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Grew up 5 minutes from the Coliseum. Now in Brooklyn, living with the enemy.

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Final LHH Power Rankings of the Year


Try not to get choked up!

[Bits] NHL Power Rankings + Stadium Series News


Which is higher -- the power ranking position the Isles are in, and the high temperature for the day of the Stadium Series game?

LHH Power Rankings: Out of the Relegation Zone


OK there isn't relegation in the NHL, but it still feels good when your team climbs over others.

[Gameday Bits] Power Rankings Crawl Upward


A New York Islanders rise all the way to 26th in the NHL power rankings, made possible by the recent high altitude training in Colorado.

NHL Power Rankings: Gifts from the West


After a successful run against Western Conference teams, the Isles start to pull out of their December nosedive.

LHH Power Rankings: Out with the old. Please.


It's best to celebrate January 1st with a fresh, new start. So here's a bow on one power ranking turd of an old 2013 for the New York Islanders.

LHH Power Rankings: Isles Giveth Wins unto Others


I can think of twenty-something players and coaches who are getting some pretty sweet coal this year!

Power(less) Rankings: Isles Hit 30; but STROME!


The Isles get their first 30th ranking of the year in an opinion poll. Our calculations don't have them much higher.

LHH Power Rankings: Isles 31st Out of 30!


Just kidding! Well, only a little.

LHH Power Rankings, Now with Mad Libs!


OK, only a little bit of Mad Libs, at the end. But if you read through the painful rankings results for the Isles, you deserve SOME sort of Cracker Jack prize.

Power Rankings: Don't Look. Also: 91, 26 updates


Gonna look at the power rankings anyway? Man, you're a glutton for punishment.

LHH Power Rankings: Infinite "Meh"ness


The opinion polls and our own rankings finally come to a common ground, but that ground is outside of the playoffs.

NHL Power Rankings 10/29: Wilkommen.


For whatever reason, the New York Islanders are just getting a tiny bit more love than they deserve from the pundits.

NHL Power Rankings: Even mediocre-er!


The Islanders are in a bizarre phase where public opinions from national media actually rank them higher than they deserve.

NHL Power Rankings: Middling rank for middling act


Just two weeks into the season, the Metropolitan Division is the exhaust pipe of the NHL.

NHL Power Rankings: East is West Feast


It's too early for power rankings to mean anything more than idle entertainment, but the Western Conference is bludgeoning its Eastern friends, three time zones to one.

End-of-Season LHH Power Rankings


Because you wouldn't be ready for the playoffs without a bunch of meaningless opinions and number crunching.

LHH Hockey Power Rankings - Let's Do This!


Despite all fears of a collapse, the Isles have done nothing but pile on the points. Warm fuzzy (guarded) playoff feelings inside.

4/10 Power Rankings + Schedule: The Air Up Here


So this is what a playoff position looks like...

NHL Power Rankings 4/3 - Are the Isles Worthy?


Power rankings and playoff chances, with enough playoff possibility permutations to confuse Neo AND his matrix.

NHL Power Rankings, Adding Isles Playoff Chances?


Forget the bad news... What do the Isles have to do from here to make the playoffs?

3/20/13 NHL Power Rankings - The Next Step?


Like us, publications are wondering if the Isles' recent run of play hints at a turn towards contention.

Brenden Kichton to re-enter the draft (per Staple)


Appears he rejected the Isles' contract offer.

Bits: Power Rankings; Alt Standings; Ullstrom Back


Opinion polls far and wide agree: the Islanders are a great opportunity to talk about the Penguins. Again.

LHH Power Rankings - Jeckyll and Hyde Part 2


Look out! They've gone mad....deningly inconsistent!

NHL Power Rankings - Just Who Are These Islanders?


Also: Does the Bettman Bonus Point really affect the standings?

NHL Power Rankings - End of Days Edition


National pundit rankings reflect the Isles' tailspin and all that goes with it.

NHL Power Rankings - Pride Goeth Before a Fall


The Isles rise in opinion polls everywhere, so naturally they lose two straight.

NHL Power Rankings & Isles Bits: a Good Start


Lighthouse Hockey's NHL power rankings survey and our own team power rankings return for another (half) season. The Islanders get out to a good start and even get some...praise? Weird. Also, some quick bits of Islanders and NHL news.

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