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Sept 20, 2009: 105,121 people

It has been almost 4 years since I was fortunate enough to attend my first NFL game. On September 20th, 2009 I flew from Albany, NY to see my beloved Cowboys take on their division rival New York...


What we should be talking about

With the feeling of disappointment still fresh in our hearts and minds, what we should be talking about is on the back burner because of two obvious plays that changed the outcome of the game. We...

Why the Patrick Peterson fanfare?


Why the Patrick Peterson fanfare?

I cannot find much on Patrick peterson in regards to college highlights. If a guy is proclaimed to be so dominant, where is the evidence? I know he had crazy measureables at the combine but I'm unable to locate much tape on him other than a few punt returns and one (amazing) interception vs Alabama (Julio Jones). Anyone got any tape on the kid? Thanks!

Gifts from the Wizard of OZ

     When originally looking at the 2010 Dallas Cowboys schedule, many took note of the Thanksgiving day game against the Saints. With the blockbuster of a show the two teams put on last year, and...


Delivery man

      Redskins fans honk if they hate Dallas. Cowboys fans face-palm when someone mentions Alex Barron. The majority of the hoopla coming out of the Cowboys camp this summer has been the age and...


Dear Alex Barron

Dear Alex,         You are an Idiot, you think LITERALLY HUGGING THE DEFENSIVE PLAYER will go unnoticed? You wrapped him up like you were in a tackling drill. You were the most penalized player in...


Bengals Receivers vs. Cowboys... Who is better?

I had a discussion with my friend the other night at the bar. We were talking about the upcoming hall of fame game and he asked me a question and demanded an unbiased answer. Who has the better...


Dez hurts himself so other teammates dont feel left out

Dez Bryant has continued to be an amazing teamate by hurting himself in order to allow the other receivers a chance to catch some balls. What a guy. First he signs on time to be around them, the he...


Everyone was wrong about Dez Bryant. Except the Cowboys

Dez Bryant was a potential top 10 pick coming out of college. Placed number one on many receiver lists as the best available in the draft. Watching him play, you knew this guy would be a game...


RB trio 9th best in the league?

Yahoo sports has the Dallas Cowboys trio of Marion Barber, Felix Jones, and Tashard Choice as the 9th best group of running backs on a team in the NFL. The Ravens, Jaguars, Bengals, and Falcons all...


One Statement away from Sappy

Dez Bryant was one statement away from being a sappy success story that would have been told throughout draft day and his career. The overcoming of a very rough childhood would have been seen as a...


Don't get cocky boys

Hey everybody, I've been following this site for quite some time now and thought I'd start contributing some input. Being a diehard Cowboys fan like all of you, I enjoy seeing new topics posted and...

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