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User Blog

Winning Cheap


Apparently our wins cost less than anyone else's. Who'd u thought this would be the case in the Trader Bob days!

Let the foolishness begin...


Why do I feel this is just the beginning of the problems for this guy.

Words from Ms. Nic


Did somebody already post this?.. Is it worth posting? You may have to scroll down the page a little to see her message.

Paul Allen Gives $300 million to expand brain research


Allen is more than an owner. Money like his makes stuff happen!

NBA Stars to play in Obama fundraiser


Something doesn't feel right about this... Am I wrong?


The Lock Out And The REAL World.

Today we find out that the Millionaire Professional Basketball Players and the Billionaire Owners of the franchises they play for have once again broken off talks over just how many dollars of BRI...


It's NOT the End of the World

I have a hard time jumping on the, "I hate Paul Allen" bandwagon.  I don't have enough information to judge him or Pritchard on the handling of the big announcement but I do know one thing...  It...

This shows NO my opinion... (Never posted a fanshot before... hope it's right...) ...


This shows NO my opinion... (Never posted a fanshot before... hope it's right...) Go at Roys knee. Go at Batum's shoulder. Is there really something wrong with that? They are the ones taking the risk by playing injured and whining about it. I see nothing wrong with driving left and into Batum’s right shoulder every time – or switching Hill or Nash onto Roy and working the crossover game to test his knee. I hate to mention his name but Kobe played with broken fingers all season long and there was no doubt guys were slapping extra hard at the ball and his hands… Did he complain like a little sissy? Nah, he kept playing and putting up numbers. It’s the risk you take when you decide to jeopardize your health in a contact sport. Seriously though – Why are the Blazers such sissies? Especially when they pride themselves on physicality? Maybe its because they are ‘the City of Roses’ or because they are so high on this list BTW… injured animals get eaten in the wild all the time, watch it on Animal Planet sometime. They say "don't swim with the sharks", but I'm faster than sharks so it's not a big deal... by Eutychus on Apr 26, 2010 1:57 PM PDT reply actions

Bright Side of the Sun...

Taking Back the Neighborhood...

First things first...  I've never created a Fanpost and may never again but I owe the BE community at least one attempt.  This post is an attempt to present a different philosophy of fandom not an...

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