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To Mays or not To Mays..that is the question. (Updated...Now Fortified with More ILB)

Well it looks like Taylor Mays is on the trading block.....Should Dallas go after him?  IMHO yes...as long as San Fran is willing to do a "Barron" trade....By that I mean a straight up trade...


Take a Deep Breath Folks......

Okay...I have noticed a lot of Teeth gnashing, whining, and WTFing going on....So here is what I propose...Take a Deep breath...Hold it.....now Exhale....There now, feel better?..OK.. Now that we...


"There are NO Rules"...My take on the Rob Ryan Defense

First off a hat tip to Kegbearer and CotySaxman....their detailed posts(here, here and here) on the Rob Ryan Defense are simply amazing. In fact one could argue that this post is unnecessary....


MMB Idol Audition 1: The Tyson Chandler Conundrum

This is Submission One for our 'New Blogger' Contest. Read it, think about it, comment on it, and enjoy. Submission Two will be posted tomorrow.


What the Heck is "Air Garrett"? Vol 2.

I will be honest. I never thought that My first "Air Garrett" post would go over so well. Not only did I get a Honorable Mention for a Rabbie, but I also inspired (well I like to think I did) the...


Just What The Heck Is "Air Garrett"?

Back in June, our resident statistician wonder O.C.C. put up a story titled "Is It Too Early To Talk About "Air Garrett?"  In this story we find this little nugget: When asked by Sports...


Could the Cowboys go 19-0?

Now before you guys lay into me, I want to say that while I will be exploring this I really don't think the Cowboys will go 19-0. However, the late season surge last year and tmacie86's excellent...


Post Draft Roster shakedown

Well wan't that exciting...or not. After the trade dust settled Dallas had acquired Rudu Fernandez and the rights to Petteri Koponen(who? Oh that guy...) However Only Rudy will be on the team (that...


Who should Dallas be Looking at in the Draft? Plus My take on the Dallas Roster and the Draft

Been wanting to put this up for a While now.  Most of the "experts" are acting like Dallas has no chance of repeating as champions next year. They seem to think that because Dallas has alot of...

This is so perfect


Not sure if anyone here has seen this...it is Micheal Jordan's response to Lebron's "What should I do?" ad...EPIC

Should Dallas Take Pryor in the Supplemental Draft?


Assuming that he enters the Supplemental Draft, should Dallas take him? HE could be the next project QB taking over for Stephen McGee if Dallas gets rid of KItna...


Random Thoughts

I have had several Ideas rattling around my head the past few weeks, but I haven't had the ability to put them in a individual Fanpost, so here are a few random thoughts that have occurred to me...


The Unseen Draft Pick....The Ansah

We here at BTB tend to focus on the future. Which considering that Dallas went 6-10 last year is understandable. Nothing went right except for the fact that we had a top 10 Offense, but even that...


How they will fit...Demarco Murray 2nd edition

Hi again...I know I said that I wouldn't be doing another one of these but I feel the need to "flex my stat muscles" so to speak. In my last post I tied to explain how Demarco fits into the...


How they Will Fit...the 2011 draft class Edition

This will be my Final How They will/would Fit post. In this edition I will simply be taking the Entire Draft class and seeing How they will Fit(and who they replace) in next years roster. So here...


How They will Fit...the "We drafted WHO? Edition

David Arkin that is who... Lets see what He is about after the jump.


How They will Fit...The DeMarco Murray Edition

This will be an limited series based upon Dallas's actual Draft picks. Based heavily on my pre-draft Series, How They would Fit, I will be taking each pick, and break them Down to see just how they...

Big Board


Guy put in a lot of work on this...check it out....


How Dallas Got Its Groove Back

April 23, 2012 With Draft Day approaching I want to look back at last year's draft, and review the start of "The Jason Garrett Era". There have been many mocks to date for this year's draft, so I...


How They Would Fit...The OMFG!!! Nick Fairley fell to #9?! Edition

Well I think my Title Says it all. DO I see this Happening? No, but after a little studying I wouldn't mind if it did. I will admit that Fairley gives me some pause. I could live with "Character...


Rex Ryan and the Dallas Defense....Ironman style

First off I want to point out Chandus' excellent Work Here and Here. these posts got me thinking about how Dallas' Talent would fit into Ryan's schemes. Now I am no expert, but I consider myself...


Thoughts on the Mavericks Future...Next seasons lineup...

Well it is almost playoff time...The time where Jason Terry goes cold, Carlise refuses to play anyone younger than 30 years old( except for JJ Berea), and the Mavericks to get stomped out of the...


How They Would Fit: The DVD edition

So far in my ongoing series, I have looked at mostly players that have a first round grade, from a possible A-Team, to a possible second coming of Jay Ratliff. Now for this installment I want to...


Why I think Von Miller is better than Patrick Peterson

I can see it now..."What! Are you freaking Crazy! There is no way that Von Miller is Better than Peterson!" No, I don't suffer from insanity, I actually enjoy it.  I digress though. Yes, in my...


How They Would Fit: The Adrian Clayborn Edition

Well, here we are again. Another installment of How They Would Fit. In this edition I want to look at DE, specifically Adrian Clayborn. Now, there hasn't been much talk about him around here, which...


Where I pretend to be Jason Garrett

I admit this post was inspired by a similar post I did here, in which I laid out a scenario for draft day as run by Jerry Jones... Now the general consensus was this: The trade with the Rams was...

Do we Need a return team now?


Considering Buehler's leg, should Dallas even practice Returns? Frankly I think that he will kick it out of the end zone every time...that should help the defense.......


How they would Fit.....The Phil Taylor Edition

Welcome to another installment of my series, How they Would Fit. I know it has been awhile since I posted one, so as a quick refresher of my past ones, click Here, Here, Here, Here, Here and Here(...


My Thoughts on the Draft

This is not your standard "Draft post", where I would give you my list of players that I think Dallas should draft. I think that has been made abundantly clear over the past few weeks (the "A-Team" ...

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