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I'm a 48 year old male living in Grand Island, Nebraska. I've been a Dolphin fan since age 7. The game that I went "Dolphin" was Super Bowl VI against the Cowboys. Stayed true, and have never looked back. Miami Dolphins.......The Greatest football team!

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  • NFL Miami Dolphins
  • NCAAF Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • NCAAB Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • NASCAR Tony Stewart
  • Soccer USA and German National
  • Tennis Maria Sharipova
  • General Nebraska Cornhusker Baseball
  • Golf Natalie Gulbis
User Blog

Recommending a comment in a Fanpost

  Hey Phinsiders,  This is your helpful HuskerDolphin here bringing awareness to a nice tool provided by SBNation.    I think most of us know that when a fanpost is put up, we have the ability to...


"New Here"

  I borrow this title from a new Phinsider as a lead into this whole post.  I think it's more than fitting and couldn't think of anything better.    Have you noticed the influx of new Phinsiders...


Phinsider Poll Dancing (Who are you hatin' on? The AFC East edition)

  Hello everyone, I know its a couple weeks away yet until we play a division rival, but lets get this poll started now and see if we can't get some good numbers and great stories.   Thanks to...



  "The odds are always against you no matter what your previous history is. You have to overcome the tendency to relax."- Tom Osborne   Its a signature that I picked for myself going into this...


Phinsider Poll Dancing (Who are you hatin' on?)

  I knew that title would get a gander out of you.  With the Denver game coming up, I was kind of surprised the amount of Dolphin fans that really don't like them, even on the border of pure hate. ...


My ills with the Bills

  No matter how much time has passed, I still get kinda irked when I see the Bills coming up on the schedule.  It just makes my body take a time trip back to the early 90's.  Miami, with Marino at...


DT Paul Soliai Suspended One Game,0,6140836.story   This kinda sucks.  We need bodies for our rotation, especially against a run oriented team like the Ravens.  I don't like the...


Going too the game?

  Hey Dolphin Fans,  I just think its cool to hear stories from those who are able to attend a live game that the Dolphins are playing in.  Dolphin fans are nationwide so it doesn't even have to be...


16 min 29 seconds of your life.....but its worth it.

   Another good Coach Sparano interview.  You can actually sit through this and really feel what Coach is saying.  Unlike last year when watching CC put me into a partial coma after the first...


An Adreniline shot

Hey Dolphin Nation.  Here is something to get you a little charged up for Sunday.  The closer game time gets, the more pumped I get.  And after a late night chat with Nicky, I've learned to wash...


Dolphin digits

I found this on the Miami Dolphin homepage.  I was kind of pleasantly surprised.  No, they aren't the greatest numbers, but overall, it gives me some hope.  I know this is only 3 weeks of data, ...


From The Dolphins Mouth

  Not really a comment post, just a "check this out" post.  Most of you probably already know about this, but for the ones that don't, I highly recommend giving these a watch.  They are player and...



You have got to admit how great the "Phinsider" is.  Recently with the post there were lots of laughs, pointed opinions, and some down right heated arguments.  The key is, and the truth is.....We...


Happy Birthday Dan Marino

And GOD I miss you.  Not only were you a great qb for my favorite team, but you were my favorite NFL player of all time.  I cut my teeth on the Dolphins in the 70's and loved them.  But, when you...


We Need A Win! Period!

Too my pod brothers who suffer and feel the same pain as I do......We have got to win!  This is kinda a carry over post from the "must win" thing, but.....we really do kinda hafta get a win!  We...


Who Is Going Too The Game?

This isn't really a comment or anything.  I'm just curious, how many out there are going to be able to go too the game?  All those that can't go will be there in spirit, so get a little extra loud...


Long too be on "Rome Is Burning"

This is kind of late.....but with replays, maybe those lucky will be able too watch.  I'm sure there will be transcripts on ESPN or Romo's web page.  Use this thread too comment on what you...


Where Do You Go For Info?

  I was just curious where everyone went for their Dolphin info.  Too me, the Phinsider is like a melting pot.  But, I was just wondering, maybe there are better places than where I'm going.  I go...


Good Time For My First Post

As Labor Day is upon us, I just want to say, "THANKS" too Matty I and everyone else for the "Labor of Love"  that you put into this blog.  I've been here for a short time, and I can see how much...

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