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I'm a 48 year old male living in Grand Island, Nebraska. I've been a Dolphin fan since age 7. The game that I went "Dolphin" was Super Bowl VI against the Cowboys. Stayed true, and have never looked back. Miami Dolphins.......The Greatest football team!

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Miami Dolphins
  • NCAAF Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • NCAAB Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • NASCAR Tony Stewart
  • Soccer USA and German National
  • Tennis Maria Sharipova
  • General Nebraska Cornhusker Baseball
  • Golf Natalie Gulbis
User Blog

Laughter Is The Best Medicine, God Knows We Need A Double Dose.

With all that is going on with our beloved Dolphins recently, its hard to find something to smile about. Just for the sheer need to having something to help us vent, I ask for your wit and...


Just read this..........

Wasn't just me, but there were others that put this whole thing in motion. We put it here for you to enjoy. I see all the comments and take some pride in how you are responding. I know...


Why I Like The New Uniforms......Let Your Eyes Decide.

There has been so much said regarding the new uniforms. There are traditionalist who love the classic look. A look that won Super Bowls, a look that was a yearly threat, and playoff contender....


Now And Then

Hey Phinsiders. In the last few weeks since I've been back, I've noticed on the post about how hard it is not winning. The Raider game gave some hope, but for some, it's not enough. For me, and...


Something New

As the first game of the season closes in on us, thought I'd throw a little gas on your fires. I like many of you have really been tired of our team the last few years not being a playoff...


Where are you?

Haven't been on the Phinsider for way too long. Its great seeing the smart articles, the comments and the debate about the team we all love. This is just for me, but, I've noticed that since my...

Dolphins Off Season Report


This is from The Sporting News. Good read.



Read the article, but take time and click the highlighted link within. Scroll down to the Green interview and listen. He sounds smart, gung-ho, and ready to be a Dolphin. Also, listen the Jake Long's interview (becoming one of my fave Dolphins already) and also Larry English's interview. (This guy is pretty kick ass too, love his attitude, sounds smart) Listen to these interviews and all the stuff regarding our team, lots of info here.

Matthews and Maualuga to Visit Dolphins


Maybe something, maybe a smokescreen. Regardless, we are going to get someone good at pick #25.

Haynesworth, this is what 100 million gets you


Character people.........character...that is who you get to build a winning team. No T.O.s, no Pac Mans, no (fill in the blank) arrogant better than the team pukes.


Things I'm Missing.......

 These kinds of numbers.... via  The wonderful look of grass stains.......   via A player that gets dirty   via The Ups  ...

Full 7 Rounds Draft Order


Miami's Picks: 25,44,56,87,122,153,197,215,220. There are 224 total picks. It kind of interesting, they show who was picked at the same spot last year.

Jake Grove Audio Interview From WQAM


The link will take you to a summation article where you can click the highlighted link to listen to the interview. The thing I liked was his reasons for being injured and the corrective surgery that hopefully has him back to 100% as he comes to the Dolphins. It takes about 8 or so minutes, I had it running as I scanned the boards at the same time. Enjoy.


Breaking News!!! Dolphins Sign Al Eon!

  According to sports writer Anon Amos from station A.I.R.E.A 51, the Dolphins just signed Al Eon to a 5 year deal for 4 million per year with incentives.   Anon Amos reports that the incentives...

Interesting Read About The Dolphins Draft Options


Title kind of says it all, just thought I'd share if this may have slipped by you. Looks like we have lots of good, viable options. We should walk away from the draft happy, and better at the targeted positions.

Top 10 FA Safeties


Just a heads up......saw it, and thought maybe some of you would want to read it. Not sure what our take will be in this market, but its a good read none the same. Shout out to Rzayo, kicks ass.......thanks man! I check it daily.

"Center" of attention


Just thought for those that may have missed this, you'd like to read it. These guys aren't lying, they are going to build up the trenches it sounds like, and after signing VC today, looks like they are on the path they feel is right.

Coach Sparano Interview at the Combine


Just a good read from our beloved no b.s. Coach......

Parcells Interview on NFL Network


Go to the Aquavision area, its pretty easy to find. For those like myself that don't have NFL Network and would like to watch it, here ya go.

Q&A With Chad Henne


Pretty good link and worth the read. One thing that gives me hope regarding Henne is, that had we not signed Pennington, he would have been our starter over other QB's on the roster. They must see something in him.

Chad Pennington to be on "Rome Is Burning" today (1-28-09)


Just a FYI. Maybe in a couple of days, this might include a video link. Had to put in a link, just to get this posted.

Interview with our new owner Mr. Ross


Its just a good read about the new owner. Everything sounds like he's in it, to win it.

3 Dolphins Named To All Rookie Team


Pretty cool I'm thinkin'. If this is the shapes of things to come via the draft, I'm really looking forward to April even more!


New Years Resolutions.....Dolphin Style

  Pretty self-explanatory.   5)  To stay true to my word and what I'm saying, and to not be false. via 4)  To never forget where I've come from, and how easy it is to fall....


Dolphins vs. Niners "Goin' too the game", logistics post

  This post isn't for me.  Nope, I'm sitting in cold Nebraska slobbering at the thought of being in Miami and being able to attend this game.  This post is for those Phinsiders that are lucky...


Carpenter Nails Another One & 3 Dolphins Get Most Votes for the Pro Bowl

  Our undrafted kicker received another award this week getting the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week.  He hit his first 3 attempts and tied the NFL Rookie record of 14 before his missed his...


The Anthropology of Dolphin Fans

  Hey Phinsiders.  Once again, something was triggered and got me thinking about our fans here.  A new edition, who is the Father of one of our regular Phinsider brothers here gets credit for the...

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