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Oden 2.0?


Ok, this says it's from bleacher report, but actually from Kelly Dwyer at Yahoo Sports...but could he be the answer? Dare we try again? A healthy Oden would be that much-needed big man in the middle...

Portland's Draft-Pick Situation Via Rip City Project

1 has an informative article laying out the Blazer draft-pick situation, and how we got those picks.

Can Roy's knee cartilage be re-grown? The following quotes are from Olympic swimmer, Dara Torres....


Can Roy's knee cartilage be re-grown? The following quotes are from Olympic swimmer, Dara Torres. Her knee problem was different than Roy's but, nonetheless, she discusses THE GROWING of cartilage. My (admittedly selfish) best scenario for this has Roy receiving some treatment along these lines, which would take a few years – just in time for Roy to be eligible as a Blazer, again. Follow this link to learn a lot about this and two other cartilage procedures from medpagetoday: "When I realized how bad my knee injury was, the biggest thing I was scared about was that I wouldn’t be able to take care of my daughter and to possibly continue to swim. I didn’t know if I would have to have a total knee replacement at my age, which was only 43, and I didn’t know if I would be able to walk again or run after my daughter … I was basically limping." Torres underwent the procedure, called autologous chondrocyte implantation in the fall of 2009. She is pleased with the results [one year later]: "I notice big differences. I’m not limping anymore and I have a lot more flexibility. I have had about three MRIs since then and they’ve shown the progression of cartilage cells growing on my kneecap, you could see a nice thick layer of cartilage growing."

Toughest playoff matchup for L*kers?


"The biggest challenge would be Portland because of the hate factor," [Magic] Johnson said Sunday, walking in a corridor underneath Staples Center. "They don't like us and we don't like them." - LA Times


Poll: The year is now 2013 (and we survived the Mayan Calendar scare) and the Blazers have two all-stars...

Luckily, despite our great fear and panic, the world didn't end on December, 21, 2012 (as our interpretation of the Mayan Calendar would suggest). Our world as we know it did change, however, as...


Team USA plays France Sunday, 1 pm eastern on ESPN (w/poll)

At least I think it's on espn. Nic was sick for the last game, so hard to say whether he will play on Sunday, but he is rumored to be playing 2-guard for France. But, since their point guard got...


Calling all Bedgers! The Comcast resolution needs your help!

Angry because you can't watch Blazer games on TV? Feeling hamstrung because your satellite TV service can't broadcast the game due to Comcast's seemingly monopoly-like behavior? Yet, ironically,...


I, for one, am thrilled to see Reggie Miller working the Miami/Cleveland game...

because that means he won't be working the Blazer/Spurs game.  I've taken quite the disliking to his pin-headed, one-dimensional-basketball-playing self ever since he totally dissed Rudy at last...

Brendan Haywood for Batum and Fernandez...NOT!


Hoopshype has a link to espn talking about a trade proposal that, thankfully, the Blazers seem to have nixed.


I don't care who starts, or who finishes, I love this team...

I realize that our chances of a championship are not very high, this year. And that our "bigs", such as they now are, aren't very big. Nonetheless, I like our diverse mix of players and their good...

Pendergraph, the "man" of the a boy.


A great story about our big man, Pendergraph. Insight into his childhood, his relationships with his parents, his college degree (economics!!), and his determination to be a basketball player.


Brandon, The Red

It pains me deeply to have to say this, but I think Brandon Roy is a communist. And if he's not an outright commie, then he's certainly a sympathizer. I see the evidence of this everywhere:• He's...

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