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Yet another missed call, one which could have ended the game.


Got this off another forum from another KC fan. You can clearly see 7 players to the left of the center, no flag was thrown. NFL rules- (a) When Team A presents a punt, field-goal attempt or a Try Kick formation, a Team B player, who is within 1 yard of the line of scrimmage, must have his entire body outside the snapper’s shoulder pads at the snap. (b) When Team A presents a field-goal or Try Kick formation: (1) No more than six Team B players may be on the line of scrimmage on either side of the snapper at the snap; Penalty: For illegal formation by the defense, loss of 5 yards from the previous spot. (2) Team B players cannot push teammates on the line of scrimmage into the offensive formation. Penalty: For unnecessary roughness, loss of 15 yards from the previous spot

Kansas City Chiefs fans want to join try for noise record


If Andy Reid can come in and make KC a winner again, I can easily see this become reality.

Well I guess they were right..sort of


CBS had a mock last May and predicted KC picking at #1, but with Barkley at #1 too. I bet nobody saw that coming, and predictably the QB's who were supposed to be pretty strong this year all had down years. The comments are pretty funny too, nobody was prepared for what happened last season lol.

Redskins Release DeAngelo Hall


Looks like he's coming off a not so good year. Maybe a change of scenery could help him, for the right price? Might be a nice move to come here as the #2 CB


Here's a fun fact on drafting and developing QB's from within

I heard this on the radio this morning and wanted to share it on AP. Since 1990, 17 of the 23 QB's that won a Superbowl were drafted on the team they won a Superbowl team for. Only 6 were traded...


Geno Smith resembles Sam Bradford

I know, I know, no QB is worth #1 and we need to get a LT even though we already have one. Well I'm not on that bandwagon and don't plan to because we have Albert on the roster and just need to...

Chip Kelly and Dennis Dixon reunite: Eagles sign QB to two-year deal


Mike Vick and Dennis Dixon. Does this make Foles expendable? What would it cost? I'm still not sure if I'd like the move if we went after him, but if Reid wants him then I gotta trust him.


Once again another owner takes accountability for their pitiful product displayed on the field

This time it's the Raiders. Meanwhile, Clark Hunt has been yet to be heard from. Maybe he's interviewing another fan to see what he thinks of the situation. How bad does it have to be for the...

2013 NFL Mock Draft


1-Kansas City Chiefs Matt Barkley, QB Southern California Finally a mock draft I can agree to. I know this is WAYYYY to early and 99.9% of it won't be true. But I can dream. This has to assume KC trades up and gives up on Cassel. Aint no way in hell KC loses and gets #1 overall. Way too much talent. Cassel is the weakest link.

Coby Fleener creates buzz at Stanford Pro Day

Multiple reports had Fleener running in the mid-4.4s in the forty. ESPN’s Todd McShay had Fleener at 4.45, and so did CBS’ Bruce Feldman. For comparison, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski ran 4.65 with the wind and 4.73 against the wind at Arizona’s 2010 Pro Day. Gronkowski is the same height as Fleener, and 11 pounds heavier. But Fleener is much faster in a straight line. Time to adjust your mock drafts :P

Why not Tolbert still?

With the Hillis signing I was a little let down, because I was really hoping for Tolbert. But from what i've read, the fact that Tolbert is still visiting KC and with McClain signing with the...


Time to lock up Orton?

I think we can all agree that our chances for Manning are very slim. I'm hoping KC's brass has been in talks with Orton to lock him up for a few more years. Have Cassel/Orton battle it out in...

Peyton Manning narrows options


It looks less and less likely that KC will even be in the picture. We can hope and pray all we want that Pioli is in this and just keeping it quiet like most other times but I'm just not very hot on this at all. KC is not even really mentioned in any reports other than being interested. With that being said, I REALLY don't understand why he'd choose Arizona or Denver over KC. All biases aside, KC barely missed the playoffs with losing our starting QB and starting Palko for what 4 games? Then bringing in a QB to start after 2 weeks of practice? I won't even get into the specifics over games KC SHOULD have won(2 blocked field goals vs Oakland, Pittsburg, etc)Oh did I mention losing Charles, Moeaki, and Berry? KC IS the best option if Manning truly wants to come into a situation and expect to win. It's just heart breaking to even imagine Manning in Denver, and I hope and pray that Crennel can continue to coach llights out against Manning if he chooses to go to Denver. I'm still praying that KC will manage to get a meeting set up, but all signs are pointing to KC not even being in the picture. So please, someone give me hope. Do we still have a chance?

Stanford guard DeCastro has upside, but is he worth a first-round risk?


Interesting article on DeCastro. No one is doubting his ability to potentially be an elite guard. But KC could potentially pass on some more impact positions. One thing that stuck out to me was this "The next pressure DeCastro faces -- and maybe the toughest of all -- comes from the fact that guards like Cordy Glenn (Georgia), Brandon Washington (Miami) and Kevin Zeitler (Wisconsin) should be solid picks in the second round. My good friend Gil Brandt and I talked about taking a guard in the first round. As he pointed out, it isn't the guard you are taking but rather the guy you will be passing up at a franchise position like pass rusher or cornerback that makes it tough to take the guard. His point was: The pass rusher or corner you see in the second round might be much worse than the guard you will see in the second round. It's the value of the pick and the big picture that comes into play when considering a player like DeCastro."

David DeCastro, OL, Stanford -- DeCastro closely resembles Steve Hutchinson on the field with his...


David DeCastro, OL, Stanford -- DeCastro closely resembles Steve Hutchinson on the field with his aggressive nature and dominant strength. Scouts wonder if DeCastro can make the move from guard to right tackle in the NFL. He's listed at 6-foot-5 on the Stanford website, the perfect height for a right tackle prospect. If his Combine measurement is close to that number and DeCastro turns in a good workout, franchises around the league could place him on their draft board at the right tackle position. His draft stock would then soar.

Past 20 Quarterbacks to win a Superbowl..

This is my first Fanpost, so go easy. I don’t think I’ve seen this info posted before. Let me know if I missed something. Going back from the last 20 Superbowl winners, I looked to see who...


Who do we draft now?


No more Palko?

With Haley gone, does this mean no more Palko? Please god. I can only hope we never see Palko step on the field ever again.

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