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Taiwanese Baseball Stats are Awesome!!!


I wonder how many assasinations Yoga has, or how many pirates resisting that Jon Lucroy has killed.


Hyatt and Yar Nivek's Mid-Season Review, featuring Hans Moleman, The Wizard of Oz, Hand Love, and David Halberstam

Oh, you thought you were done? Not so fast, my friend. The final word has not come down until Yar and I have our say as representing the fantasy baseball community here at BCB in the way we know...

Today in stupid Prince Fielder free agency rumors...


Cecil thinks the Mets, Dodgers, and Angels are good fits for Prince. Forget Ike Davis, Kendry Morales/Mark Trumbo, and the fact that the Dodgers are probably not going to make Payroll on Thursday... This is the dumbest prognostication I've heard in awhile.


The Jan Brady League Update: The Marlins and Mariners totally kitten mittoned this update

I was going to do the write up this late evening, but the Sunday night game between the Mariners and Marlins (home game for the Fish, figure that one out) is still not over.  So at this point, I...

Thornburg named to MLB Futures Game


Good for him, getting the nod for the futures game and promoted to Hi-A all in one day. I hope this isn't the best day of his baseball career. World Roster and US Roster on the links.


Updated: The Jan Brady League Update: What to do with Kitten Mittons

We'll get to the league conundrum in a minute.  I had a phenomenal Fathers day where none of my fantasy father's day dreams came true except for the Dunkin Donuts coffee, though I was really...


It's My (our) Day!!!

Today is Father's Day today, and I am thrilled.  I've got the wife making some french toast for breakfast right now.  We are going to take the little man to the pool later, and then Steak for...


UPDATED: Jan Brady League Review: The Name Game!!! and What to do with a guy that doesn't care

Being a busy guy, I've had tons of sh*t to do lately.  Whether it be calling out people to admit they used to like the Cubs just a little bit, or pointing out the constants in Michael Bay movies...

Yost on Esky, or just sit back and enjoy the Yosting


Sometimes you just gotta feel bad for Royals fans. It's even worse when Ned Yost says some of the dumbest things I've ever heard a Major League Baseball manager say.


Jan Brady League Week 9 Update 2: The week where the league turned on me

As we progress through this magical mystery tour that is the Jan Brady League, we are headed to the halfway point.  Technically, this Thursday is the halfway point of the season, but who's...


Jan Brady League Week 8 Update

Hello Gentlemen.  I have been busy dealing with Insurance companies from a KICK ASS HAIL STORM!!! and spending some Memorial Day weekend time with my family.  I plan to have the full review done...


Jan Brady League Update Week 7: Rapture edition

This Fanpost and update will be an eventual thing, being that I'm at work on lunch right now, but I will do my best to give you the recap you deserve... Which is more than you got last week.  Let's...


Jan Brady League Update

I've been ridiculously busy between baby, pregnant wife, work, and just containing the AWESOMENESS THAT IS ME!!!  Actually, the first 3 are true.  Anyway, I've been busy as hell and frankly, too...


Missed Opportunities for Doug

The biggest criticism for Doug Melvin and the front office has been the stocking of the minor league system since Jack Z left. Specifically on the pitching side.  Granted, we traded our 2 best...

The Best DP the Brewers have ever pulled off


Since MLBAM does not allow embedded video, here's the link. The most amazing thing is that Yune6 started it.


The Jan Brady League Week 5 review: The Tin Roof, Rusted edition

As we ease into the tepid waters of this week's review, I'd like to send a special death wish to Matt Laporta and Sin Soo Choo.  See, I was up by a half a point on Sunday, but Mr.s Choo and Laporta...


The Mystery of Dixieflatline... SOLVED

some of you may remember dixieflatline.  This BCB alumnus was a PitchF/X genius.  He could do things with those PitchF/X numbers that few others could understand, to the point of starting his own...


UPDATE" The "How'd you sleep?" Jan Brady League Review w/ Power Ranks

Unless you've been hiding in a mansion in abodabod, you probably heard that the Navy Seals in a daring raid got Osama Bin Laden and killed him.  There have been wonderful things said about this,...

Hyatt's second and second only Final mock first round

Ok, so it's draft day, and work is slow, so I'll do this. Carolina- Cam Newton, QB- seems to be a lock at this point.  I'm calling BUST now.  He's going to have to be thrust in right away, yet...


Jan Brady League Week 3: F*ck it, I'll do what I want

So we have 14 guys participating in this league, and yet we have 6 guys participating in the recaps.  Un. Ack. Ceptable. So forget you non-participating slackers.  I will write this, and if you...

Hyatt's one and only First Round Mock Draft

Figure I should give my thoughts in here, because as a Chosen Person on Easter, I don't have much to do.

How un-gentlemanly... Morgan expected to hit the DL


Per McCalvy. I knew this day couldn't be perfect. Waah.


The Jan Brady League Week 2: Where the commish is pissed, but still loves you.

Guys... I gotta be honest here.  I was VERY disappointed in the amount of ripping each other last week.  BUT, for a lot of you, it was your first shot at a review/preview, so take my words to heart...


UPDATE: The Jan Brady League Week 1 Review w/ Power Ranks

Starting off the year strong is always a good idea, and a lot of concerns came at the beginning of the year about how the scoring would break with the system, so let's check out the teams and see...

Grienke Likely to miss all April Starts


Anyone not pissed at him playing pick up basketball on the clock now? Edit: I guess there is a divide on this



Games start tomorrow, so why not do a preview.  Below you'll see matchups, and as little analysis as possible.  Let's fire it up!


The Jan Brady League Rounds 16-26

Upon popular request (ok, just one), here is the rest of our draft.  I choose to point out that our entire selection process is now a matter of public record, where the Premier league is still a...


The Jan Brady League first 15 rounds

Instead of doing my husbandly/fatherly duties, I'm going to waste some time and analyze the first 15 rounds of the draft. We had 10 of the 14 guys show up, which is pretty awesome and there was a...


BCB Twitter Handles

Last year we did this, though I know we did bring on a whole new group of BCB-ers, so let's do it once more.  It's time to display your Twitter handle.  That'll allow you to follow like-minded...


UPDATE!!! BCB FBB League 2: THE JAN BRADY LEAGUE UPDATE/An Open letter to BrewerBlue87

UPDATE:  HE HAS JOINED!!! MY LETTER WORKED!!!  So now that business is handled, please remember to prerank your players.  You never know when connection problems may occur, and I know a few of you...

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