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Oh the Agony

HydroTech provides some final post-game thoughts to what was perhaps the most painful loss of the Tedford era -- and perhaps the last.

Oregon vs. Cal Post-Game Thoughts


HydroTech provides some thoughts after watching Oregon beat Cal.

This No Longer Hurts


Want to hear HydroTech's Cal vs. UW post-game thoughts? Sure you do!

Reasons Why Cal Lost to Utah


HydroTech gives some thoughts on why Cal lost to Utah.

Cal goes small in Big Game.


Cal puts together a small effort in Big Game.

Cal vs. Washington State Post-Game Thoughts!


HydroTech provides some thoughts on why Cal beat the Cougars 31-17!

Cal Shows Determination in Bounce-Back Win


The Cal Football team showed some big time determination in its bounce-back win against UCLA.

Cal Stumbles Against Arizona State


Cal lets a winnable game slip by due to poor pass protection and excessive penalties.

Cal vs. USC Post-Game Thoughts

HydroTech's Post Game Thoughts On The Cal-USC game!

Cal vs. Southern Utah Post-Game Thoughts

Here are post-game thoughts for the Cal vs. Southern Utah game.


Cal vs. Nevada Post-Mortem Analysis

LiffeyTroll provides a great breakdown of some Cal vs. Nevada plays.

Cal Vs. Nevada Post-Game Thoughts

CGB provides some post game thoughts to the Cal vs. Nevada game! Why did Isi Sofele and C.J. Anderson not touch the ball? Was starting Allan Bridgford a good idea? How did Zach Maynard look? Were Bryce Treggs and Chris Harper as good as they looked?


Film Study: 2011 Cal vs. Utah, Utah's Star Lotulelei

Guest writer "LiffeyTroll" breaks down some film on Utah's Star Lotulelei from the 2011 Cal vs. Utah fb game!

RUMOR: Possible Oregon Sanctions (UPDATED)


CGB discusses possible Oregon sanctions and the effect that they would have on the Duck program.

Cal Wins Big, Cal Barely Wins, Cal Barely Loses, Cal Loses Big

The California Golden Blog writers play a fun game of "Cal wins big, Cal barely wins, Cal barely loses, and Cal loses big".

Superbowl XLV Film Study, Part 3: Disguising the Defense


HydroTech breaks down a play from Superbowl XL showing the Steelers' horribly disguised coverage!

Superbowl XLV Film Study, Part 2: Aaron Rodgers Still Knows Best


HydroTech breaks down another play from SuperBowl XLV, showcasing Aaron Rodgers!

Golden Nuggets: Cal Football Has the 18th Toughest OOC Schedule in 2012


Barry Tramel, of the Oklahoman, states that Cal has the 18th toughest OOC Schedule in 2012, and the 6th toughest OOC Schedule in the Pac-12 in 2012: 18. California: Nevada, Southern Utah, at...

Matt Anderson, kicker, commits to Cal!


Cal lands another kicker! Matt Anderson commits to Cal Football on full scholarship!

Superbowl XLV Film Study, Part 1: Aaron Rodgers Knows Best


HydroTech breaks down Superbowl XLV and Aaron Rodger's spectacular performance!

Golden Nuggets: Andy Smith Bench to Become Accessible to All


In what may be a very controversial decision, Cal Athletics has decided to place the famed Andy Smith bench outside of the new Memorial Stadium: When it returns to Strawberry Canyon at the end of...

Shareef Abdur-Rahim earns his Cal degree 16 years later! Better late than never, right? We're all...


Shareef Abdur-Rahim earns his Cal degree 16 years later! Better late than never, right? We're all proud of him. Go Bears! (H/T John Montgomery's Twitter) Click here for more on this story from The Sacramento Bee.

Film Study: Creating Pass Rush Lanes & Alleys


HydroTech breaks down how the Cal Defense creates pass rush lanes and alleys!

Film Study: Identifying Coverages & Identifying Blitzers


The California Golden Blogs demonstrates how Arizona State failed to diagnose a blitz which resulted in them throwing an INT!

Cal Football Pro Day 2012


Check this post for updates on Cal Football's Pro Day!

Film Study: The Playside Zone Read


HydroTech breaks down one of Cal's newest running plays!


DBD 12.15.11 - Texas Hate Mail

Every so often CGB gets hate mail. It's rare. But it happens. Most of the time the hate mail is directed towards TwistNHook for trolling, or .... well, actually, it's mostly just directed at...

Film Study: Check-With-Me Option


HydroTech provides us with another fabulous analysis post. Come see what a Check With Me is!

Film Study: The Chip Kelly vs. Clancy Pendergast Chess Match (Part II)


HydroTech breaks down Oregon's second touchdown in the 2011 Cal vs. Oregon college football game!

Film Study: Fake Jet Sweep Play Design


HydroTech breaks down a failed run play from the Cal vs. USC game! Who was at fault for this play failing?

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