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I'm from Chicago, Illinois but grew up a huge Denver Broncos fan ever since my dad bought me a John Elway jersey when I was little and have stuck with them ever since. I love our rich history and pound it down your throat style of offense(before McCuntface took over) and have stuck with my broncos through thick and thin. I hate everything about the Chicago Bears and a large part of that is due to some of my ignorant, uneducated friends who just ramble on about shit that they don't even know about. Jay Cutler getting traded to the Bears was one of the worst experiences of my life as I am known as the one Broncos fan throughout my school. I found out on a lacrosse trip in high school on the busride home from a game and my head coach announces with pure joy, "JAY CUTLER WAS TRADED TO THE BEARS!" I immediately didn't know how to react and came back to my room with 50 plus text messages from everyone i knew just rubbing it all up in my face. I still hate Jay Cutler with a burning passion to this day like all of you and I thrive off of him failing which he has done thus far for Chicago. Anyone who says that he got them to the NFC Championship is immediately discredited as the only task they had in front of them was to beat only the WORST PLAYOFF TEAM IN HISTORY the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks. Rex Grossman got them further into the playoffs than he has. OUCH MY KNEE! COACH I DON'T THINK I CAN PLAY BUT I'LL WALK AROUND THE SIDELINE WITH A MOPEY GOON LOOK ON MY FACE AS USUAL :)!!!!! But anyways, Go Broncos! Can't wait to show the Bears who the better team is this year!

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NHL Chicago Blackhawks
  • MMA Heavyweights
  • Boxing Tyson
  • Soccer Inter Milan
  • FIFA Italy
  • Fantasy Orton's Neckbeards
User Blog

Hilarious video of Richard Sherman getting trolled!

Here is a video I made of Richard Sherman getting a taste of his own medicine! Let's spread this and give Richard Sherman the trolling he deserves after all of his constant trash talk. The man...

Richard Sherman gets a taste of his own medicine!


We all know how much trash Richard Sherman talks... Check out this video where the tables are turned! Share it with Bronco Nation!



Hey so I am from Illinois as some of you know. Me and some buddies are just finishing summer school at Illinois State and are heading to Colorado tonight to hike the Rocky mountains until Tuesday....



Is anyone else entertaining the idea of signing Urlacher to a 1 year deal? He may have lost a step or two but is better than anything we have in the middle this upcoming season. The leadership...


Being Born in Chicago and being a Broncos fan ever since I was seven.

I started watching football at the age of seven, the year the Broncos made it to John Elway's first super bowl appearance in 1997. Elway was the first player that really caught my eye as a young...


Michael Brockers Update It looks like the bears will be selecting Brockers if he falls to them at 19. Should...


My First rd. Big Board (realistic to players available at #25)

With my obsession with the draft this year I have become so bored that I began making my own personal big board that holds realistic to who will be available by the time we are up to pick. *...


Brock Osweiler

The closer we come to the draft, the more and more I think that Elway is going to pull the trigger on Brock Osweiler with the second pick. I am not one of the few people on MHR who does in fact...


Statistic that has changed my mock draft perspective

I was reading a BleacherReport article and it brought up a Denver radio talk show 104.3 (I live in Chicago) and they were asking Ted Sunquist about the draft.


My favorite first round possibilities: Non-defensive tackle edition

As we have been talking about the past week on here... With the rising stock of Fletcher Cox and Michael Brockers.. every day it seems less and less likely that they will fall to us at 25... The...


Taking the Best Player Available at 25

In a scenario where we are not able to trade up or down... These are the players who I would take


My first Mock Draft

This is my second year following MHR and the NFL draft is one of my favorite times of the year. ------Here is a 3-round mock scenario of this year that would make me happier than Albert...


Madden 12 Rookie Ratings

I for one am a very loyal Madden fan when it comes to gaming.


Why Kyle Orton MUST GO this season

Alright so we all know that this lockout is holding us as a franchise back a little further than most teams due to our greater needs...

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