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Three Scenarios For This Year's Stars

We've all gone around as to what is the best outcome vs most likely outcome for this season's Dallas Stars. At this point there are pretty much three possibilities. 1) They make the playoffs. ...


Draft Discussion

It's that time again and this year is more interesting than the last few because of changes to the CBA, hard spending limits, and an ownership group that will spend. It's also interesting to see...


Updated 7/9/11 Minors Thread

Updated. 7/9/11 MYR-5:00- Gomez? HIC-6:00- Tepesch!! FRS-6:00- Bleier RRE-7:00- Tomko SPO-8:30- S Perez!! AZRL-pm- Mavare?! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hickory 3pm Buckel rainout makeup!! MYR-6:00-...


Draft Handicap or why I'm coming around to liking what's going on here.

The Rangers have a type and they appear to have honed in on a particular draft strategy, more guys less money than fewer players but a few high dollar ones. L. Martin has shown they'll spend but...


*Updated* 6/9 Minors Thread: Loux = why I am bullish on JD and company

One final update here so I can focus on my draft fanpost today. Decent day on the hill. Can't wait for Spokane and AZ to get started. There's a hellva lot of talent on those two clubs. Is it...


The Ribiero Trade - Where could he go, what can we expect back?

bigtill2002 and I are in a debate further down the board about the state of the Dallas Stars but he asked me who I thought the Stars should target as far as defensemen so possible deals for Ribiero...


Pre-Draft Discussion - Is Karsten Whitson really in play?

***Added Frankie Piliere's twitter account. He's been on a roll with information on this Saturday. Don't know for sure it will pan out but I'd imagine his sources are pretty, pretty, pretty good....


The mythical number one on the block

This isn't the post I set out to write initially but well I couldn't let it go. Sorry for the length but I hope it provides useful information about how shortcutting this won't work. Fixing the...


Draft Primer: Rangers Draft Picks 31-50

31) Landry, Shon McNeese St U SS R/R 5'09" 175 1986-02-14 5S -Signed- http://forum.newbergreport.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=8614&p=159562#p159562 *Shon Landry batted a team-best .349 with five home...


Draft Primer: Rangers Draft Picks 11-30

11) Gunter, Johnny Chattahoochee Valley CC RHP R/R 6'04" 230 1988-03-10 J3 -Say’s he’ll sign- http://forum.newbergreport.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=8614&p=159562#p159562 * Johnny Gunter had...


Draft Primer: Rangers Draft Picks 1-10

True Blue LA I'll keep it short up front.  This is just a brief collection of comments, links, video, and scouting reports of the 2009 Rangers Draft.  I certainly didn't include everything and...


2009 Draft and Stars' team needs

A look at the Dallas Stars draft needs in the upcoming draft.


Minors 8/7: Something to really cheer

Since the bats were silent and that game sucked let's turn our eyes toward the positives going on down in the minors tonight.  A very nice group of pitchers are on the mound and well   Down in...


Rotation post trade deadline

In an ideal world Padilla and Millwood would be healthy and carrying us to a pennant chase.  I'm willing to put money that just won't happen.  This team has made huge strides as the season has gone...


The Minors 7/2

I always enjoy the minor league threads.  Generally shroom, or jparks chime in on a guy I've never heard of and I learn something so with that in mind.   AZL Rangers Joseph Wieland (2008 4th...

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