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Randle listening to Jayhawks?


Didn't see anyone mention this, while the odds aren't high that Randle switches commits, it's not unheard of. Maybe a new staff that doesn't include the coach that forced his brother to transfer could change his mind. From Rivals: It will take a strong effort by the Kansas staff to convince Randle he should be a Jayhawk. But the first visit was a success by Long. "I'm still committed to Oklahoma State but I am willing to listen," Randle said. "That's what I'm doing right now, listening. Coach Long said he wanted to come back next week and Turner Gill may be coming with him." Randle set an official visit with the Jayhawks for Jan. 22.

Everton suspend Jo for breach of discipline


Is this a good thing for Donovan? Will he be at midfielder or forward when he joins Everton?

Europe no longer a straightforward decision for MLS players


Article about the advantages/disadvantages of Americans overseas vs. MLS. I think I've seen this discussed around here some already. Good stuff.

"It was playing more not to mess up," Wilson said. "We were scared to mess up. That’s a big p...


"It was playing more not to mess up," Wilson said. "We were scared to mess up. That’s a big problem. We were scared to mess up."

Link Crazy to see this and I do believe that this was a factor for our team this year. In my time in athletics, I definitely have seen this, at the end of a basketball game when you have the lead, if you start playing NOT to lose instead of playing to win, that is when a team makes a comeback. The same can be said for a lot of sports. I'm excited for a fresh start.

Mark and Ed: I'm begging you, run the ball!

We all know the ups and downs that have occurred this season for the KU football team.  Some of the highest expectations in school history have been tough to live up to so far for this team.  Our...

Beshears to start at CB; Omigie could lose redshirt


A week after making his first appearance of the season, true freshman cornerback D.J. Beshears will start Saturday against Oklahoma, Mangino said Wednesday. In replacing incumbent cornerback Daymond Patterson, Beshears, a 5-foot-9, 175-pound Denton, Texas, native, finished with five tackles against the Buffaloes and played with a tenacity that left the team’s coaching staff impressed. Not sure what to make of this. It's one of those things that is hard to understand because one side of me wants to think, "Oh good, Behears has some potential and is really pushing to get this spot." The other side of me remembers that I said the same thing about Patterson last year and look at him now. Is this fix permanant? What happens to Patterson now? (Please no Anthony Webb) Update: From Jayhawkslant Prior to the Colorado game, true freshman wide receiver Chris Omigie had replaced Isiah Barfield on the depth chart. Omigie is now listed as the second string wide receiver behind Dezmon Brsicoe. Offensive coordinator Ed Warinner said Omigie is close to burning his redshirt and seeing time on the field. Warinner said in the right situation they could use him. Thoughts on this? I'm always a fan of the best players playing no matter what, and if McDougald is seeing more time on D then another playmaker on offense is welcomed by me, dude has got size.

KU football will play Oklahoma at either 2:30 or 7 p.m. on ABC


I know many have probably seen this but I'm looking for some thoughts. Which time would you rather have? I know 7 for me is the choice. All day to tailgate and a rare night game at Memorial would mean a rowdy crowd. Peope want to make little jabs about people leaving during games but in a huge game like this there is no doubt the place will be packed and loud. What has to happen to get the 7 pm game? It's between our game and Texas vs. Missouri. Is it all about the Red River Shootout outcome or do KU and Misery's outcomes matter as well? Either way, I'm pumped for having the 2 prime spots as options.


Expectations Tempered

Before we played Iowa St. at Memorial Stadium this week, I was very confident in this team's ability to win the North.  After the horrible showing by our defense and season saving job by our...

KU football's top 10 surprise players


Cool piece from "The Newell Post" on KUSports. Agree with his top 10.

Tom Keegan needs a new story


So as if this guy hasn't been milking this enough and whining about not getting coverage or interviews, now he comes out and goes to a cultural issue in his sports column. I don't blame anyone for not wanting to read this article because it really isn't good and he, yet again, sheds bad light on KU athletics when we should be moving on from this. But I had to post it here because it kind of pisses me off that the editor of KU's hometown paper is so ignorant about this subject and still chose to write about it and put it out there for outsiders to judge. I was happy when the LJWorld replaced Chuck Woodling with a "bigger name" but now I'm not so sure that was such a good thing.

Kansas #4 in Big 12 Power Rankings


Tim Griffin has us 4th behind the Big 3 of the South.

A pitch for Greinke’s Cy Young candidacy


Yet another column defending Greinke as the Cy Young, this time from Jeff Passan. I don't see how he can't get it.

Kansas' running game emerges as surprising strength


Tim Griffin remembers the Big 12 North. Nice little piece.

College Football Power Rankings - Week 1


Nothing to really get too upset about, but I figured it might get a little discussion going. Here is what I don't get. 24. Florida St. 25. Kansas We win our first game, albeit vs. a really bad team. Florida St. loses to a good team. 1-0, 0-1...Why are we ranked in these power rankings behind them? They are Florida St., that's why. I'm fully confident that we would beat every single team in the ACC on a neutral field. They are a weak conference in my mind and I don't see why everyone doesn't see it. (I see it because I'm a homer)


Kansas Jayhawks: 2010 National Championship Game?

No no folks, I am not talking about basketball.  I'm talking about about our beloved football team playing against the Florida Gators for the National Championship in January.  Am I crazy?  Well,...

KU coaches made right call by keeping Briscoe at kick returner


Jesse Newell at KUSports does it again with a great blog post about Field Position battles. This really is a must read guys.


Which game are you most scared of?

Now I'm talking games that aren't the marquee ones against really good opponents. Games we will assuredly be favored in I'm talking like: Utep, S. Miss, @ CU, @ K-State, Iowa St., anyone I'm...

Jayhawk Flashback: Iowa State, 11/26/05


Jesse Newell at Kusports with another great Jayhawk Flashback. I'm really likiing this feature. Makes you remember where the program has come from. I was definitely at this game and any of you who remember it, check out the YouTube highlights from the game he posted and it will take you back.

Mangino raves about true freshman McDougald


"I have not really had a true freshman come in and do what he could do since I've been here," Mangino said Wednesday. "He will play, he'll be in the mix, he'll be out on the field — both on the line of scrimmage and on special teams." "(He's) just had a phenomenal training camp," said the coach, who also singled out true freshman cornerback Tyler Patmon. No surprise about McDougald, he's been a favorite around here since we signed him. With this talk of Patmon doing well, we can maybe see why Thornton is being moved back to safety.

KU basketball will be a part of ESPN’s College GameDay … in Manhattan


Have heard rumors of this for a few weeks now after they released the schedule. Riding our coat-tails to a national TV game, way to go kitty cats.

Reesing takes KU to new heights


Front page of college football preview has "The Todd" on it. A Big 12 North preview and this article on Reesing. Can't get enough of this, is the season ever going to start?

Big 12 preseason unit rankings


A few head-scratchers here: Don't know how we aren't ranked #1 or #2 in receivers with two Belitnikoff watch listers. Not sure what they are talking about with the defensive line either. Oh well, it's no exact science, just kind of fun to look through.


Special Teams almost set, except....

Check out for a good little article on the Special Teams early on in Ku's camp.  It discusses the advantage of having returning players on the unit...


Unsung Heroes

As the 2009 University of Kansas football season approaches, I find myself eager for news and discussion about the football season during any free time.  Today, on a Saturday, just 3 weeks from the...

Jayhawk Flashback: Colorado, 10/28/06


Jesse Newell looks back at the turning point for Kansas football, ahh memories.

Pac-10 close to $3 million deal to send #2 team to Alamo Bowl


Interesting considering our recent talks of the Holiday bowl. Looks like this could be the last year that it features the #2 Pac-10 team so who knows what that could mean for the Big 12.

Will Anyone Win the Big 12 North This Season?


Getting fanshot happy today, but I found very well written piece from TB over at Bring on the Cats. It is unkind to KU at points (to be expected) but is well written and covers a lot of the scenarios in this season. The more I think about it, the more I'm worried about Mizzou this season, crap.

College Football: Bowl Projections


A meaningless bowl projection, I think we'll be better than the Sun Bowl, I'm hoping for the Holiday Bowl, myself.

Take your pick: Big 12 or SEC?


These debates are always interesting, have to agree after the National Title game last year and give the SEC the nod for now. KU gets mentioned, not bad.

Non-con Preview: Southern Mississippi


Very nice pre-season preview of Southern Miss. After reading about some of their players coming back, this game is definitely one that will be tough. They also had 2 players drafted in the last NFL draft as well.

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