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Will Flip "Make It Rain" on Draft Night?


My annual draft manifesto for with multiple mentions of the Canis Hoopus community.

Lucky #9


Our friends over at Wages of Wins lay out the average wins produced for each draft position. The kicker- the #9 spot delivers the best Wins Produced Per Dollar Spent ratio of any slot in the draft! Screw trading up! Lets stay at #9.


WANTED: Insane Sports Fans

As a long-time member of the Canis Hoopus community, I know that many of us struggle with the emotional highs and lows of following this team. At times, we even question the healthiness of devoting...



There were many howls and much gnashing of teeth here and in the Twitterverse over the lack of broadcast Timberwolves games last season. Now, they are back on broadcast television, partnering with...



I was asked by my employer for a brief write-up on why the Wolves were a worthwhile investment for advertisers this year. Well, brevity and excitement don't go well together. My write-up went a...

Risk Management in the NBA Draft


I did a draft write-up for, calling on Madison Dan's MDSD score as my primary metric for evaluation. Enjoy.


Wolves partner with My29 for 25 games

I've been sitting on this news for months now, and it's relief to finally be able to share it with you. My29 (WFTC) will carry 25 over-the-air broadcasts for the Timberwolves next year! FREE, FREE,...

Jae Crowder working out for Wolves on Thursday


Good News/Bad News... The Good- the Wolves are bringing in Jae Crowder for a workout tomorrow (Thursday, the 31st). The Bad- he's coming in with a bunch of potential 2nd rounders, which doesn't say much of what they think of him.

Draft Similarity Scores


Some real head scratchers in these draft similarity scores from Hickory High. I don't doubt their methodology. But, I was surprised to see that Jae Crowder projects most closely to... Mike Dunleavy. Everybody rags on Dunleavy, but outside of his contracts, I'd take his career contributions on my team. The next fun one Will Barton is... WES JOHNSON! Zoiks!!!

Moe Harkless Interview


He's long and athletic! But, seriously, knowing that Kahn probably won't see the value of Crowder or Barton, and won't dare draft another Orangemen (Waiters) Harkless might be our best best.



Our society is lazy. We like to boil things down to very, very simple takes. Good vs Bad. Black vs White. We are not fans of gray. I've been making a more concerted effort to engage in sports...


Wolves/Magic/Lakers- Who Says No?

Yes, it's yet another "Who Says No?" trade proposal! The Lakers and Magic are struggling and a Dwight deal is looking even more likely. David Kahn loves helping to facilitate superstar trades while...

Love to sign deal with 4th year opt-out after shoot-around?


Not a fan.

Ghosts of Playing Time Past


Great article on how the Wolves past and present have made poor decisions (or been forced into good decisions) over who gets playing time.

Wolves Fan Cam: Media Day 2011


I shot interviews with a number of the Wolves during media day yesterday, including Love and Rubio. You can watch Rubio here- And Love here- I'll try to post links to the other ones in the comments below once I've uploaded them. Enjoy.


Here's a sip of water in the middle of this desert...

I'm happy to announce that FOX 9 has secured the live-streaming rights to Michael Beasley's charity game this Friday.  If you're like me (a hopeless diehard who is becoming sweaty and getting the...


Love tweets "Houston, we have a coach."

Is this him breaking news of the Wolves hiring Adelman? I would have to say yes. Let's wait for official confirmation before declaring ourselves some sort of miraculous off-season winner, but right...

Wolves Fire Rambis


Woj is reporting that the long, embarrassing wait is over. What's everyone's theory on why it took so long? UPDATE: The Wolves have made a formal announcement on this. It's official. Kahn's reportedly scheduled a press conference at 2 today. UPDATE 2: JB Bickerstaff has accepted an assistant coaching position with the Rockets. The father-son plan has exploded UPDATE 3: Per Marc Stein - Name to watch in Wolves search: Don Nelson. sources say he's not only open to return to coaching but intrigued by 'Sota roster ....oh Lordy....


A Really Simple Solution

Tweet from Woj at Yahoo- Rick Adelman is out as Rockets coach, as @Jonathan_Feigen reports. "Mutual parting," source says. There was a gulf with owner and Adelman.   Uh... I'll take some Rick...


Questions for Kahn

Paul Charchian is scheduled to interview Kahn on KFAN this afternoon. He's asked me if I have any questions I'd like him to ask Kahn.  I'll post the ones I've already given him, but I'd like to...


Flynn vs Telfair vs Lawson vs Randolph

I engaged in a heated debate with my buddy (and fellow season ticket holder) during last night's game. It was a welcome distraction from the travesty on the court, but got a little out of control...


How to Capitalize on the Carmelo Sweepstakes

  Love him or hate him, if David Kahn has shown one thing, it's that he knows how to be opportunistic. And, we have a real opportunity to be facilitator in the Carmelo Sweepstakes. Will Kahn strike...



CHers, Two of the most entertaining games of the last 6 years (which happened to occur within 5 days of each other) weren't even on TV for most people to view. First the epic 31-31, come from...


One Fan's Take From Timberwolves Media Day

The Timberwolves were kind enough to invite a handful of season ticket holders (including myself and Tim Allen) to attend Media Day and interview some of the players from the fan perspective. Now,...


Media Day

I've been invited to attend Wolves Media Day as a season ticket holder and social media maven and "report" on what goes on.  Apparently we'll have access to the players.  Any suggestions on...


Let's Get Xavier

The standoff between the Memphis Grizzlies and Xavier Henry continues. I liked him before the...


Goodbye, Josh Childress

Well, there go our dreams of Josh Childress. From Twitter... WojYahooNBA     The Suns have agreed to sign-and-trade with Atlanta for Josh Childress and will give him a five-year, $34 million...


What is the supposed deal in place?

There are rumblings that we have a deal in place we can do on July 8th that would free up the needed cap space for us to sign David Lee outright. Hoopsworld apparently had a story, although the...

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