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MMA Journalism is Dead. Here's Why DC is Afraid of Gus.

MMA Journalism is getting to be a joke these days. MMA journalists have no BALLS to ask the tough questions and expose the obvious truths about top UFC fighters. They're just water carriers hoping...


JDS Deserved His Beat Down. His Problem is Luiz Dorea.

I was a JDS fan prior to last Saturday. Note the "past tense" in that sentence. I "was" a fan. Not anymore.JDS deserved his beat down. JDS deserved everything he got last Saturday. Why? Because...


DC Has Nothing for Jonny Bones. He'll Get Wrecked.

Daniel Cormier is selling wolf tickets. He says he wants a fast title shot (by beating a top contender) but everybody knows he's got NOTHING for Jonny Bones. Fat Man has ZERO for Bones. He's all...


Jon Jones Afraid of Rematch, Making Excuses

Forget about how you scored Jones v. Gustafsson. Who cares. The fight was close. It was competitive. After all, how can a fight deemed "fight of the year" be considered a dominant win by...


Thug Rose Bought Her Own Hype and Ate Crow

Ever since her last victory (via flying armbar) Rose Namajunas has bought into her own media hype and has become nothing less than arrogance personified. Yet she wound up getting beat from pillar...


Do U Believe Catsin Gano will Beat Ronda? Prove it!

Ronda Rousey has opened as a serious betting favorite over Catsin Gano (aka Cathilee Albert, aka Cathilee Zingano, aka Cat Zingano). If you're one of the many people who keep saying that Catsin...


Aussie MMA Fighters Don't Measure Up

Australia is a country that produces such weak MMA athletes that the progress 'bar' (by which we measure such athletes) has been lowered to such ridiculously low levels that even the world's best...


The True Reason Sheila Gaff is Fighting Sara McMann

Sara McMann is fighting very soon and the MMA world isn't the least bit concerned about the total lack of quality of her opponent. MMA writers are pretending that Sheila Gaff is a reasonable tune...


Ronda's Foes Need to Beat the Living Snot Out Of Her

With Ronda's star shining so's rumored that NASA is launching a new satellite to monitor the situation more closely from mission control. She's already signed a deal with...


GSP vs. Diaz = GSP vs. Dan Hardy Part Deux

Nick Diaz is a fighter's fighter. He's a man who comes to fight. He comes to war. His main kryptonite is wrestling. He's great on the ground but can't prevent wrestlers from taking him down....


How Cris Cyborg and Tito Ortiz Missed the Boat

Just a few weeks ago it looked like Cris Cyborg and her manager Tito Ortiz had a strategy to boost her stock and make her irresistible to the UFC, thus setting the stage for future contract...


MMA Media Points to Holes in Ronda Rousey's Game

It's amazing that most MMA journalists seem to have botched the true lessons learned from Rousey vs Carmouche. I read several articles which had titles claiming that Carmouche has given everybody...

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