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College professor and hydrologist who loves bike racing and riding.

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Tech/Mechs: Opinions on Speedplay pedals?

I've been having some re-occurring knee and lower leg issues for the past couple years as I have re-discovered road riding. While physiotherapy has helped (the glutes are firing much better now...


Any tips on recovery from varicose vein surgery?

It's been a great summer. I'm the fittest and lightest I've been in probably 15 years and am riding fast (for me). Sadly it's coming to an end in a couple weeks when I have surgery for varicose...


Any interesting animal encounters?

Yesterday I was riding on one of the local roads, a bit off the beaten track, when within about a 2 km stretch I encountered: 1- Mother goose hissing and flapping at me as I rode along the side of...


Speed wobbles - what's the cause and how to deal?

I'm the first to admit that I am a horrible descender on the bike. I don't like to go fast downhill once the grades are above about 5-6%. Today I was descending a steep hill (10-16% pitches) and...


Help requested - where in Europe would you want to live for a year?

In a couple years I am eligible for a 1-year study leave from the college where I teach. My wife and I are keen to spend at least part of the year (6-8 months minimum) in Europe with our kids (who...

2013 People's Grand Tour dates


This looks fun. Anyone going for the triple-crown?

Peoples Grand Tour


What a great idea from Lionel Birnie. I can't wait for next year.


Dreams of the triple header are gone. How are you doing in FSA-VDS?

Early this morning (Westcoast time) I was feeling pretty good about my chances for having all 3 GT winners on my FSA-VDS team (WaterBoys v3.0). I went for a nice ride through the local vineyards,...


Ryder comes home

I had the good fortune to be in Victoria, BC on August 10 when there was a celebration for Ryder Hesjedal who returned "home" for the first time since his Giro victory. It was really cool to be...

Canada's older athletes - featuring Clara Hughes


Short CBC doc featuring Clara Hughes, on 3 of Canada's older athletes working towards competing at the London Olympics. Go Clara!


New Title - upper back/neck pain, suggestions?

I've been having problems with muscle soreness/tightness in my upper back and neck when I ride for more than about an hour. I've read in Pruitt's book about cycling related medial issues, and I'm...

Fuel economy of cycling about 290 mpg around town


From physics professor Tom Murphy on his blog "Do the Math" there is a post about calculating the energy efficiency of human powered transport, including cycling: "... depending on the mode of biking and how you want to do your accounting, we got about 290 MPG in town, 160 MPG on the open road. Converting to the more universal and useful measure of energy per unit distance, these numbers map to 5 kWh/100-mi, and 2.8 kWh/100-mi. For comparison, electric cars turn in performances around 30 kWh/100-mi, and a 40 MPG car uses 90 kWh/100-mi (but beware a direct comparison between these last two: if the electricity is derived from fossil fuels, the fossil fuel investment becomes similar for the two: we’ll get to this for food in a bit)."

Clara Hughes scare sh*tless racing Fleche and riding the Mur de Huy


Great account of racing Fleche and the SL team tactics working.

Clara Hughes on riding Flanders


Wow, that fork just totally sheared off. Great story.

Clara Hughes talks about depression


Clara Hughes is a great athlete and person, and has suffered from depression. Her big smile and exuberance are inspirational for many. There is also a good interview with her on CBC:


Thanks for the advice

Hello, A while ago, I posted a question asking for input on a new bike purchase.  I'm happy to say that I've purchased a 2012 carbon fibre Cannondale Synapse 6 Apex.  Sadly due to family and work...


Help - trying to pick a new bike

Hello, I'm looking to buy a new bike for the first time in many years, and this seems to be a good group of people to ask for some advice. I'm a 40 yr old, about 6 feet 4 inches tall and 220...

The Pain Principle


Article on Ryder Hesjedal and the suffering necessary to compete as a pro.

Nutella Update - Grilled Banana Bread and Nutella Sandwiches


Perfect post-ride recovery snack. This could even be better than nutella with graham wafers.

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