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Saw my first Jays game during the final weekend at Exhibition Stadium and have been a rabid fan ever since. Still waiting on a foul ball...22 years and counting, / sigh.

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Curse Removal Recipes

Last season Carm cam up with a series of recipe posts to spur our Blue Jays on to victory. Tom's post about how to remove the curse from the Jay's bats gave me the idea to revive Carm's idea and...

Stairs to retire


Here's to you Matt, you did good.


"Get Well Soon Jose" Black Bean and Corn Soup

Or prehaps "Keep the Offense Hot" Soup...whichever you prefer

Jose wearing out the pitchers


Beyond the Boxscore analysis of number of pitches required to retire a batter.

Interesting article about Jose


interesting analysis of other players who had huge leaps at points in their careers and comparison of them to Jose.


Believe it or not: The Jose Bautista edition

So last night I sat in front of the TV while eating dinner, watching the Red Sox play the Yankees. Now usually I pay little attention to the tidbits of info offered by ESPN's broadcasters but this...

You have to ask the question...


Honestly this is a question that must be asked :)

Several Jays Hit Waivers


Apparently includes Camp and Buck. Ken Rosenthal rumour so take with a teaspoon of salt.

Beyond the Boxscore: Jose Bautista Surprise Factor 10


Beyond the Boxscore article that tries to rate the level of surprise about who leads the league at the half way mark. A for effort, but I don't think he quite captures how surprised we are.

Where do I file my complaint? - SB Nation Power Rankings


The good - Jays are one of the top 5 teams outperforming expectations. The bad - Apparently they "feel bad" for Shaun Marcum for being stuck in Blue Jays purgatory. This is why I can't stand American "experts".

The Best 1-2 Punches of '10 So Far


Romero and Cecil are the 6th best 1-2 pitching combo in baseball according to Beyond the Boxscore


The most ridiculous thing you may see in a baseball game In the above link there is an at bat between a switch-hitter and switch-pitcher. This is exactly as it sounds.  There is a hitter who can hit from both...

Must See Power Rankings


This is the kind of positive thinking I want to hear more of.


New Award for Jays Pitchers

Doctastic Someone used this to describe Romero's performance today and I got to agree, he was Doctastic.  Why not make that the official way we refer to any Blue Jay pitcher's performance when they...

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