinda root for them when we aren't...


Thank You Ben, Ben & Dave

For all of your efforts in establishing, maintaining, writing and moderating the Testudo Times.


Rating Alex Len's debut

Keeping it simple - to the GW (& MT) era, it was the most impressive debut for a MD big imho since Joe Smith.


The Cheerleaders at the Albany BB game....

...seemed to be wearing the skimpiest unis I've ever seen on Terp cheerleaders


How would you count Vellano?

Since we are keeping count of the guys who leave the program, if Vellano jumps to the pros - an entirely possible event - would that count against RE in your mind? My thoughts - No. Chris...

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