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Crawford’s departure creates opportunity at RB


Pretty good article from dealing with a hot topic before the season starts.


Don't forget to rec'd posts

Hey all, with the new football season quickly approaching and bball not far behind, just wanted to remind everyone that if there is a particular post that you think is well done by users or even...

Kansas makes push at 4-star LB


I guess we are up on the list for #21 ranked LB from OK. Obviously it's very early but what a great pick-up this could be. He's going to take his time on a decision but he is definitely trying to get a visit here along with stopping in Manhattan to check out K-State. BTW, you have to like our chances at beating out K-State if a recruit takes visits right after another. He'll come here and see all the new nice facilities, and an amazing town and then he'll go to Manhattan and be like, "where the fuck am I?" Looks like Coach Miller is making a good impact already. "One of the things I liked about coach Miller is you can tell how experienced he is and how he always seems relaxed," Gaston said. "He has talked with me how I can fit in their program and it is one of the schools at the top of my list. I know he has coached some good players in his time." for the article

"6.5 wins and no excuses" doesn't have the same ring


Nice post on from the Newell Post. I love betting on football so this is right up my alley.

KU’s 10 biggest stars


Pretty good idea by Keegan here, with not much going on here currently, thought this might be a fun exercise to do, though. 1. Todd Reesing - The most recognizable football player in the last 30 years. 2. Sherron Collins - Best guard in KU history if he wins the title this year? 3. Cole Aldrich - Big man on campus comes back to bring a title home. 4. Kerry Meier - The ladies gotta love those locks. 5. Dezmon Briscoe - Could turn out to be the 2nd first round pick for the Hawks in the last 3 years. 6. Tyshawn Taylor - TT is looking to take it to the next level this coming season. 7. Darrell Stuckey - Another possible first day draft pick next season, Stuckey could be a huge star for us on Saturdays. 8. Tony Thompson - Stole this one from Keegan, had to include a baseball player, though. 9. Jake Sharp - The Kansas kid is looking to have a big Senior season. 10. Xavier Henry - I hate to put this because he hasn't proven anything but we've already had some diva like scenarios with this kid and he will get plenty of national attention this season. If he lives up to the hype, he could be a big part of a national title run.

Back with a vengeance


Thornton will be huge this year. We are counting on him to be our #1 corner most likely so he's going to need to lead the corners while Stuckey leads the entire defensive backfield.

Ten KU football players to watch in preseason


Keegan looks at 10 guys to watch. Mostly posted this because of this: 7. Vernon Brooks, LB: A late addition from the junior-college ranks, Brooks chose KU instead of Oklahoma, Tennessee, Auburn and Tulsa. He plays the right position to earn immediate playing time if he shows well during workouts Don't remember talking about this guy, anyone got anything besides what Keegan tells us? Damn, football can't come fast enough.

Quigley’s crash course


Really great story about how Angus Quigley got to KU and his transition to LB. Gotta be one of the more intriguing stories of the summer and the early season. Can Quigley actually make the switch to LB in just one season? It will be real tough and I'm worried he won't have enough time, but I'm really hoping. Loved this: "Not to have a man-crush on Angus Quigley," says Sharp, KU’s starting running back, "but his physical stature, his lifts, his speed ... he’s an excellent asset to our team."

Greinke set to take his cuts vs. Astros


Typical story from But just wanted to remind everyone, in a season that is quickly becoming boring, I always love watching Zack pitch and it will be extra cool to see what he does with the bat tonight. "Oddly enough, his pitching opponent is Russ Ortiz, the same guy who surrendered a home run to Greinke back on June 10, 2005. That was at Arizona, when Ortiz was pitching for the D-backs."


How good can Briscoe and Meier be in 2009?

This season, one of the most exciting things for fans of Kansas University football are the high amount of skill players on offense we'll get to watch.  Everyone knows by now that Todd Reesing is...


The RB question: One of many this season

  We all know the questions about this year's Kansas Football team.  The defense is where most of them come up, as the offense returns a lot of players.  Offensive line is another one that will...

"Yeah, ever since they were little I would always tell them that the only team they could play for...


"Yeah, ever since they were little I would always tell them that the only team they could play for was KU," Daymond Sr. said. Devin already has a replica #28 Daymond Patterson jersey, and if things go right – Devin thinks Kansas could offer soon – he could one day be sporting a Jayhawk jersey of his own. "I want it real bad," Devin said of getting a scholarship from Kansas. "I have been liking Kansas since I was little. If I get an offer that would be it."

From Jayhawk Slant, Daymond's younger brother Devin looks like he would really like to play here, I love it.

KU football gets another game on TV, and it’s at 11:00


Another TV non-con game. So that is 3 of the 4 televised. 9/12: UTEP; 6:30 (CBS College Sports) 9/19: Duke; 11 am (Versus) 9/26: Southern Miss; 11:00 am (FSN) Was originally 11:30 but changed to 11 quickly. People out of the area should get plenty of a good look at KU in the non-con this season.

2009 Jayhawks fourth in North? I think not


Keegan discusses the hot topic of Phil Steele's preseason rankings that have been discussed some at RCT. Not a great column but still discussion worthy.



I'd like to take a second to thank JQ for the great KU baseball coverage he had this spring.  I didn't follow the team emphatically but I will say that I followed some and knew more about the team...

Half of KU football season to be televised


It's actually half of KU's non-con schedule. Quick little video from 6 news courtesy of Sep. 12th @ TX El Paso - CSTV 6:30 p.m. Sep. 19th vs Duke - Versus 11:00 a.m. Loving it. Especially that road game. We're inching closer to football and I'm already getting excited!


I-70 Series back again

The first of two series between the Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals begin today in St. Louis.  The series is one of those special ones that involves two teams from the same state and one...

Post Spring Big 12 Power Rankings


Tim Griffin lays it out there, agree with everything but Nebraska in front of us. I know why it's like that but you would think with our experienced skill players coming back we would get the nod...oh well, we'll just have to prove em wrong. How big is that game against NU in Lawrence going to be?

Nickname Time: What's a clever moniker for Zack Greinke?


Had to link this because one of my good friends is the emailer here. Pretty cool that he got a response this quick and a shout out. His fantasy team name is Steinke Greinke too.

Put a strong arm – not a howitzer, just someone who can throw the ball 200 feet on the fly – in cen...


Put a strong arm – not a howitzer, just someone who can throw the ball 200 feet on the fly – in center field, and Greinke is one inning away from breaking one of the most hallowed records in baseball. Saturday’s start in Anaheim, near one of the world’s media epicenters, would be a circus that would shame Barnum & Bailey. Maybe it’s better this way.

Greinke’s redemption and pursuit of perfection


Front page article of yahoo sports written by Jeff Passan. More of the same but still cool to see our boy become a star.

WR Ricki Herod Jr. Commits to KU


6''2, 175 from same school as Daymond Patterson. No other schools had offered yet but they show Texas, T Tech, Florida, and UCLA as having interest. Very very cool, with the WR's we'll be losing after this season, great to have more depth. Edit: Added in name of WR in the title. Thanks for the tip, Esteban.

Wilson making big leap


As good a column Keegan can write at this point. Mostly it just got me really pumped up for football and how lethal our offense could be. Wilson was one of thsoe guys I was so excited about after the S. Florida game but then sorta disappeared the rest of the season as far as big plays go. It's great to hear that he has improved and like Simmons and Henry, seems to be steadily improving each year.

Coach: Cousins chooses Kentucky


Looks like Cousins is headed to Kentucky with Calipari. Does this affect Henry's decision at all? I hope not

Lawrence No. 2 on list of "great college basketball towns to visit"


Kind of crap that they had to combine two schools to beat us out but oh well, number 2 ain't bad and we all know the real number one. I don't get 3-5, though, Marquette and Gonzaga? Really?

Cole declares for draft


APRIL FOOLS!! haha sorry to be that guy but someone had to do it today!!!!


Poll: Henry or Stephenson

Figured I'd throw up a quick poll.  Who would you rather have because both will not happen.  For analogy purposes: Would you rather the hot girl that turned us down originally for the prom....or...

Kansas coaches always looking to change


Good football article on Slant for anyone who has is looming. "Bowen, who was a defensive back in his playing days at Kansas, might add more schemes that feature an extra defensive back this season. During the spring press conference Mangino first hinted they could change the scheme to do just that. Bowen didn't want to give away the playbook but did admit that they could use an extra defensive back to get more speed on the field to combat the high-powered, spread offenses many of the Big 12 teams use. If you watched closely they did some of that last season."

Kansas not going to get caught off guard vs. Michigan State


Probably some of the same stuff we've been reading but I can't get enough articles today.

Unlikely leader emerges at Kansas


Articles everywhere, pretty well written one here from

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