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One Team's Desperation Becomes Another Team's Opportunity

I think most people would like to trade down in this years draft. This draft really isn't that top heavy with the exception of Joeckel who many believe could develop into the best LT in the league...


We are Sitting on a Gold Mine

Let's face it, the stars are not aligning for our Chiefs. There is not a slam dunk franchise guy in this draft. Even in the non-luck or RG3 years there is usually a QB worth taking one overall....


Playing GM

If I was the GM of the Chiefs I would want a complete overhaul. This team has a lot of great young talent at the offensive line, a dynamic pass rushing duo, and super stars like Charles and DJ. Of...


How to Have Our Cake and Eat it Too

We all know we need a franchise QB, but many are not accepting the fact that there is no QB worth the number one spot. G Smith, M Glennon, T Wilson, or M Barkley would be a huge reach. Many will...


15 Moves the Chiefs Need to Make

1. Extend Brandon Albert - he is top 5 LT in the league, we have a rookie QB coming in, we have plenty of cap space, there really is no excuse not to get him signed. Show him the money! Hopefully,...


Best Case Scenario

Things are really shitty right now, but I don't think it's a stretch to say in 6 months we could be feeling good about this team again. In this post I just want to share what I think could a...


Conspiracy Theory

     Hey Chiefs fan here. Hope I don't piss any of you off too much. I'm not trolling, just an interesting thought popped in my head. Tell me what you think.

3 Round Mock

Here is some free agency/trade predictions (all trades involve 2012 picks) Orton & Colon --> Cardinals Kolb & Rice --> Vikings McNabb --> Titans Young --> Dolphins Asomugha --> Giants C...

Possible NT?


This guy was the best in his respected sport, but retired early last year at the age of 30. He has great strength and lateral agility.

Mock Draft


Check out the player I mocked to you and tell me what you think.

My Mock Draft


I posted this on SB Nation's website Mocking the Draft. Tell me what you think. I'm putting my mock offseason for the Chiefs inside this fanpost if you want to see that too.

Mock Draft 2.0 (w/ Trade Scenarios)

     When I was thinking about trades there really wasn't a lot of opportunities.  This draft kind of follows nicely to where teams are picking, their needs, and the value of the players...


Larry Fitzgerald

Would you guys trade Bowe and a 2012 draft pick to get Fitz?


Ranking/Classifying NFL Starting QBs

     I wanted to post this prior to the playoffs, but couldn't finish it in time.  John Clayton recently came out with his QB rankings and I decided to make my own.  His was based around 3 tiers:...


Calm Down, its Going to be OK

        After the Raiders game it seems as if the once hopeful and optimistic Chiefs fanatic has all of a sudden turned into a skeptic, pessimistic, defeatist bitch.  All because the offensive line...

Ravens D Against Pro Bowl WR this Season

  1. Rodey White - 12 Rec, 138 yards, 2 TDs
  2. Andre Johnson - 9 Rec, 142 yards, 2 TDs
  3. Brandon Lloyd - 5 Rec, 135 yards, 2 TDs

The NFL: Nearly Perfect

                                       The NFL is the most popular league in the United States and for good reason.  I think the biggest reason, and Kansas Citians can relate to, is the aspect...

Mock Draft (w/ trade scenarios)

     Please give me feedback about what you think, especially concerning your own team.

Early Trade Down Prediction

I'm thinking Jerry Jones is going to trade down in the draft and I bet you Cleveland will be eager to jump up to secure AJ Green if he is still on the board.

10 Players Away from a near perfect roster

  1. Split WR, SOLB
  2. Center, Nose Tackle
  3. Right Tackle, SILB
  4. Backup QB, Dimeback
  5. Backup S, Utility Lineman

Primetime Praises Bowe


Remember to vote for the pro bowl and make sure D Bowe gets in. I'm pretty sure Bowe and Charles are getting in, but Flowers is effy because of his position. There should be no debate with those 3. Tamba and Waters are also deserving.


No Big Deal

     We are half way through the season and we have had some pleasant surprises and disappointments.  But, would we have accepted a half game lead in the AFC west with 7 games to go before the...


Randy Moss Remembering the Chiefs of the 90s

Randy Moss just compared Revis and Cromartie to the old Chiefs with Dale Carter and James Hasty.


Position Evaluation Responsibiltity

     Football season is around the corner and I for one can not wait.  I thought of something the AP community might be able to help each other with.  I was thinking for this season we could have...


Are we screwed in the draft?

Is there any shot in hell we will get a crack at Machado the elite SS prospect expected to go top 3? It looks like there is a huge drop off in talent after the top 3. Harper will probably go to...

Yost, please do these things

  1. Sit Betancourt, have Aviles play SS and Getz play 2B everyday
  2. Put Kila in at 1B, Butler to DH, Guillen to the Bench, and Maier to CF
  3. Replace Dave Owens as 3B coach (check)
  4. Don't play small ball, especially in early innings
  5. Keep the lineups and your message consistent

Heard Dexter was a singer and found this on youtube. Not bad in my opinion.


Heard Dexter was a singer and found this on youtube. Not bad in my opinion.


Options, Options, Options

     I can't wait for the season to start knowing what we have in house now.  I can't wait to see what our offensive gurus have in store for our team.  I was thinking about this the other day and...


Putting the Draft into Perspective

     I just want to start off by saying I'm retiring from draft speculation.  I didn't see a lot of these moves going down.  My assumptions were ignorant, especially after the 1st round.  We don't...

ESPN NFL draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. said Wednesday that the Buffalo Bills will likely pass on Notre...


ESPN NFL draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. said Wednesday that the Buffalo Bills will likely pass on Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen in favor of filling the need at left tackle with Iowa's Bryan Bulaga. Kiper, however, projects the Bills will select Florida quarterback Tim Tebow in the second round. The Bills select ninth overall in this month's draft and have a glaring need at left tackle, a position where plenty of prospects are available. As many as four could be selected in the top 10. The Bills, who ranked 30th in the league in total offense and passing, also have a need at quarterback and Clausen could be available. "I would take Clausen, but I'm hearing through a lot of different sources that they will not take Clausen so I kind of scratched them off," said Kiper during a conference call. "I think they're going to go a different route and taking Bryan Bulaga and coming back in the second round and taking Tim Tebow."

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