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Crazy Thought: Should The Big 12 Pursue Basketball-Only Schools To Get Back To 12?


Interesting from Rush the Court. It's something we've discussed around here quite a bit so thought I'd put it up. Does anyone even scroll down to fanshots anymore? SBN burn.


Kansas Football: Building the Program

Building the Program - Kansas Football from Micah Brown on Vimeo. Micah Brown does it again, I do miss The Gridiron. H/T to Esteban for catching this. I believe Micah did some work for Michigan...

Special Report: Not the UCLA Way


A must read folks. This article is really hard to believe that a coach at a big time program could let these kinds of things happen but it looks as if they have. If Ben Howland is not fired after this season, I question UCLA's Athletic Department. Again, another case where you just have to appreciate what we have with Coach Self and staff. Ranks 16 Best Teams of All-Time — Let the Debate Begin


This link it to Rush the Court who actually has some analysis which I like. Check the original story here KU on the list, but not unanimously.

Kansas right in refusal to schedule Missouri after this season


Good read. I've been a little back and forth on playing Missouri again. Painfully, it took this article by Seth Davis to get me back on the side of maybe we shouldn't be playing them anytime soon.


This doesn't feel as big to you?

I'm not here to point any fingers. There will be no names mentioned, we're all Jayhawks so we are all in this together. Throughout the week I've seen a wave of sentiments similar to: "This game...

KU/MU - Really a Rivalry?


Dislike for Kietzman aside, is there any validity to this? I think his point of, "one side dominating" (in basketball) makes it not a rivalry is one we talk about with KState quite a bit. However, I think that argument transcends the KU/MU rivalry. Thoughts?


Does Jimmy Mindine get a shot?

Flipping through channels and saw the last minute of the KState game so was curious how we scored our last TD. Jimmy Mundine had 3 or 4 catches on the drive from Meachem and not to mention the TD....

MLS Top 10 Goals Of The Year


SKC makes the list. Still think one of Zusi's deep strikes should've made it but plenty of quality here.

KU needs to make right move: Rehire Mangino


Not sure how I feel about this. I think the writer fails to mention an important piece of this. KU lost it's final 7 games in his last season coaching. Not normally a reason for firing but the program expectations had taken a step up, especially with the players still around. The allegations were just the fuel on the fire.

Kansas State to start high-definition digital network to broadcast sports, some lectures


Wow. Got to hand it to the Staters on this. Jumping out in front right here is something I'd love to see KU do as well, really hoping we have something like this coming.


The Bill Self Tournament Talk or Where I Finally Snapped

I just have to vent because I'm so f'n sick of this.  This is a note to anyone who questions Bill Self as Kansas basketball coach and his tournament record.I think that by in large, most KU fans...

Kansas’ glue guys


Jason King article on our favorite Kansans

Chiefs Blogger agrees with many KU Fans


Sorry to rehash this again, but: Joel Thorman, who runs a great blog over at Arrowhead Pride, was at the KU game yesterday. He mentions his agreement with many of us that there is no reason to yell "Chiefs" at the end of the National Anthem of a Jayhawks game. Check it out.


Your Rotation: Now and March

This has probably been discussed in many different places but it's Friday, I'm bored, and I'm starting to think about basketball.  So I ask you this question KU faithful, who is in your rotation...


Will Gill's new policies have an affect on recruiting?

At, there is an article today about a couple of new policies that Gill and his staff have instituted, with focus mostly being on a new "no cell phones 24 hours before game" policy.  J...

Wizards Sign Mexico International Bravo


A DP for Kansas City to start next year. Looks like a great pickup for the Wizards and MLS.

Time to look ahead to changes vs. Slovenia

After a hard fought point against the English, it's time for things to get real serious.  In my opinion, we desperately need three points in this one.  With Slovenia's 1-0 victory against Algeria...

Jozy Altidore vs. Edson Buddle

It looks like the US national team has an unexpected conundrum on it's hands.  The weeks heading into the 2010 World Cup were all about wondering who would play with Jozy Altidore at forward.  Now,...

The easiest way for KU football to get back to a bowl in 2010


"I think we’re probably like most people. Averaging one per game (on offense). That’s counting on us playing 14 games," Gill said. "Hopefully, we have 14 turnovers from an offensive standpoint. Defensively, hopefully you get into the 30 range — 30-plus turnovers in a season. Then you’re playing some outstanding defense." Great article by Jesse Newell at KUSports, especially if you like numbers.

"We've sort of pulled out all stops to make sure people pay attention this year, because we're...


"We've sort of pulled out all stops to make sure people pay attention this year, because we're convinced when they pay attention, they're going to fall in love with this," said John Skipper, ESPN's executive vice president of content and acknowledged soccer supporter. Article discussing ESPN's much bigger soccer coverage for 2010 World Cup. I tend to agree with this statement, how can the rest of the country not join in after watching this WC?

Edson Buddle: World Cup Option?

We all know the story with a little less than 70 days to go before the U.S. faces England in their first match of the 2010 World Cup.  Jozy Altidore is the known commodity up front for the...

Why no CONCACAF Champions League?

I'm relatively new to the club soccer world.  Always followed the International game, rooting hard for the U.S. but this is the first year that I've followed the club level and obviously love it. ...

Landon Donovan asks to prolong Everton stay


Landon wants to stay a little longer. Personally, I'd love to see him finish the EPL out, but I know that probably won't happen.

It's Not Easy To Do As A Missouri Guy, But I Tip My Cap To KU


Tip of the cap to Will over at RoyalsReview, he posted this there but I figured we KU faithful would love to read this. I don't even know what to think except, I wish I could've been sitting courtside last night.

Glove story: Howard thriving in Everton


Nice article on Howard and Everton. Mention of Lando at the end too. Really pumped for this game Saturday, going to DVR the game and make an afternoon out of it, maybe grill and have a couple pints, go Toffees!


A changed opinion of Jeff Withey

Many months ago when we didn't really know much about this Jayhawk basketball team, besides the fact that Sherron and Cole would be studs, and Xavier had the body of a Spartan warrior, I saw Jeff...

NBA Stock Watch: February, 2010


Great stuff here. One has to think that unless Xavier really turns it on at the end of the season or during a deep tourament run, that it would be better for his future to come back for another season. I guess you never know with Carl Henry around, though.

Davies on remarkable path to recovery


Pretty good story on Charlie Davies which I'm sure many have seen. Amazing that he thinks he'll be back and would be a huge lift for the World Cup team, keep it up Charlie.

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