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I'm just going to leave this here.....


Read the comments. It's nice to see ESPN get shit on.


Attention: Everyone: Stop Overreacting, the Sky isn't falling, we're not screwed for next year, etc.

(Disclaimer: Every time I post these someone comes along and says don't tell me what to do, you curmudgeon waffle lover! I'm not trying to be Joseph Stalin here. My goal is convince you, not tell...


This video deserves 50 comments. Minimum

Use the fanshots, blah blah blah. Either way, here's a video about why Devon Still should win the Nagurski (Nope, I did not make this), and really, it also includes a back story & not just high...


On the BTN, they're interviewing the players (Silas, Sukay, Rob, & Stephon Morris)

Silas Redd: "Extrememly selfless, just been an honor to play for him" Sukay: "Shocked, just shocked" Bolden: "Sad, I've never seen him like this" Step Morris: "He told us to stick together, that...

This is what we want: CNN portrays Joe, PSU in a good light


And thus, the beginning of the other side of the story begins to get told


Attention: Everyone: You Want to Know Why Our University is Great? This is Why.

Yeah, our University is going to catch a lot of shit in the news the next few days. Rightfully so too. But here's something exponentially more positive, and, if true, would issue in a new paradigm...


Attention: Everyone: Illinois isn't a surefire win, stop acting like it is.

"Illinois should be an easy win" I feel like we have a great shot to be 8-1 IMO, this game should be in the bag I get it, the Illini are "down" right now. They just lost to Purdue of all...

ICE's mid season player rankings

Just a note: a decent amount of these are more performance based than potential based. But some aren't.   QB's: 1-Andrew Luck 2- Landry Jones 3- Matt Barkley 4- Ryan Tannehill 5-  RG3  I don't...


Attention: Everyone. Put the Gun Down, Step Back From the Ledge, the Sky isn't Falling, and....

Stop complaining.I get it. The team didn't give one fuck vs Indiana on Saturday. That's not good. That also happens vs every damn "Lesser" opponent. It even happened with Alabama vs Utah. Alabama...


Bama-PSU: Looking at the defensive game (Mostly) purely statistically

Continuing on with the theme of looking at the Alabama game, I'm going to try to draw conclusions just from stats, on defense (Since offense has already been covered and covered and covered). So...


48-14 over #1 Pittsburgh vs 63-14 over #21 Ohio State: Pick One

Ohio State would go on to finish the season ranked #14, and Pitt would go on to finish ranked #14.  63-14 Stats and whatnot: Kerry Collins: 19/23, 265 passing yards, 2 TD's Carter: 19 carries, 137...


"I drink often, and when I do, I'm too buzzed to know if it's Dos Equis"-Anthony Fera (Should say that)

Anthony Fera likes booze   Penn State punter Anthony Fera has not been practicing with the team due to his second alcohol-related incident. According to court documents, he pleaded guilty Aug. 4...


2008 Ohio State vs 2005 Ohio State: Pick One

Continuing on with Pick One, it's a matchup of games now. Not the 2005 season vs 2008 season, but which game did you enjoy more, 2008 or 2005? I have a litany of highlights:   Pryor Fumble    Troy...


Stefen Wisniewski vs AQ Shipley: Pick One

This one should be close (Or at least I hope it will). Here are the (Somewhat incomplete) Stats: Shipley- 3 year starter, 2x 1st team All Big Ten Center, 1x 1st Team AA, Rimington Award winner W...


Project Mayhem vs Tamba Hali: Pick one

Both were 1st team AA's, both clowned on Ohio State. Here are the stats that they recorded: Hali (2005): 11 sacks, 17 TFL's, 65 tackles Maybin (2008): 12 sacks, 20 TFL's, 49 tackles h...

Read this fanshot it's about Talor Battle


So basically Talor Battle is going to be a frenchie for the Cholet basketball team. Gotta start somewhere


Tony Hunt vs Evan Royster: Pick One

Turning an eye away from the upcoming season, I thought it would be an interesting idea to see who people think is the better back. So yeah, here are some highlight vids Tony Hunt Evan Royster Here...


EA Sports Penn State ratings (NCAA 12)

Yeah, these have been around for a few days, but w/e, nobody else made something so I will. Here's PSU Big Ten in General: ...


Devon Still highlights/lowlights

No, I didn't make these, another person from another forum I view did. But, a lot of people seem to like him, so here are his plays vs Alabama and Florida, where he faced three of the NCAA's best...

Tom Bradley on the most important defensive stat


"For us, it's missed tackles and big plays. If we look back to the year before at how many explosion plays -- runs and passes over 15 yards -- when that is low, you would know ........ it's a long quote. Good read overall, Bradleys quote is 2/3 of the way down

Dicky V anti-VCU rant


Dicky V anti-VCU rant


ICE's Irascible Rant

So yesterday Tom Dienharts list of the top position coaches came out yesterday and there was a glaring omission- Larry Johnson sr. Rodney Garner, a DL coach from Georgia made it over him (That's...

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